My personal philosophy on Coronavirus management;

My personal philosophy on Coronavirus management;

As South Africa fails to achieve ‘lockdown’ on day 1 of the 21 day lockdown, the Alexandra Township being the problem, I need to pen my thoughts on how the Human Dictate ‘Voice of Reason’ Philosophy would have handled the pandemic, if the system dictate was not in control.

The Federal and Canton system that the Human Dictate Philosophy promotes, features from Pamphlet 40, very simply, it is that the human will dictate how we handle all aspects of our lives, from health, security, education, et cetera, therefore, as you read this pamphlet, place yourself in a position, where you are able to make decisions of how to manage and control your life, and those of your community?

What the Coronavirus has done to the world, is bringing fear to ‘everyone’, and if you allow fear to dominate your thinking and resulting actions, the fear will reduce you immune system’s capacity to protect you. If you are like me, ‘Aged’, with other complications associated with age, the fear that we are being exposed to as the Coronavirus, approaches us, will negatively impact on the ‘complications associated with age, and should you be exposed to the virus, the medical responders will be faced with complications when treating you.

This generated fear, brings support for the South African Police’s violent abuse on the Townships, from the upper and middle-class living in comfort in the suburbs, the typical comment is;

“That is good they do not want to listen, they must be taught, they must learn to obey the President.” 

Once you are in a position to make your own decisions, with the support of your community, fear will not be part of the process.          

In later Pamphlets, I use Switzerland as an example that we should follow, with regard to their Federal and Canton system, so firstly I must comment on what I saw as a problem to control the virus in Switzerland, and that is the migration of essential service personnel, from across their border, it is typical of what South Africa will face, in a few weeks, not days.

Firstly, the international border control, for movement in and out of the Country, would be controlled by the Canton where the border is located, when the virus is first brought to our attention, the local canton management committees, in the case of ORT Airport, Johannesburg, Alexandra, Soweto, Pretoria, Kempton Park, Benoni, and all the others not mentioned, would have a meeting, and implement control measures.

No person would be allowed to leave the Country, if they were travelling through any of the Countries where the virus had already been identified.

Those travellers, who were not moving through countries where the virus had already been identified, would become part of the ‘movement management’ system, where the travel particulars are registered, under their residential Canton, let us use Johannesburg Canton as the example, and the Johannesburg Canton management committee, will have the responsibility of maintaining contact with the traveller, ensuring that he is met on return, duly tested, and that the Johannesburg Canton monitors the traveller, in terms of the testing level that is in place.

The travellers arriving from, or through any infected Country, would be tested, if negative, they will be warned to avoid any social contact, and would be required to retest in ten days, and notify the port of entry, of the results.

More importantly, how do we manage the internal transmission between locals, who would have become infected locally.

        I live in the old Johannesburg, and according to my Human Dictate Philosophy, old Johannesburg would be an independent ‘greater Canton’, Alexandra Township, another, and the City of Soweto, our other Canton neighbour.

Johannesburg would probable be divided into 8 smaller Cantons, each with a management Committee, Alexandra into 4 smaller Cantons, and Soweto into 8 or more smaller Cantons.

Alexandra, and parts of Soweto, and other Cantons, could not possible be ‘locked-down’ on their individual properties, the majority of their properties, no more that 5mX5m, accommodating, 4 to 8 people. Alexandra as a community, could be locked-down, and free movement allowed inside the defined border of the larger Canton. 

The Alexandra and Soweto Canton communities, provide the bulk of the essential services labour, to the old Johannesburg Canton, and this would need to be managed, if we wish to reduce the transfer of any virus, in both directions.

Human Dictate is not going to decree how the Alexandra and Soweto larger Cantons, protect their residents, but as virtual CEO of the larger Johannesburg Canton, I would put the following plan of action into place.

On the day that our first resident tests positive,

1: All schools and educational institutions are closed,  any lost education can be made up in time.

1.1: The global world extends into all these educational institutions, with learners and students, needing to travel as far as 60 km to get to school every day.

1.2: These building and facilities will be used for the management of the essential services.

2: The smaller Cantons, will take control, of every essential service and business in the area, a business / medical node in the area, will be allocated an educational institution building, where all essential service providers staff / labour, will be accommodated, including provision for young children where needed.

2.1; Once we move into ‘lockdown’ stage, the essential service workers, will be in a safe controlled environment, within walking distance to the business / service provider.

2.2: This will remove the transport issues, where you will find packed busses, moving from outside of the Johannesburg area, in order to provide he essential services.

3: During Lockdown, no movement, between the larger Canton boundaries, will be permitted.

4: During Lockdown, the 8 smaller Johannesburg Cantons, will allow business that comply with the essential business / services accommodation protocols, to operate, the smaller Cantons will agree / define restrictions on jogging, dog-walking, and ensure that only residents of their smaller Cantons, are in the area that they are protecting.

5: Every smaller Canton, will identify the risk population, ‘Aged, who wish to be protected’ TB, HIV, and other health risks, and as a community, a system would be defined, where my home displays a white flag, I am ‘Aged, who wish to be protected’, I will wear a small white flag on my shoulder, and similar identifications for all risk categories.

6: As Canton Communities, making decisions on behalf of our Canton, protecting our Canton from infection, and ensuring that no infection leaves our Canton, we would be in the position, to take the necessary action, to control the impact of any virus.

Granted, Human Dictate will require us all to be on the front line to control the virus, today, our medics are fighting the battle, with limited support from us, even though we are in virtual total lockdown, while we rely on the system to stop all the leaks, it can never be done, without contribution from all.

Cedric de la Harpe