The Global World Order, New Labels ONE

The Global World Order is changing, and from the Capitalist point of view, we will criticise the populist movements, the socialist movements, the communist movements, our main criticism is the leaders of the groups, we normal refer to them as dictators, often with descriptions that would deter the reasonable population, from following them.

Anyone who does not support a Capitalist Economic Democracy, is labelled as the populist, the socialist, the communist. These labels are used, as thousands of pages and documents have already been written, to discredit these philosophies, and the population mindsets, are very aware of the failures of these philosophies.

As a cultivated Capitalist, I have escaped the web of control, that keeps us worshiping the Great Capitalist Gods, and if I am not populist, socialist, or communist, then what philosophy do I follow today.

Born in South Africa in 1947, I was never anti-Apartheid, and I never knew a white person, who was anti-Apartheid. I base my motivation thereto, on the fact that I never stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, whether for the cashier in a Department store, or the queue outside the Post Office, when the Post Office was the only form of banking, money transfer, pension payout, parcel post, there was only one cashier at the cubicle window, he served the queue, extending 100 to 150 long, out onto the street or the parking area, this long queue, rain or sunshine, never a white, was to be found in that queue.

As a young white, I could walk into the Post Office, six white cashiers were waiting to serve me, never did I have  to stand in a queue.

Today, I know that the inability for us whites, to stand in the Post Office queue, is directly related to the concept, that I was cultivated to see the dark-skinned person, as a servant, the ‘servant of the servant’, and by so doing, I never saw them as a human?

For a period, between 2004 and 2013, I was trapped in the “I am not racist” mindset, then when I looked at myself in the mirror, I understood that I still am racist, and became of the opinion that, once a mind is cultivated as a racist, it can never heal, the best you can do is get into a state of ‘recovery’, like an alcoholic, you need to attend the forums, lest you fall off the wagon.

In July 2004, my wife Nettie and I, submerged ourselves in fear and darkness for 12 hours, transferring  from the Suburbs into Soweto for two nights, against all advises from friends and family, against all advises from the media, the Government that still protects the white from the danger that lurks in the Townships and rural Native Villages.

Suddenly, at about 8pm, on the cold dark night night in July 2004, we discover that there is no need to fear the Soweto community, we feel safer in Soweto, than in the suburbs.

In my opinion, this sudden awakening, was the opening of our mind filters, that were cultivated to block out any information, that would allow us to see the dark-skinned people, as anything more than this angry, uncivilised group of people, that wrongly believe that the white person, has stolen everything from them, and they were ready to pounce on you, should you enter their space, once the relevant filters of our minds open, my wife Nettie’s mind filters open first, allowing mine to open, we no longer see the dark-skinned people, as we were cultivated to see them, we see them as ‘human’ for the first time.

My challenge to those who may have been anti-apartheid, would be, “Why were you not standing in the Post Office queue, if you were in the queue, and when I walked into the Post Office door, you called call out to me, ‘young man, we were here first’, the entire queue would have echoed support, and the world would have changed”.

I am only aware of two South Africans, who have stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, the Watson brothers, who joined the black queue when playing rugby in the Eastern Cape during the 1980s.

I submit that the reason that I never stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, was that my white corporate employer would have dismissed me, and I would never have been employed in the white capitalist world again.

This manuscript develops over six years, in 2013, I become aware of the Economic Segregation principle that drives me, “If it was not for what I did, the African would be the wealth of South Africa today”, by 2015, I start to divide the world into dark-skinned people, and the Capitalist Imperialistic powers who colonised the world.

Some six years back, I stopped seeing South Africa’s problem as a black and white issue, rather  seeing it as a poverty African / Capitalist issue, but when I mention the word Capitalist, I attach the label to every beneficiary of the Capitalist world, both black and white, even when the finer detail is discussed, the 1% of the world that own 50% of the world wealth, the faces and the actions of the 1% remains hidden?

For the past two years, I have been searching for a word or words, not presently in use, to describe the participants of the Capitalist system, what I did not understand, is that the vocabulary that I used to oppress and control the African, is so deeply entrenched in the African community, that they can’t help playing the Democracy game with me, I need to remove the word ‘Capitalist’, from my vocabulary, we need to avoid the word ‘Illuminati’, both words carry too much baggage, thousands of pages of baggage, that protects the concept of evil, baggage that hides our real ‘bulls-eye’.

On my drive home from Soweto in October 2019, in my mind I reverse the spelling of the word Capital, my though process is that we need to use the tactics that the 1% of the world that own 50% of the world, used to extract their wealth, through accessing our land and minerals, we need to reverse their process, in order for us to restore our humanity and dignity.

The first thing I reverse, is to reverse the spelling of the word Capital, I play with the word on my tongue, it is the lovely sounding word ‘Latipac’, but how would it be defined in the dictionary, how would the world understand the word?

I find no official definition, so Latipac becomes the word that I have looked for, for nearly two years, and my definitions of the words, are already in position:

Latipac, terminology and definitions used,

Latipac: Definition: Persons or institutions that accumulate wealth, without the latipac-generators receiving an equitable share.  

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

 Latipac-generator:  Definition: Persons cultivated to be a slave to the Latipac, once recruited, will religiously generate wealth for the Latipac, never questioning, for fear of loosing their status, that separates the latipac-generator,  from the poverty group.

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

A Latipac-generator, in order to generate the wealth for the Latipac, had two groups, first the noncommissioned generators, they were the muscle that extracted the energy from the dark-skinned persons, and the commissioned generators, who interpreted the Latipac instruction, converted the Latipac instruction, into high-pressure reaction, this causes the abusive actions, to be celebrated by all, never is pain from the ‘crack of the whip’, or instant dismissal, reacted to by the Latipac or the Latipac-generator, as the dark-skinned labourer, is not seen to be human.

The commissioned Latipac-generators, all wear the old-school tie, from the same old Private Schools, they are a special old-boys-club, that shares the load behind closed doors, always protecting the Latipac, even only 1% of the commissioned Latipac-generators, are sons of the Latipac.

For the world to move forward, through the New Industrial Revolution, and the changing political direction, we need to discard all the labels that separate us, no longer capitalist, no longer socialist, no longer communist, all these labels were given by the ‘now European Western Capitalist’ to separate us.

Cedric de la Harpe