Many of the white’s deaths, could have been saved, if the WHO and the South African system has approved Ivermectin to be prescribed by the doctors.

Yes, I have heard about the numbers of people that have overdosed, and I attribute this directly to the system’s failure to do allow the doctors to prescribe Ivermectin.

Today I address the deaths of my white brothers and sisters, as it may attract the attention of Prof Karrim, Dr. Mkhize, and President Ramaphosa, because it is impossible for either one of their attention, to be attracted to the deaths of the black population.

During the South African Virus Strain, I have had international tourists visit Soweto and Alexandra on six occasions with me, and although we interacted with the indigenous populations, I never got into a deep discussion with my black brothers and sisters about the virus.

Yesterday, the two founding members, of Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa, official launch the alleviation of poverty as a healing, and we walk the streets of  Soweto for five hours, interacting and recruiting disciples.

Our first interaction with a young lady, on our list for recruitment,  shocks me, and I am going to address only two issues:


I am not going to enter the realm of the human rights abuses, through the change in cultural ceremonies, but my question, that I ask all my friends and followers is:

When you contract the China or South African virus, does is it pass through your system, and invade your outer body, your skin?

My knowledge says no, it does not.

My black brothers and sisters in the Township, believes that i does, and this is why the funeral process requires them to be rolled in plastic, ad for the funeral parlour attendants to wear the bee-suit.

This creates a sigma, it develops a fear for the unfortunate infected, to reveal that they my possibly have been infected, thus hiding the situation, until it is too late.

I would suggest that many deaths, that would have called for a postmortem, are not having a postmortem conducted.

If you do not believe that the virus moves to our outer body, before of after death, let your voice be heard, if you do believe it, we need to reconsider how we handle the infected?                  


Umhlonyane, the Artemesia Africa herb,

During the past month, three of my Soweto Friends / Family members, have been buried.

Having gone through the FUNERAL debate, I ask those I am interacting with, how their loved ones were medically treated.

I then ask why they did not drink Umhlonyane tea, and steam with the herb?

I was shocked that they claim the clinic had told them that under no circumstances, must they steam during Coronavirus.

One young lady’s Aunt was buried two weeks back, she acknowledges that the aunt carried blame, because she was overweight, her aunt was specifically told not to steam, and her aunt, and her grandmother, had used Umhlonyane tea, and steamed with the herb, all their lives.

As I walk the streets of the Townships, talking to my black brothers and sisters, I start to see no difference between how I, an Apartheid enforcer, and the ANC, the WHO, and the World’s Medical Scientists, treat our poverty black population.

WHITE MAN, you should have the option to choose your treatment, but the BLACK MAN’S life is at greater risk, suffering as our government allows hunger to escalate

Disciple Cedric de la Harpe

Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa



Madagascar Covid Herb (2)

Artemisia  Herb please read Madagascar Herb Post  

This morning’s post, receives no comment from friends or enemy;

I can understand this, why should I expect any likes, dislikes, or shares, when this YouTube video is an October 2020 video.

Maybe, it is so hard to accept that South Africa has a world first in medical discoveries, that all my friends or enemies, consider this to be fake news.

My question is why, if this is a South African discovery, ten weeks back, we have not accepted that the impact of Covid, is no worse than pneumonia, and over hundreds of years, whether you are a Boer, or an African, steaming yourself would break down the mucus build up.

If you are reading this post, while you are waiting for your Covid test results, steam your self with Artesia, or another infused herb, before you venture to the hospital.

I give up;






Herd Immunity

Herd Immunity is very simply, when 1 person passes a virus on to less than 1 person, when R is less than 1.

Some months back I made a statement that South Africa had reached Herd Immunity, back on July 24, 2020.

I stand by my analysis, with regard to the Coronavirus first wave, and Medical Science has as yet, not convinced me, that the same Covid virus that arrived in March 2020, is part of the Second Strain, which appears to transmit quicker, and at this stage, the death rate has no confirmed increase or decrease.    

My philosophy is that the present virus, moves like a flu strain, two to three strains per annum, vaccines needing to change every two years, no one vaccine working for all strains.

South Africa Flu movement
South Africa Flu movement


Notice how the cases come and go, without lockdown and sanitizing. Notice how they overlap:


Europe announces that they have a second wave during November, then in December, they find a few cases of a new strain, then a South African strain.

The Second Wave, is in fact they start of the New Strain, and as we approach January, the New Strain is now being credited for arriving start January.

Strange how medical science has not yet identified is origins.

