Human Dictate, no more system dictate

Human Dictate

Human Dictate, the future of the world, in Egypt, it is referred to as the ‘Winds of Change’, in Europe and the USA, it would be branded as ‘Socialist’ ‘Populist’ politics, these labels are all dictated by the wealth of the world, keeping them in the realms of the Western Economic Political control, who by labelling them, are able to dismantle the dissident voices, my merely discrediting the label?

This manuscript originally included the blue-print, for how Human Dictate, will operate, however, in discussion we have removed it to avoid warning the opposition.

In the last week of August, I meet Homeboy Mboya, by September 10th, I find his home, and since then we have interacted on virtually a daily basis, the manuscript that has been worked on since September 2018, starts to take shape, and gets reshaped, and reshaped.

Mboya is a language expert, he questions all the labels I use, starting with the African, and over a very short space of time, my challenged mindset finds solutions to his challenges.

I consider this manuscript, my most important contribution as a social activist over 15 years, the energy comes when I split the Capitalist into the Latipac and Latipac-generator, then, as we debate the confusion about who is African, what an African is, who is black, where does a white fit into our Democracy, where do we fit into the Western Economy, I become of the opinion that the one label, that we presently may not fit, but that we all can fit, is HUMAN, and the New Industrial Revolution, the changing political movements, that will bring a Changing World Order by 2028, will make space for all of us, or rather, 99% of our population.

The 1% of the world, that owns 50% of the world, is now the Latipac, all those Capitalists who generate wealth for them, are the Latipac-generators, the dark-skinned people, who are not involved in this sector, are labelled Human.

African Democracy becomes Human Democracy, but our intended Interactive   Struggle Theatre, remains trapped in Western Politics.

Democracy is now labelled Dictate, now Human Dictate, and our Interactive Struggle Theatre, has now banned any political comment or questions, and social cohesion becomes a reality.

The Homeboys, Cedric and Mboya, start their Interactive Struggle Theatre, on November 13, 2019, you are invited to attend, please just text us your RSVP on 082 565 2520, we will take this initiative around our country.

#HumanMustRise #LatipacMustfall

Human Dictate, published on November 04, 2019, is available to be purchased on Amazon.

or the book can be purchased directly from Cedric, for R 150,00 plus Postnet to Postnet transfer costs.

Off this front page, dated November 04, 2019, I will post regular blogs, aimed at spreading the Human Democracy movement, through our hashtags that will identify the power of the movement, #HumanMustRise and #LatipacMustFall

Cedric de la Harpe