Madagascar Covid Herb (2)

Artemisia  Herb please read Madagascar Herb Post  

This morning’s post, receives no comment from friends or enemy;

I can understand this, why should I expect any likes, dislikes, or shares, when this YouTube video is an October 2020 video.

Maybe, it is so hard to accept that South Africa has a world first in medical discoveries, that all my friends or enemies, consider this to be fake news.

My question is why, if this is a South African discovery, ten weeks back, we have not accepted that the impact of Covid, is no worse than pneumonia, and over hundreds of years, whether you are a Boer, or an African, steaming yourself would break down the mucus build up.

If you are reading this post, while you are waiting for your Covid test results, steam your self with Artesia, or another infused herb, before you venture to the hospital.

I give up;