Medical Science is still driving the vaccine for Strain One, have they tested it for Strain Two?

Let us look at the South African scenario:

Covid Cases in South Africa
Covid Cases in South Africa

Note; during the first wave, the infections are lower, and my July 24 identification as having reached herd immunity is clearly visible, the R factor remains below 1, till mid November, when Strain Two arrives:

We are doing more testing know, so the graph shows higher infection rate during Strain Two.

South Africa Covid Death Graph
South Africa Covid Death Graph

Let us look at the United Kingdom, during the First Wave very few cases indicate little testing, yet look at the deaths that take place off the ‘few cases’.

During the Second Strain, a lot of testing, many cases, but deaths not so severe.   

Covid Cases in the UK
Covid Cases in the UK
Covid Deaths in UK
Covid Deaths in UK

Let us look at Sweden who does not lock down, during the First Strain, they only test those who report symptoms, and look at the death rate, then more cases occur during the Strain Two, and deaths are not at same rate;


Sweden Covid Cases
Sweden Covid Cases
Sweden Covid Deaths
Sweden Covid Deaths

If Sweden Deaths during the Strain Two period, it will confirm my philosophy that the virus, like the flu, will arrive and leave us is different phases.

Disciple Cedric may be an idiot, but the world appears to be following the same protocol, but results are skewed, South Africa needs to include Pakistan and Madagascar in our model;

The Bottom Line Madagascar
The Bottom Line Madagascar


Disciple Cedric de la Harpe

Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa,

WhatsApp or SMS text 082 565 2520

Visit Soweto and Alexandra with Taste of Africa



Today I return to the lockdown dissenter’s attack.

In my limited scientific mindset, I have not yet changed my mind, that South Africa should never have locked down the Economy or schools.

Coronavirus SA deaths per 100000 July 26
Coronavirus SA deaths per 100000 July 26

The vertical red line, starts to tell the story.

For reference points, we look at the Netherlands, the top black graph, presently @ 35.5 deaths per 100 000 population, which will result in 20,750 deaths by November 15.

Germany, @ 11.1 deaths pr 100 000 population, the green graph, is Germany, at the level one of the most favourable levels in Europe.

South Africa is the red-line graph,  and notwithstanding the Western Province and Eastern Province spikes, our graph is stable.

Studies and report continuing.


Mr Steenhuisen, please answer to the Western Cape Death Toll.

Hi, I am Cedric de la Harpe,  encouraged by a South African politician, the leader of the DA, John Steenhuisen, when you  explained yout logic with regard to the number of Coronavirus cases in the Western Cape, “It is not rocket science”, my immediate reaction is yes, it is not rocket science, “It is Political Science”. 

Western Province Death Toll Comparison.
Western Province Death Toll Comparison.

Should you have read my blog, titled Barefoot Scientist solves Coronavirus Mystery, tweeted to you, you should have your answer to this letter, ready to publish.

For you convenience I attach my research .pdf, DeathMystery 2.

The question that I ask today is;

“The Country is starting to question the ruling party regarding the Coronavirus, the DA is silent, neither questioning the ANC, or, as the Provincial Administrators, who have 70 deaths today, 50% of the total reported deaths, are you satisfied that these deaths were caused, only due to the Coronavirus, and if so, are you able to release the autopsy results?”

Should you fail to answer this question with proof of ’cause of death’, please open this link, what Vittorio Sgarbi is feeling, is what feel like today, and his final words are relevant to what is happening in South Africa today:

Cedric de la Harpe

Italian Leader Slams ‘False Coronavirus Numbers: 25,000 Did Not Die, it’s a way to Impose a Dictatorship’ (Watch)

The Italian Video inspires me to return to the Virus fight.

The RairFoundation video brings me inspiration to return to the Coronavirus fight once more.

Mr. Sgarbi’s speech, brings us hope, that somewhere in the South African Council of Coronavirus Experts, there my be one scientist that will break he ranks.

On a Monday, I normally post a group of selected countries, and how the rate in terms of the ‘deaths per 100 000’ of the population.

Today, we have three week trend to assess, remembering that Belgium at the bottom has had no lockdown, and in my mindset, I have set Germany death rate level, as the Country that we should target.

Sweden, with no lockdown is below Germany, but still not unacceptable.

Mr. Sgarbi’s speech in Italy, supports my questioning with regard to Cause of Death, with South Africa’s HIV/Tuberculosis/Diabetes and other problems, our death rate could exceed 95 000, only time will tell, will a South African Sgarbi emerge?

