Ivermectin, Dear President Ramaphosa, this video asks the question

Ivermectin, Dear President Ramaphosa, this video asks the question;  “Having listened to South African born Dr. Tess Lawrie, would you have treated Jackson Mthembu, with Ivermectin”

The most important information that we should take note of, is how the Politicians, on  both sides of the fence, ignore the fact that 8 out of 10 people dying from the virus, should not be dying, and follow their masters.

Human Rights, have been replaced by Greed, but then, if I was black, I would have known that seventy years ago.

Please share this video, we all have a responsibility to save 80% of the next 20 000 that will die before the  untested vaccine,

Cedric de la Harpe


Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:


This planned post, has been influenced by two media comments this week, the First by our Prof Karrim, repeated by UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Sunday 24h Jan, and according to them, there are indications that the New South African virus strain, will not respond to the vaccine that the China Virus has been developed for.

Matt Hancock makes it very clear, that they fear the SA Virus infected the UK for this very reason, and this morning, the  USA issues a similar anti-SA visit protocol.

During Matt Hancock’s briefing, Hancock indicates that the South African virus, although spreading quicker, they believe the morality rate, would be between 20% and 50% higher than the China Virus.

This gives me confirmation that although our SA Virus, was killing at 3,53 times higher last week, June 17, this week, June 24, it has reduced to 2,9% times higher, this brings clarity to what I suspected las week, but we will keep it for later.

Before I give an SA Virus explantation, I introduce the Vice of Reason that influences my logic and philosophy:                         

Within a week of Lockdown, I attempt to publish my Voice of Reason, for reasons that I do no cover in this blog, for five years I have predicted the Democracy Changes, and that the economic forces were ready to introduce the New Industrial Revolution, at the expense of the Human Labour, and that the China Virus will allow this to take place.

No withstanding my crazy mindset, the world lockdown process, was exposing a large percentage of our world population at risk, and those at risk, are all part of the poverty groups, who are providing the front-line for the medical services and other essential services. 

My personal philosophy on Coronavirus management; is attached on a separate post, granted I am critical of System Dictate, and promote Human Dictate, so my philosophy can never be accepted, and the publisher blocked publication on April 02, 2020.         

Briefly, the Clinics, Hospitals, Public transport, are the ‘hot-spots’, or the ‘super-spreader’ of any virus, and thus my philosophy was to manage these essential areas;         

Alexandra, and parts of Soweto, and other Cantons, could not possible be ‘locked-down’ on their individual properties, the majority of their properties, no more that 5mX5m, accommodating, 4 to 8 people. Alexandra as a community, could be locked-down, and free movement allowed inside the defined border of the larger Canton. 

The Alexandra and Soweto Canton communities, provide the bulk of the essential services labour, to the old Johannesburg Canton, and this would need to be managed, if we wish to reduce the transfer of any virus, in both directions.

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

 China/South African Virus, Jan 24,  update, and the Voice of Reason explanation:

As I watched the China Virus replace the flu season in the Northern Hemisphere,  I was not surprised to confirm through Sweden’s non-lockdown philosophy, that this virus, is similar to an evil flu, that would move through the world, irrespective of any lockdown, and when it looses its power, it would leave us alone.        

China Virus:

The China Virus arrived in South Africa, end February, and by March 22, we had identified 274 International travellers, and 26 locals had tested positive, a total of 300.

Two  days later, South Africa, abandons the track and trace management of the identified virus, and enters lockdown, had we delayed lockdown, in theory, we should have controlled the virus, I am not critical, of this decision, as I believe, like flu, we will never defeat this type of virus.

Like the flu, I am of the personal opinion, that a large portion of the population, would not know whether the virus had passed through them or not, my wife and I, have no had a flu injection, and we can’t remember having had flu during he pas twenty years.

