President Thabo Mbeki African Potato Garlic & Beetroot

President Thabo Mbeki African Potato  Garlic & Beetroot brought him ridicule from the medical science world.

President Thabo Mbeki was accused of having caused 300 000 deaths, and in 2002  the South African  Parliament defected the  African Potato Garlic & Beetroot philosophy and committed to implementing ARVs.

Why is Disciple Cedric brave enough to even remind the world of President Thabo Mbeki’s alleged failure, and if you are sill reading his post, you will discover that my personal opinion, is one of support for the Thabo Mbeki philosophy.

Those who condemned and ridiculed the African Potato, Garlic and Beetroot philosophy, believed the Africa Potato to be the funny part, but what the scientific world, refused to hear, is that Mbeki was linking an HIV infected person, to living a ‘healthy life’, with improved living conditions,  accommodation that was fit for a human, water and toilet facilities, conditions that removed those infected with HIV, from living in the typical poverty situation.

Thabo Mbeki philosophy was the Rudolf Virchow philosophy, “Heal hough alleviating poverty, not vaccines”, and today, we need to consider whether the introduction of ARVs, has achieved more than alleviating poverty.

The South African official population, is just over 58 million, of which, 7,4 million, nearly 13% of our population, lives with the HIV/AIDS infection, although 5,4 million ARV regimes has been implemented,  many have not continued,  and it is estimated that 50% of of the HIV infected, them, some 3,2 million, are not on the ARV treatment regime.

I respect the rights of those who do not wish to take ARV treatment, but it does put you at great risk of contracting TB, Flu/pneumonia, Covid, and becoming one of the death statistics.

The bad news is that in excess of 120 000 , of the HIV/AIDS population, have died on an annual basis since 2002, I do not venture to comment, on what % of the 120 000 , is of those not taking ARVs.

40 000 of the 120 000 that die from HIV/Aides related deaths, had TB.

If you are part of the 7,4 million, with as many as 300 thousand at risk of having TB, today I ask you to remember,  when President Thabo Mbeki was ridiculed when he promoted the philosophy, that the HIV infected population, required healthy more spacious, ventilated accommodation, and healthy food, including African Potato and Beetroot, in order to achieve this, President Thabo Mbeki, was moving in the direction of alleviating poverty.

Had this policy been accepted by the South African Parliament, the living conditions for the poverty groups in South Africa, would be in their twentieth year of improvement, and we would not have the conditions that can be found throughout our country?

South Africa Poverty Conditions
South Africa Poverty Conditions
South Africa Poverty Conditions
South Africa Poverty Conditions

The Frightening Realty of the Option:

South Africa HIV/AIDS infected,  rise from 4.64 million in 2002,, to 7. 97million in 2019, during this period, 5.40 million ARV regimes have been introduced, and yet,

3,40 million have died during the period, 200 000 per year.

South Africa HIV/AIDS population
South Africa HIV/AIDS population

President Thabo Mbeki African Potato and Garlic & Beetroot philosophy, in my opinion, would have healed through alleviating poverty, providing suitable accommodation, healthy, ventilated, ensuring that the infected  received a diet that improved the immune system. 

In my opinion, there was no reason for African Traditional Healers, to be banned from treating patients with the HIV/AIDS infection, in the poverty community, the living conditions, allow Comorbidity to become common place, and ARV’s would not protect TB from attaching to the patients.

South Africa followed the WHO and world scientific recommendations, as Disciple of the Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa, I believe that medical science has failed by not following Thabo Mbeki’s philosophy, I believe that medical science has failed the poverty groups, during the Coronavirus pandemic, and I invite the academic to answer to why South Africa sill have 400 000 HIV infections per annum?  (7,97 ml, 4,64 ml, = 3,33 ml, plus 3,40 ml deaths), and why, by improving living conditions and diet, we would have more infections.     

South Africa’s 1 million Coronavirus Infections, and 29 000 deaths, should be seen in the context of the 3,2 million HIV infected who are not taking ARV, of them the poverty group, would be at risk, 300 000 TB cases, per annum.   

Dear Brothers and Sisters, if you are in this 7,4 million group, or have Comorbidity, or over 70 years old,  you must follow your desired self-protection regime, I am anti-lockdown, the failure of our Country to heal poverty,   should not include me and others, including your family, all loosing our income, and having our human rights abused, to save you, when our system, has no intention to alleviate poverty, rather, have no concern that everyone one of us has been moved deeper into poverty, and the State does not have money to alleviate poverty conditions.

Statistics over the next ten years, will prove our Government and their consultants wrong.

We call on our citizens to Unite, to heal through poverty alleviation, and not vaccines.

As we prepare for our next post, Madagascar Covid Herb requires no vaccine, unless you are obese and have Comorbidity.

Disciple Cedric de la Harpe

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