Human Dictate Prologue 3 calls for CEO nominations

Human Dictate
Human Dictate

Human Dictate prologue 3 celebrates the climax to eighteen months of drafting the rules for human dictate, changing politics to business, and forcing a Mercantilism Economy to return.

Human Dictate no more system dictate is a groundbreaking initiative, starting in South Africa, where politics will be removed by 2028, and be replaced by a business SERVICE administration and control system where the people shall dictate.

The human dictate manuscript has been revised six times, as I sought to find the climax to the philosophy, it takes place on December 23, and the third prologue, becomes the final prologue.

Human Dictate, is calling for nominations for the CEO positions, and as every human, through their street committee, will be in the position to nominate the various CEO’s of their choice, I have nominated three to kick-off with.

Important conversation topics that are included in the  Human Dictate are:

Free Market unconstitutional

Apartheid a crime against humanity

Constitution, Bill of Rights, c22,
uses Apartheid laws to continue
economic oppression of the masses.

South Africa 1980 Mercantilism
Economy, must be returned for
the Country, and the people.

Remember the “Good old Days’?

Look for Cedric on his soap-box, he is driven to make changes that will benefit all.

Human Dictate Prologue  (3)

Many of my Social Media followers, the few that I have, will have read at least two prologues to this manuscript, the Human Dictate, is a groundbreaking approach, to restoring South Africa’s economy to what it was pre-1983, and therefore, for the past six weeks, I have been testing that waters with the concept, thus the initial publication, unable to wait until I have achieved a satisfactory end to the manuscript, before publishing?

This morning I reach the ‘climax’, suddenly a paragraph answers the question, occasionally asked of me by the black youth, diplomatically never asked by any of what is left of my white friends, or the elite black, and that is;

“Cedric, you want us to help you, but why are you doing it, what is in it for you, what is in it for us?”   

I read and re-read the last two pages, then the now last paragraph, as I read this paragraph, for the first time, it gives meaning to the four paragraphs preceding the paragraph, and I quote them as follows.

This ‘shadow’ administration, will nominate the  CEOs leaders of every SERVICE structure by 2023, you are invited to get involved with your input, who would you nominate as the National CEO of Finance, Health, Education, Justice, Police, and add any CEO for a SERVICE structure you wish to add.

Nominations for Provincial CEOs are welcome, the Provincial CEOs, will report directly to the selected National CEO. 

My 2023 ‘street community vote’, would be for Professor Jonathan Jansen, as National CEO of Education, Advocate Gerrie Nel, as National CEO of Justice, my apologies to potential CEOs of Finance, Health and Police, that I am unable to bring you to mind, as my preliminary assessment is published.

If you are South African, and live on one of our streets, you have the right to nominate CEOs, and obviously, you are not restricted for nominating yourself or family member, keep you eye on the 2023 Human Dictate nomination list.

My personal ‘street community vote’, for the CEO of Trade and Economic Development, will be for Cedric de la Harpe, however,  should the Human Dictate process, find a more suitable candidate, I would graciously bow out, as my voice would have been heard, and the human voice would have spoken.

These five paragraphs outline the Human Dictate philosophy, very simply, we remove politics from our lives, and structure Business Units, to provide for all our administration and control needs, and my commitment is to ensure that we achieve this status by 2028, and that Trade and Economic Development for the masses, according to my understanding outlined in this manuscript, will be the basis off which all the other SERVICE structures are administered.

I now see the result of my years of research and direction, I know why I am driven, and I know that economic segregation can be reversed.

Cedric de la Harpe



Human Dictate,  is available to be purchased on Amazon.

Or the book can be purchased directly from Cedric, for R 180,00 plus Postnet to Postnet transfer costs.

Off this web front page, dated November 04, 2019, I will post regular blogs, aimed at spreading the Human Dictate  movement, through our hashtags that will identify the power of the movement, #HumanDictate #HumanMustRise and #LatipacMustFall

Cedric de la Harpe  

coal quality load shedding

Coal quality causes load shedding so Human Dictate, please note load shedding is only temporarily over.

Today, December 14, 2019, I return to my  topic, aimed at encouraging enlightened thinking, a movement that will bring economic stability, back to the world.

Coal quality load shedding
Human Dictate

Why today?

The typical December electricity load shedding is over for the year, it will not be the system dictate that controls the mindsets of the public, why do I label the general masses as public, because the mind that listens to the media propaganda, is not human, the mind that waits for every update on the level of load shedding is controlled.

I have had to listen, indirectly, to all the media reports, President Ramaphosa’s surprised reporting, ‘sabotage’, mechanical break-downs, rain, all little issues that keep the mindsets trapped in a very static stage, never really disturbing the mindset,  hidden in all his messages, is that there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. 

