Mr Steenhuisen, please answer to the Western Cape Death Toll.

Hi, I am Cedric de la Harpe,  encouraged by a South African politician, the leader of the DA, John Steenhuisen, when you  explained yout logic with regard to the number of Coronavirus cases in the Western Cape, “It is not rocket science”, my immediate reaction is yes, it is not rocket science, “It is Political Science”. 

Western Province Death Toll Comparison.
Western Province Death Toll Comparison.

Should you have read my blog, titled Barefoot Scientist solves Coronavirus Mystery, tweeted to you, you should have your answer to this letter, ready to publish.

For you convenience I attach my research .pdf, DeathMystery 2.

The question that I ask today is;

“The Country is starting to question the ruling party regarding the Coronavirus, the DA is silent, neither questioning the ANC, or, as the Provincial Administrators, who have 70 deaths today, 50% of the total reported deaths, are you satisfied that these deaths were caused, only due to the Coronavirus, and if so, are you able to release the autopsy results?”

Should you fail to answer this question with proof of ’cause of death’, please open this link, what Vittorio Sgarbi is feeling, is what feel like today, and his final words are relevant to what is happening in South Africa today:

Cedric de la Harpe

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