My philosophy on herd-immunity, is that we a herd do no all need to be infected with a virus, in order for the virus transmission to dissipate, the herd population’s age demography, health, and exposure to other viruses, would reduce the population numbers that would be susceptible, and when transfer starts to reduce, the herd is sufficiently immune, and the virus ‘dies’.

I published a graph in August 2020, making the submission that we had reached herd immunity in June 2020, and that the China Virus was dissipating. This was he first occasion that I tracked the % of tested cases that were positive, and  when the cases   

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

My Voice of Reason confirms  this logic with the following:

A: On May 28, 2020, we enter level 3 lockdown,  the exponential infection curve, continues, reaches a peak n July 19, and dissipates without needing any further lockdown.

B: On August 17, 2020, we enter  level 2 lockdown,  when we sill has 22500 and then 20000 weekly infections, yet the infections continue to decrease for another six weeks, notwithstanding the free movement of the Citizens, had the China Virus, still been any threat to our citizens, the red arrow, would have returned to the exponential curve shown on the left, from May 24 to July 19.   

C: My Voice of Reason may have been questioned, if we did no identify the new wave, as being a new South African Virus, thus, we can accept that for the China Virus, we achieved herd immunity in July.    

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

 D: Although I never concerned myself with how many positive cases we recorded, the Percentage Positive, in relation to the Number of Tests, confirm that the infections dissipated on July 19, 2020.     

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

 E: In the next graph, the infections that start to dissipate on July 19, 2020, has  the death trend following two weeks later:    

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

South African Virus, stage two:

This is the interesting part of my post, I need to answer to my herd immunity critics, how can we have reached China Virus her immunity, when the second wave has arrived?

The second wave, like the two or three waves of annual flu, may not infect you, or two may infect you, and most flu viruses require different drugs/injections.    

Many of our Second Virus Wave, has infected members of our population, who already have had the China Virus, including both my Grand-children.

My challenge is to motivate my philosophy that the China Virus, moved through our population, created havoc and killed, and then left our community, notwithstanding the lack of lockdown and social distancing.

I am going to allow my voice of reason, to provide my preliminary reasoning, that we are only a couple of weeks away from the Second Virus Wave herd-immunity, and the removal of lockdown, and opening the bottle-stores, will not bring another wave of infections, from this strain, however, we must not exclude a first wave of the new season by March.

Having made the finding that the South African virus, was killing at a rate, 3,5 times higher than the China virus, I needed to convince myself, if not you, that  we are heading for a virus dissipation taking place, or in my language, herd immunity. in order to satisfy the medical scientists, that the South African virus, only kills at between 20% and 50%  more than the China Virus.

As seen from the China Virus presentation, I have isolated the two waves, the China Wave, infections ending on October 25, 2020, and the deaths on November 01, 2020, this ending, for convenience, opens the South African wave,  that should be with us, till end of March 2021:

In my Jan 18 post, I expressed reservations that had, with regard to publishing, as i was concerned by the steep escalation of positive cases on Jan 10, and then the drop, on Jan 17, the black arrow (top right) indicates the trend line, that existed last week.     

Yesterday’s number of cases, show that the positive infections, are on  steep decline.

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

And to confirm, the percentage positive, of the tests, shows, that curve sats to level off on the 17th Jan, and is on the decline, on Jan 24.  

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:

The weekly deaths, replicate the behaviour of all facets of the testing, infections, the infection rate, and the resulting death rate. 

Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:
Barefoot Scientist presents his VOICE OF REASON:


It would appear that the South African virus, has levelled, R factor would be below 1, and the virus will loose power over the next four weeks, and by March 2021, either a flu virus, or another C Virus will be will the space normally occupied by a seasonal flu epidemic.

If I was the President, I would cancel the vaccine orders, asking the manufacturers to do full test protocol on the South African strain, before we commit.

My forecast that the virus is killing 3,5 times more than the China virus, has been reduced to 2,9 times, with the positive reduction of cases and deaths, and if I follow the trend, it will end a 1,29 times, or 29% more, complying with Matt Hancock’s 20% to 50%. 

