The Italian Video inspires me to return to the Virus fight.

The RairFoundation video brings me inspiration to return to the Coronavirus fight once more.

Mr. Sgarbi’s speech, brings us hope, that somewhere in the South African Council of Coronavirus Experts, there my be one scientist that will break he ranks.

On a Monday, I normally post a group of selected countries, and how the rate in terms of the ‘deaths per 100 000’ of the population.

Today, we have three week trend to assess, remembering that Belgium at the bottom has had no lockdown, and in my mindset, I have set Germany death rate level, as the Country that we should target.

Sweden, with no lockdown is below Germany, but still not unacceptable.

Mr. Sgarbi’s speech in Italy, supports my questioning with regard to Cause of Death, with South Africa’s HIV/Tuberculosis/Diabetes and other problems, our death rate could exceed 95 000, only time will tell, will a South African Sgarbi emerge?

Don’t think so.

Cedric de la Harpe

May 03 Comparison
May 03 Comparison