When mindsets are united, it is not necessary for me to follow social media, every family member and friend will automatically update me, I however do listen to every news broadcast, and on two occasions, I have heard two different comments, not attached to any leader, not attached to any Eskom official, and herein rests the evil that we are trapped in.

“The high levels of coal dust in the Coal Supply, causes the coal to be too wet.”

“Eskom has been instructed to investigate and identify those Coal Suppliers who are supplying inferior quality Coal.”

Pretty simply, since the Free Market Economy was allowed into South Africa, our quality of Coal supplies have deteriorated,

Coal is probably one of our top export products by volume, exporting to China, India, Japan, and none of these countries are going to buy ‘coal dust’ from us.

There is not a Coal ‘user’ in the world, that does not understand the calorific value (Kj/Kg) of coal, quite simply, the higher the grade of coal, the more energy per ton it will produce.

I am of the opinion that Eskom is buying, whether with the knowledge or not, Grade 3 coal, at Grade 1 coal international prices. In my opinion, Eskom is only producing 50% of the Kilojoules, per ton, that they would be producing if they used Grade 1 coal.

This poor Coal quality causes load shedding

From my trusted Wikipedia source, I provide the Chemical Composition of Coal.

Chemical composition:

Chemical composition of the coal is defined in terms of its proximate and ultimate (elemental) analyses. The parameters of proximate analysis are moisture, volatile matter, ash, and fixed carbon. Elemental or ultimate analysis encompasses the quantitative determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen within the coal. Additionally, specific physical and mechanical properties of coal and particular carbonization properties

The calorific value Q of coal [kJ/kg] is the heat liberated by its complete combustion with oxygen. Q is a complex function of the elemental composition of the coal. Q can be determined experimentally using calorimeters. Dulong suggests the following approximate formula for Q when the oxygen content is less than 10%:

Q = 337C + 1442(H – O/8) + 93S,

where C is the mass percent of carbon, H is the mass percent of hydrogen, O is the mass percent of oxygen, and S is the mass percent of sulfur in the coal. With these constants, Q is given in kilojoules per kilogram.

Why does President Ramaphosa never give us the assurance that Eskom is only using prime Grade 1 Coal, and that we are not paying international prices for our Coal?

Human Dictate, as already published a conversation topic , #SowetoPleasePayElectricity, and I summarise the topic as follows:

The manipulated exchange rates, has once again  divided our Country into two groups, all those who benefited by the Rand exchange manipulated through depreciation, and those of us, who were financially punished, by the ‘cost of living’, the importing of fuel at manipulated depreciated rates, the importing of everything through the global Free Market, at manipulated depreciated rates.

South Africa would not be exporting their prime coal, at manipulated exchange rates, our Iron Ore would not be leaving the country at manipulated exchange rates, South Africa’s Cost of Living, would be acceptable, and we would all be able to pay for Electricity, that would be cheaper for all.

Human, it is time to put on your thinking cap, the Free Market needs to be removed, we need to return to Mercantilism.


Cedric de la Harpe







#SowetoPleasePayElectricity is what we know as system dictate, it uses every individual, fortunate enough to be employed in the Corporate and Government system, to spread the message on behalf of the system.

As the failure of the system to maintain service delivery escalates, we target the ‘accumulated’ outstanding debt of the poverty groups, all those employed by the Corporate and the Government system, are spreading the message, on behalf of the system,  “#SowetoPleasePayElectricity, it is not fair that you steal the electricity, and we must pay for Electricity.”

Human Dictate
Human Dictate

Our New Democracy and Constitution, ensure that all of us, fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity, to be employed, have the privilege of receiving wages/salaries and benefits, that are far greater than most other countries in Africa, and in other developing countries.

As the ‘cost of living’ in South Africa escalates, so the wages and salaries of the privileged few increases, within this ‘cost of living’ adjustment, is the cost of electricity.

For the past six years, my wife and I, have watched poverty escalated within the Township and Native Village communities, poverty that can’t be seen from the suburbs, because the food that is available is shared with all, malnutrition may not visible, but family homes and motor cars, are not being maintained.

There is not a political party in the western world, who has an answer to the calls we hear in South Africa,  from both the elite and poverty groups. For the Human Dictate to commence, we must put on our thinking caps,  and find solutions to our countries predicament, that never came with our New Democracy.

I personally attribute the problems in the Western World, with the impact of the FreeMarket Economy, in this manuscript, I will make statements, comments, allegations, call it what you want, none of them are substantiated, but then again, every System Dictate comment, is not substantiated.