My calculations, assuming that the South African virus, follows the China cycle, we can expect a further 375 000 positive cases from today till March 28, 2021.

The deaths at the relevant rate, with the two virus dates split as above, are as follows:

China Virus, March 2020 to November 01, 2020, total: 21 463 

South African Virus, from Nov 01, to Jan 24, 2021, total: 19 411

South African Virus, Prediction till March 28, 2021, total: 14 987

TOTAL: 55 861

Last week my prediction, provided we did not have admin/management failure, was 59 105 total deaths, 3 141 less, 5,31% less.

Last week I posted with a level of unease, today, I have considered more options, more detail, I have less fear for what the virus will do to me and my family, and the citizens of the Country.

My anger however, when I analyse the impact of Lockdown, (the arrows on graphs), I see no value in locking down the economy, my anger at what the system is doing to our human rights, takes me back into the Human Dictate fight. 

Cedric de la Harpe

Jan 25, 2021;

Campus Rudlof Virchow Africa, meets in Soweto, at an undisclosed venue, on Thursday, should you wish to be invited, please email your credentials and contacts to Cedric@cedricdelaharpe.co.za

Visit Soweto and Cedric with Taste of Africa      


My personal philosophy on Coronavirus management;

My personal philosophy on Coronavirus management;

As South Africa fails to achieve ‘lockdown’ on day 1 of the 21 day lockdown, the Alexandra Township being the problem, I need to pen my thoughts on how the Human Dictate ‘Voice of Reason’ Philosophy would have handled the pandemic, if the system dictate was not in control.

The Federal and Canton system that the Human Dictate Philosophy promotes, features from Pamphlet 40, very simply, it is that the human will dictate how we handle all aspects of our lives, from health, security, education, et cetera, therefore, as you read this pamphlet, place yourself in a position, where you are able to make decisions of how to manage and control your life, and those of your community?

What the Coronavirus has done to the world, is bringing fear to ‘everyone’, and if you allow fear to dominate your thinking and resulting actions, the fear will reduce you immune system’s capacity to protect you. If you are like me, ‘Aged’, with other complications associated with age, the fear that we are being exposed to as the Coronavirus, approaches us, will negatively impact on the ‘complications associated with age, and should you be exposed to the virus, the medical responders will be faced with complications when treating you.

This generated fear, brings support for the South African Police’s violent abuse on the Townships, from the upper and middle-class living in comfort in the suburbs, the typical comment is;

“That is good they do not want to listen, they must be taught, they must learn to obey the President.” 

Once you are in a position to make your own decisions, with the support of your community, fear will not be part of the process.          

In later Pamphlets, I use Switzerland as an example that we should follow, with regard to their Federal and Canton system, so firstly I must comment on what I saw as a problem to control the virus in Switzerland, and that is the migration of essential service personnel, from across their border, it is typical of what South Africa will face, in a few weeks, not days.

Firstly, the international border control, for movement in and out of the Country, would be controlled by the Canton where the border is located, when the virus is first brought to our attention, the local canton management committees, in the case of ORT Airport, Johannesburg, Alexandra, Soweto, Pretoria, Kempton Park, Benoni, and all the others not mentioned, would have a meeting, and implement control measures.

No person would be allowed to leave the Country, if they were travelling through any of the Countries where the virus had already been identified.

Those travellers, who were not moving through countries where the virus had already been identified, would become part of the ‘movement management’ system, where the travel particulars are registered, under their residential Canton, let us use Johannesburg Canton as the example, and the Johannesburg Canton management committee, will have the responsibility of maintaining contact with the traveller, ensuring that he is met on return, duly tested, and that the Johannesburg Canton monitors the traveller, in terms of the testing level that is in place.

The travellers arriving from, or through any infected Country, would be tested, if negative, they will be warned to avoid any social contact, and would be required to retest in ten days, and notify the port of entry, of the results.