Don’t think so.

Cedric de la Harpe

May 03 Comparison
May 03 Comparison






Barefoot Scientist solves the Coronavirus ‘Death Mystery’ model;

Kaalvoet Coronavirus deaths curve predictions

I am Kaalvoet de la Harpe, on April 19, 2020, I had worked through every statistic and daily count of positive infections of the Coronavirus throughout the world.

My interim research results, indicate that South Africa, through following the Western European model, are following the wrong model, my focus moves away from the number of tests and positive cases, and I start to study the ‘death trends’.

The Hidden Coronavirus Death Mystery,

Lessons from applying a ‘Voice of Reason’,

to why the

South Africa’s Coronavirus Management Model is flawed

Kaalvoet:  Working Paper No:  23432

First Draft;   April 19 to April 27, 2020

What has happened to the world?

Continue reading “Barefoot Scientist solves the Coronavirus ‘Death Mystery’ model;”

South Africa should prepare for 6000 deaths;

Lockdown is aimed at saving lives, and at no stage has the system identified how many lives we can save, and how many deaths we can expect.

This blog, calls for you to apply your own ‘Voice of Reason’ to where South Africa health and depressed economy is, and not accept what you hear from others, including me.

Voice of Reason, what would your community do?
Voice of Reason, what would your community do?

Although South Africa, is only entering the Coronavirus exponential curve for the deaths that are occurring, South Africa enters the removal of the ‘lockdown’.

April 20 SA Deaths
April 20 SA Deaths

Coronavirus first comes to my attention on February 12, 2020, I had just completed the manuscript, Human Dictate, based on my prediction that the world economic and political structures would bring our new world order between 2023 and 2028, and encourage South Africans to prepare for the new order, that I name Human Dictate.

Coinciding with my move to promote Human Dictate, the Coronavirus comes to my attention, and that conflict exists between the USA and China, and my first assessment of what is taking place, is that the virus is man made, and the intention of the virus, is to allow economic powers to reestablish the large powers, diminishing control over the world global market.

In China, the virus appeared to have exploded like a bomb, infecting and killing 1 114 in some six weeks.

Today April 21, 2020, as we start to reopen our economy, our leaders having followed China as on of the models, must be aware that death is unavoidable,   following the China model, our leaders must prepare our population, for the imminent deaths, that are already escalating.

We look at the China model:

Period:   01 Jan  to Feb 12   1114 deaths @ ave 25,90/day 

Period:   03 Feb  to Apr 07  2012 deaths @ ave 36,58/day

On April 07 China reports nil deaths, and removes lockdown

Period:   08 Apr  to Apr 21  1506 deaths @ ave 107,57/day

Most Countries around the world, have experienced a ‘second wave of infection’, after removing lockdown, and both China and Japan, attribute the second wave of infection, to the ‘returning migrant workers’, and South Africa, who not only have migrant workers from our rural communities, but from Mozambique and Lesotho also.

China had reached a level of no deaths of April 07, coinciding with the removal of lockdown, South Africa, I am not sure which model they are presently following, but have started opening lockdown, without me seeing the hidden model, or target that they had aimed for.

The Global Market, supported South Africa’s lockdown, and today, they place South Africa in a position where the President will not be able to maintain, total lockdown of the formal economy.

China and Japan are producing, and as a major customer of these countries, the Ports need to be opened, in the interim, the investors of the Global World, need the mining industry to produce.

The Wine exports nearly started, but I am of the opinion that the Global Market is not ready to receive the wine, not till the Global Market removes the restrictions on alcohol outlets.

I personally have no objection to how the President is removing lockdown, the situation that the world economy is in, requires the formal economy to participate in the Global World, my suggestion is that we open the informal economy urgently, we will relieve of agricultural economy.

Every South African needs to have their minds freed from the fear of Coronavirus, and we all need to accept that we are going to have deaths, the following graph (Red Line) indicates that we could have as many as 8 500 deaths, as a Country, our target should be 6 000, we have had a lot of preparation for what is coming.

Kaalvoet Coronavirus deaths curve predictions
Kaalvoet Coronavirus deaths curve prediction

The other lines on the graph, is South Africa seasonal flu deaths, that take place every year, minimum and maximum, provided we are allowed to live our lives, and bury our dead without restriction, the bodies will not pile up.

The only issue that I have not discussed yet, is just how many seasonal virus deaths, will compete with Corona?

Cedric de la Harpe