The FreeMarket economy, is introduced in the Western Economy from the early 1980s, I personally attribute South Africa’s entry to the Free Market, during 1983.

Today I question why the ‘black on black’ violence, from September 03, 1984, to after 1994, was not killed in the bud, by the powerful South African and International Security Forces,  before we transferred power to the ANC.

This period, 1984 to 1994, is hidden by the ‘Black on Black’ violence, very little of it ever reaches the quoted history of our Countries struggle heritage, you may call me a cynic, but everything that takes place between September 03, 1984, and 1994, in my opinion, gives no basis that I can understand, as to whether there existed a stable basis, off which to transfer power to the ANC?

During this period, the confusion allows the factories to close their doors, allows the wholesale and retail sector, to switch from their traditional products, to Chinese and Asian products.

My brothers and sisters, would have believed that the whites were running away, afraid of the ‘black on black’ violence, afraid of the aftermath of the pending new dispensation.

I have little doubt that South Africa was preparing to transfer power to the ANC, soon after the 1983 Constitution, and for this reason, I submit, there can be no acceptable motivation, for the Apartheid Government to switch from Mercantilism to Free Market, without the masses approval.

This pic, shows what happened to the Rand USD exchange rate, as compared to what it could have been, if we had maintained the Mercantilism Economy that we had till 1982/3.

The actual average percentage Rand / USD depreciation, from 1969, to 1982, in the right hand column, is stable till 1982, and as I extrapolate this percentage through to 2019, and this average percentage indicates that our present exchange rate, should be R 3,97 to the USD.

Human Dictate, what the Rand value should be.
Human Dictate, what the Rand value should be.

The increasing price of our petrol, is the prime reason for the increasing cost of living, that is crippling all of us. I attach the following Petrol Price historical data, the first, clearly shows that the relevant factor, the Litres/Barrel, drastically changes after the 1983 South African Constitution, and the September 03, 1984 political changes.

#SowetoPleasePayElectricity should consider the cost of petrol.

The days when petrol or 9 cents per litre
he days when petrol or 9 cents per litre

The following Petrol Price historical data, clearly shows that the relevant factor, the Litres/Barrel, continues to decrease, importantly within this depreciation, is the 2008 to 2012 Jacob Zuma term, where we have stability.

The cost of living fuel
The cost of living fuel

I am of the opinion that, had South Africa not followed the FreeMarket, our Rand / USD exchange rate would be R 4 to the $ today.

The manipulated exchange rates, has once again  divided our Country into two groups, all those who benefited by the Rand exchange manipulated through depreciation, and those of us, who were financially punished, by the ‘cost of living’, the importing of fuel at manipulated depreciated rates, the importing of everything through the global Free Market, at manipulated depreciated rates.

South Africa would not be exporting their prime coal, at manipulated exchange rates, our Iron Ore would not be leaving the country at manipulated exchange rates, South Africa’s Cost of Living, would be acceptable, and we would all be able to pay for Electricity, that would be cheaper for all.

Human Dictate places this first topic for Conversation and Enlightened Thinking on the table, I am of the opinion that a solution to this topic, will bring economic stability to our Country, the manuscript brings many more challenges, all of them outside of the realms of politics, all of them needing Enlightened Thinking, bringing your solutions to the table.

#SowetoPleasePayElectricity is a hashtag, that will bring understanding, if not payment,



#SowetoPleasePayElectricity is a hashtag, that will encourage you to buy  Human Dictate


Hi Steve,   Herewith a personal post to you, I will not share with others, you may however do so if you wish.

I am launching the book in Soweto on November 13, 2019, 13:00 Uncle Toms Hall.  It will be done as part of Interactive Struggle Theatre, where the public will be able to ask either of the Homeboys questions, you may not be able to attend, but maybe a few of your followers would like to ask relevant questions that helps us move from the System Dictating to us, to us Humans Dictating our lives.



Extract from the manuscript, Human Dictate 

Minority rights, and the ‘socially political correct’ norm, that develops over the two hundred years after 1789, peaking by 1989, is the power that that allows the wealth of the world, the global-market, to control the governments of the western world, and their African Colonies.

This control, is enforced through the Western Economic World, who ensures that the western ‘socially political correct norms’, by excluding any dissenter, from participation, in the western economic world.

I use two examples of the obvious, regarding the control structures, as follows:

Steve Hofmeyer, South African Actor, Singer, Author, Activist, is branded by the elite liberal South Africans, as racist, uncultured, uncivilised, narrow-minded, the western economic world withdraw all sponsorship, entertainment facilities do not allow him to perform, media give no positive support, the western economic world, punish him, more severely than any court could ever punish him

Israel Folau, a devout Christian, a young man born in Australia, to parents from the Island of Tonga, in comparison to the South African situation, his parents would be from one of our Native Villages, and he would be considered a black player, that would be protected by our New Democracy and Constitution.