More importantly, how do we manage the internal transmission between locals, who would have become infected locally.

        I live in the old Johannesburg, and according to my Human Dictate Philosophy, old Johannesburg would be an independent ‘greater Canton’, Alexandra Township, another, and the City of Soweto, our other Canton neighbour.

Johannesburg would probable be divided into 8 smaller Cantons, each with a management Committee, Alexandra into 4 smaller Cantons, and Soweto into 8 or more smaller Cantons.

Alexandra, and parts of Soweto, and other Cantons, could not possible be ‘locked-down’ on their individual properties, the majority of their properties, no more that 5mX5m, accommodating, 4 to 8 people. Alexandra as a community, could be locked-down, and free movement allowed inside the defined border of the larger Canton. 

The Alexandra and Soweto Canton communities, provide the bulk of the essential services labour, to the old Johannesburg Canton, and this would need to be managed, if we wish to reduce the transfer of any virus, in both directions.

Human Dictate is not going to decree how the Alexandra and Soweto larger Cantons, protect their residents, but as virtual CEO of the larger Johannesburg Canton, I would put the following plan of action into place.

On the day that our first resident tests positive,

1: All schools and educational institutions are closed,  any lost education can be made up in time.

1.1: The global world extends into all these educational institutions, with learners and students, needing to travel as far as 60 km to get to school every day.

1.2: These building and facilities will be used for the management of the essential services.

2: The smaller Cantons, will take control, of every essential service and business in the area, a business / medical node in the area, will be allocated an educational institution building, where all essential service providers staff / labour, will be accommodated, including provision for young children where needed.

2.1; Once we move into ‘lockdown’ stage, the essential service workers, will be in a safe controlled environment, within walking distance to the business / service provider.

2.2: This will remove the transport issues, where you will find packed busses, moving from outside of the Johannesburg area, in order to provide he essential services.

3: During Lockdown, no movement, between the larger Canton boundaries, will be permitted.

4: During Lockdown, the 8 smaller Johannesburg Cantons, will allow business that comply with the essential business / services accommodation protocols, to operate, the smaller Cantons will agree / define restrictions on jogging, dog-walking, and ensure that only residents of their smaller Cantons, are in the area that they are protecting.

5: Every smaller Canton, will identify the risk population, ‘Aged, who wish to be protected’ TB, HIV, and other health risks, and as a community, a system would be defined, where my home displays a white flag, I am ‘Aged, who wish to be protected’, I will wear a small white flag on my shoulder, and similar identifications for all risk categories.

6: As Canton Communities, making decisions on behalf of our Canton, protecting our Canton from infection, and ensuring that no infection leaves our Canton, we would be in the position, to take the necessary action, to control the impact of any virus.

Granted, Human Dictate will require us all to be on the front line to control the virus, today, our medics are fighting the battle, with limited support from us, even though we are in virtual total lockdown, while we rely on the system to stop all the leaks, it can never be done, without contribution from all.

Cedric de la Harpe



Many of the white’s deaths, could have been saved, if the WHO and the South African system has approved Ivermectin to be prescribed by the doctors.

Yes, I have heard about the numbers of people that have overdosed, and I attribute this directly to the system’s failure to do allow the doctors to prescribe Ivermectin.

Today I address the deaths of my white brothers and sisters, as it may attract the attention of Prof Karrim, Dr. Mkhize, and President Ramaphosa, because it is impossible for either one of their attention, to be attracted to the deaths of the black population.

During the South African Virus Strain, I have had international tourists visit Soweto and Alexandra on six occasions with me, and although we interacted with the indigenous populations, I never got into a deep discussion with my black brothers and sisters about the virus.

Yesterday, the two founding members, of Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa, official launch the alleviation of poverty as a healing, and we walk the streets of  Soweto for five hours, interacting and recruiting disciples.

