Today I return to the lockdown dissenter’s attack.

In my limited scientific mindset, I have not yet changed my mind, that South Africa should never have locked down the Economy or schools.

Coronavirus SA deaths per 100000 July 26
Coronavirus SA deaths per 100000 July 26

The vertical red line, starts to tell the story.

For reference points, we look at the Netherlands, the top black graph, presently @ 35.5 deaths per 100 000 population, which will result in 20,750 deaths by November 15.

Germany, @ 11.1 deaths pr 100 000 population, the green graph, is Germany, at the level one of the most favourable levels in Europe.

South Africa is the red-line graph,  and notwithstanding the Western Province and Eastern Province spikes, our graph is stable.

Studies and report continuing.