He was the highest paid Australian rugby player, some 600 000 Australian dollars per annum, as a Christian, with 250 000 followers, mainly Islanders, he tweets the following message, based on what he claims is his religious belief;


Drunks, Homosexuals, Adulterers, Liars, Fornicators, Thieves, Atheists, Idolaters,



Within two days of publishing this tweet, Israel Folau’s sponsorships are cancelled, his contract is terminated by the Australian Rugby Union, there is no form of punishment, that can be more severe, than the termination of a contract of that value.

His contract is terminated, due to the inclusion of the term Homosexuals, the world condemns the use of the term Homosexuals, as it defines a specific minority group.

I would probable qualify for five of the other terms used, however, none of the other groups, would be considered as a minority group.

I have no personal anti-homosexual sentiments, however, I am a critic of the punishment that the Global-market has handed down to Israel Folau, my criticism is based on my belief that the white ‘capitalist’ economy, has used their wealth, generated since the 15th Century, to protect their wealth, and the weapon that they have used, is the protection of minority rights.


Author; Cedric de la Harpe

#HumanMustRise #LatipacMustfall
Human Dictate
Human Dictate






Prologue 2028 Human Democracy

PROLOGUE   2028 Human Democracy

This is a prologue to the 2028 Human Democracy, the first in  series of posts to wet the appetite.

Prologue 2028 Human Democracy
Prologue 2028 Human Democracy

The DA leadership conflict that erupts this week, could not have come at a better time for the launch of 2028 Human Democracy. It confirms that there in no political party in our Country, that has found the answers to unity in our Country, as it is impossible to find unity within their own party structures, as unity and sharing does not exist in the Western Capitalist Economic Democracies, throughout the World.

The 1% of the world, that owns 50% of the wealth of the world, would not have achieved their wealth, if they had allowed unity among the humans, and notwithstanding the supposed lack of Democracy in South Africa, this political control by the wealth of the world, ensured that the English and the Afrikaner remained in conflict, and as the Afrikaner increased their power, so they were split, separating the Conservative from the Liberal, and in turn escalating conflict between, the Afrikaner and the dark-skinned population.

Once we reach the final chapter of this manuscript, you as the reader, may not accept the power of Human Democracy on the surface, but you will give serious thought to the concept that dark-skinned people, and light-skinned people, could have united as Humans in 1994, and land reform would have progressed to the satisfaction of all.

Farm murders would not be taking place, and here I extend the farm murders, to the old couple that were brutally killed in Sophiatown last weekend, and to all the black people brutally killed over the years.

We are so far apart, that no political message can be heard by the people, we are so far apart, that the Police are not united, the only beneficiaries to our New Democracy, are the politicians, if you seek to build a nation, consider whether you are Human, consider who is not Human, consider Human Democracy.

LATIPAC a look at the changing economic democracy


HOMEBOYS present Latipac a look at the changing economic democracy, they Entertain, they Challenge, they Educate.

Our first challenge, was how to analyse the existing world?

We find the solution in Latipac, and magic sounding word, that till now, did not have a definition,  our analysis of the changing economy, is nested in our definitions as follows:

Latipac, terminology and definitions used,

Latipac:    Definition:    Persons or institutions that accumulate wealth, without the latipac-generators receiving an equitable share.  

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge) 

Latipac-generator:    Definition:    Persons cultivated to be a slave to the Latipac, once recruited, will religiously generate wealth for the Latipac, never questioning, for fear of loosing their status, that separates the latipac-generator,  from the poverty group.

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

Copyright©  October 07, 2019, Die Baas en die Boy

All rights reserved. No parts of this document may be copied, printed or stored, using any media available without the written permission of the Author.




VOLKSTROTS nood Afrikaner en Afrikaan Nasionalisme

Volktrots, wat het met die Afrikaner se Volkstrots gebeur, hierdie Engelsman, gaan probeer om sy vraag in Afrikaans te antwoord, en sy bes probeer, om Lembede, Sobukwe, en Mandela, se skrywe te vertaal, (met permissie) om sy teorie, deur hulle woorde, te verduidelik.