Our first interaction with a young lady, on our list for recruitment,  shocks me, and I am going to address only two issues:


I am not going to enter the realm of the human rights abuses, through the change in cultural ceremonies, but my question, that I ask all my friends and followers is:

When you contract the China or South African virus, does is it pass through your system, and invade your outer body, your skin?

My knowledge says no, it does not.

My black brothers and sisters in the Township, believes that i does, and this is why the funeral process requires them to be rolled in plastic, ad for the funeral parlour attendants to wear the bee-suit.

This creates a sigma, it develops a fear for the unfortunate infected, to reveal that they my possibly have been infected, thus hiding the situation, until it is too late.

I would suggest that many deaths, that would have called for a postmortem, are not having a postmortem conducted.

If you do not believe that the virus moves to our outer body, before of after death, let your voice be heard, if you do believe it, we need to reconsider how we handle the infected?                  


Umhlonyane, the Artemesia Africa herb,

During the past month, three of my Soweto Friends / Family members, have been buried.

Having gone through the FUNERAL debate, I ask those I am interacting with, how their loved ones were medically treated.

I then ask why they did not drink Umhlonyane tea, and steam with the herb?

I was shocked that they claim the clinic had told them that under no circumstances, must they steam during Coronavirus.

One young lady’s Aunt was buried two weeks back, she acknowledges that the aunt carried blame, because she was overweight, her aunt was specifically told not to steam, and her aunt, and her grandmother, had used Umhlonyane tea, and steamed with the herb, all their lives.

As I walk the streets of the Townships, talking to my black brothers and sisters, I start to see no difference between how I, an Apartheid enforcer, and the ANC, the WHO, and the World’s Medical Scientists, treat our poverty black population.

WHITE MAN, you should have the option to choose your treatment, but the BLACK MAN’S life is at greater risk, suffering as our government allows hunger to escalate

Disciple Cedric de la Harpe

Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa



Barefoot Scientist warns South Africa new South African Strain is killing:

Barefoot Scientist warns South Africa the new South African Strain is killing:

The New South African Strain is causing deaths at a rate, 3,53 times higher than the China Strain. 

Barefoot Scientist warns  South Africa Weekly Deaths
Barefoot Scientist warns South Africa Weekly Deaths

I have divided the period of China Strain, April 01. to Nov 01, and the South African Strain, from Nov 01, running through to March 28.

According to my non-academic science and statistical ability, I see the following;

China Strain;  31 weeks = 1822,118 million human weeks, 19 411 deaths equal 10,653 deaths per million human weeks:

South African Strain;  8 weeks = 470,224 million human weeks, 17 694 deaths equal 37,692 deaths per million human weeks:

Lockdown will not stop this virus spread, as the medical facilities are already stressed, with that the frontline medical care under stress, undertakers and families under stress, not an environment for healing;

South African Strain;  next 13  weeks  ending Mach 28, 2021, = 764,114 million human weeks, 22 100 deaths equal 28,992  deaths per million human weeks:

Barefoot Scientist warns South Africa that we must prepare for our deaths toll by March 28, 2021, to reach 59 105, and depending on mismanagement, and chaos at the medical facilities, i would be far higher.

The world example, shows that the Covid Vaccine, does not change the  direction of the weekly deaths for a number of weeks, thus, we will need to live through the present Summer South African strain, that I believe will taper by end March, with either the China Strain returning, or a Southern Africa Two Strain taking is place.

Dear Professor Karrim, Dr. Zwelini Mkhize, and President Ramaphosa, medical science is unable to foresee the problems that the citizens are going to face in the next twelve weeks, and you need to allow us the freedom that our Constitutions Human Rights allow us, in particular, the freedom to choose our medical treatment, and right that existed for tens of thousands of years.

Let us decide on how we wish to live, the last days, that many of us will have.

This post, is not aimed a creating fear, the world and our medical scientists are achieving that.

Barefoot Scientist calls for Artemisia herb
Barefoot Scientist calls for Artemisia herb

I support the Madagascar Herb, Umhlonyane, and should our Traditional Healers, be given permission and your guidance on the use of Umhlonyane, will remove 50% of the load on the hospitals, allowing other diseases to be treated in the hospital.

Sirs,  for those of us who wish to use Ivermectin, your permission and guidance on the use of Ivermectin through a medical practitioner, will further remove another 25% of the load on the hospitals.

My wife and I are in the 70s,  it is not only the frightening statistics, that we see, but since December, the funerals are back on every street, we are dying, please allow us these additional options to save our, and our families lives.

You may request those of us to sign a waiver if we use these options.

Cedric de la Harpe

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Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa


Rudolf Virchow –

his ideology is the core discipline of this Campus and our Disciples:


Follow the Campus mantra, and qualify as a healer:

“Heal through the alleviation of poverty, not vaccines.”       

Rudolf Virchow –

Virchow was an impassioned advocate for social and political reform, His ideology involved social inequality as the cause of diseases that requires political actions, stating:

Medicine is a social science, and politics is nothing else but medicine on a large scale.

Medicine, as a social science, as the science of human beings, has the obligation to point out problems and to attempt their theoretical solution: the politician, the practical anthropologist, must find the means for their actual solution…

Science for its own sake, usually means nothing more than science for the sake of the people who happen to be pursuing it.

Knowledge which is unable to support action is not genuine; and how unsure is activity without understanding.

If medicine is to fulfil her great task, then she must enter the political and social life…

The physicians are the natural attorneys of the poor, and the social problems should largely be solved by them.

Healer Kavalo,

Disciple of Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa

The Ecosystem, after Coronavirus, is already celebrated thanks to lockdown, the elite see the blue skies, the far horizons, they remember what the world was like before pollution, the Corporates will work from home, if necessary use an electric car, and we we are left to do, is to make sure the Aborigine does not chop our oxygen producing trees down, and pollute the skies, like in the days of old.           

Please click on this link, to Rudolf Virchow background

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Intent to exterminate Southern Africans?

Intent to exterminate Southern Africans, a conclusion that I made months ago, the politically correct norms, discourage me from publishing what I am thinking.

I have drafted the basis of my conclusions, since December 16, 2020, my book will never reach finality, before another 20 000 people die, so I need to fire another shot, in the Ivermectin debate.

When I started the research on December 16, 2020, I had asked the question;

“Why does South Africa, have the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Africa, in the World?”

“Why does South Africa have 7 970 000 people living with HIV, and Madagascar, the Country with the magic herb, only 69 000?”

Once  upon a time, a friend of mine who was a South African Security Services agent, told me that he was based in Mozambique, from late 1980s, and he was part of a group, that infected the black  population, from Mozambique through the Johannesburg area, with HIV.

I did not want to throw my friend in the pile, unless I received confirmation from another source, this I get from friend Gordon, a struggle military veteran, he WhatsApps’ a video and a comment on the SAMIR inoculation.

I have no doubt that the security forces spread HIV from Mozambique, through South Africa to Angola, and my draft document shows that the WHO and all medical scientists, have not scientifically established the origins of HIC-1 C subgroup, the subgroup that resides in Southern Africa, clearly shown in the only dark high density area in the world:

HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa
HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa

My research into Ivermectin first follows the question, “Does Ivermectin benefit HIV infected patients?”

This takes me to the WHO prescribes Ivermectin treatment for the Africa Onchocerciasis Control Programme  AOCP


Ivermectin is taken orally as tablets. A single dose of 150 to 200 µg/kg body weight needs to be taken annually to be effective. The dosage depends on a person’s body mass, which can be simply calculated according to height.

Onchocerciasis occurs mainly in tropical areas. More than 99% of infected people live in 31 countries in sub-Saharan Africa: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania.

Onchocerciasis is also transmitted in Brazil, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) and Yemen.

These AfricaCountries, who receive an annual dose of Ivermectin, have very few Coronavirus Deaths?