VOLKSTROTS Afrikaner en African Nationalism
VOLKSTROTS Afrikaner en African Nationalism

Ons begin op April 06, 1959, dit is toe ek nog, my erfenis op van Riebeek dag gevier het, op hierdie dag, is die PAC gestig, en hul leier, Robert Sobukwe, se toespraak, behels die volgende kommentaar;

Ons wil beklemtoon, dat die vryheid van die Afrikaan, beteken die vryheid van almal in Suid-Afrika, die Europese (blanke) ingesluit, want slegs die Afrikaan, kan die vestiging van ‘n egte demokrasie waarborg, waarin alle mans, burgers van ‘n gemeenskaplike staat sal wees, en sal as individue leef en regeer word, en nie as eiesoortige deursnitgroepe nie. ”

Oor die afgelope twintig jare, het ons verskei kommentaar gehoor, oor wie, of wat, ’n Afrikaan is, ek will graag van Sobukwe se toespraak, sy 1959 definisie uitsit.

‘Ons mik, polities, by die regering van die Afrikane deur die Afrikane, vir die Afrikane, met elkeen wat sy enigste lojaliteit aan Afrika verskuldig is, en al die wie bereid is, om die demokratiese bewind van ‘n Afrika-meerderheid, te aanvaar, word beskou as ‘n Afrikaan.’ 

In 1959, was Sobukwe se denke, dat ons almal as individue sou leef en regeer word, en dat ons almal as Afrikaan, kon beskou word.

Van my hoek af, sou BEE en Quotas, nie deel van die 1959 Afrikaan demokrasie gewees het nie, my vraag is, wat het toe verkeerd geloop?

In 1948, was beide the Afrikaner en die Afrikaan Nationalisties, albie met volkstrots, wat, van die 1955 begin verdwyn het.  Wat het met die Afrikaner Volkstrots gebeur, wat het met die Afrikaan volkstrots gebeur.

Die antwoorde lê in die skrifte van Anton Lembede, 1946, en ek haal aan uit die Long Walk to Freedom, geskryf deur Nelson Mandela;

Soos Lembede later in die koerant Inkundla ya Bantu, ‘n Afrikaanse koerant in Natal, geskryf het:  (Translation by Cedric)

Die geskiedenis van die moderne tyd is die geskiedenis van nasionalisme. 

Nasionalisme, is getoets in die stryd van die mense en die vure van die geveg, en is die enigste teenmiddel teen vreemde heerskappy, en moderne imperialisme. 

Dit is om hierdie rede, dat die groot imperialistiese magte, koorsig poog om alle nasionalistiese neigings, onder hul vreemde onderdane te ontmoedig, en uit te roei; daarvoor word enorme bedrae geld bestee aan propaganda teen nasionalisme, wat as ‘smal’, ‘barbaar’, ‘ongekultiveerde’, ‘duiwels’, ens. afgemaak word. 

Sommige uitheemse onderdane word deur hierdie sinistere propaganda gedupeer, en word gevolglik die gereedskap of instrumente van imperialisme, waarvoor hulle diens, deur die imperialistiese mag, die hoogste geprys word, en hulle word oorheers met voorbeelde soos ‘gekultiveerd’, ‘liberaal’, ‘progressief’, ‘breedbandig’, ens.

Die Engelsman se gedenke hier is dat daar gereeld van sekere van die Afrikaane groepe, sodra hulle nasionalisties neigings toon, sal die media hulle as barbare en ongekultiveerde uitroep.  Van die Afrikaner se kant af, is Steve Hofmeyer die ‘vreemde onderdaan’, wat niks meer verkeerd doen nie, as om sy nasionalistiese neigings, volhou.

Ek lees verder van die Long walk to Freedom, waar Mandela sy 1949 houding uitsit’

Lembede se sienings het ‘n akkoord in my getref. Ook ek was vatbaar vir paternalistiese Britse kolonialisme en die aantrekkingskrag om deur blankes beskou te word as ‘gekultiveerd’ en ‘progressief’ en ‘beskaafd.’ in Afrika. Dit was wat almal van die regent tot Mnr. Sidelsky vir my wou gehad het. Maar dit was ‘n illusie. Soos Lembede, het ek die teenmiddel gesien as militante Afrika-nasionalisme.

Het Nelson Mandela, sy 1949 houding teen imperialisme voort gebou, sou die ANC 1949 Program van Aksie en die Handves van Regte, die Afrikaan se volkstrots gevestig,  en gou, sou die Afrikaner se volkstrots, sonder enige nood vir verandering, laat saamsmelt, en soos Eerste-Minister, Macmillan op February 03, 1960, voorspel het, “South Africa will go down in the annals of history, as the first English Colony, to give the African Nationalist self-determination” sou Suid Afrika vandag ’n volk met volkstrots wees.

Cedric de la Harpe


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Wat het my Oupa Joubert en Nelson Mandela in gemeen?

Oupa Joubert
Oupa Joubert