In  the next able the centre column, Deaths / 100 000, South Africa has achieved a death rate of 58,413 per 100 000,

I question Equatorial Guinea’s management styles, but from Sudan down the list, their rates are all below 3,348 per 100 000.

These countries, have a total population of 1,08 billion, and the death rate of 1,051 per 100 000.


South Africa Coronavirus Deaths / 100 000 compared to AOCP countries
South Africa Coronavirus Deaths / 100 000 compared to AOCP countries

The BAREFOOT Scientist, suggests that a population group of 1,08 billion, who only have a 1,51  Covid-19 deaths per 100 000, is a sufficient sample, to prove that Ivermectin contributes to preventing Coronavirus Deaths, and the WHO and South African medical scientists, have no option, than to allow Ivermectin as a Coronavirus treatment in Southern Africa.

Any failure to do so, places the system at risk.


If the system fears claims from patients who elect Ivermectin treatment,  simple waiver avoid responsibility.

As part of my research into whether Ivermectin would help in the HIV infection rates, I believe that it would. We scrutinize Scrutinize the South African HIV prevalence rate of 13,6% of the population.

In the AOCP Countries, Mozambique, where SAIMR was based, have a 7,04% of the population living with HIV/AIDS, an indication that South Africa’s   HIV/AIDS prevalence could be a low as 7.04% if we had access to Ivermectin, reducing the HIV/AIDS population from 7 970 000 to as low as 4 350 000.

This will halve the State’s cost of HIV/AIDS treatment  by nearly 50%, and reduce the annual deaths from 200 000 to 100 000.

How can the WHO and South African medical science prevent the use of Ivermectin in South Africa?

These countries, have a total population of 1,08 billion, and the HIV prevalence  rate of 1,28% of the population.


Ivermectin impact on HIV prevalence
Ivermectin impact on HIV prevalence


I have observed many social media posts where a young black person, will claim that the  New World Conspiracy Theory, is to reduce the black population, population reduction can’t take place, without culling, or extermination, and if I was a black, I would believe that the Intent to exterminate Southern Africans was aimed at me?

President Ramaphosa, Professor Karrim, there is no scientific reason available to why Ivermectin is no safe to the human, there is no WHO medical treatment for Covid-19, if you have any hidden scientific research that I have missed that replaces the no , you, the elected and paid for by the people, owe i to us.

May I leave the target Zone in your minds for now:

HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa
HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa

Cedric de la Harpe      Taste of Africa


Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa

Ivermectin tested in 54 Countries why not South Africa

Ivermectin tested in 54 Countries why not South Africa?

I am presently researching why South Africa has population of 7,97 million living with HIV/AIDS, as I follow the Ivermectin being banned in South Africa, my ‘warped’ mind, attaches the possibility that it is banned, as it may reduce the HIV pandemic, so I Google search, and find the following research document, relevant, but it allows me to ask the question why South Africa are not testing Ivermectin?

Please click on the following ‘cells’ link.

   cells-09-02100-v2 (1)

I am in he process of listing ten conclusions for why black people could be being sacrificed?


Cedric de la Harpe




Coronavirus wonder drug Ivermectin banned

Coronavirus wonder drug Ivermectin banned in South Africa, the South Africans are dying, and they have no choice to whether they should use the tested Ivermectin or die, waiting for the medical science vaccine.



Medical Science has not found a treatment that can cure Coronavirus, yet, in the interest of an unproven vaccine in Africa, South Africa, bans the Coronavirus wonder drug Ivermectin.

I am of the opinion, that I have the human right to be treated with Ivermectin, and should this not happen when I need it, I will have been murdered.

According to the WHO, Ivermectin is safe to use, and is prescribed for Onchocerciasis, in Africa, for use for both local and international volunteers.

African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC)

I quote from the article:

The treatment for onchocerciasis is ivermectin (brand name Mectizan®). Unlike previous treatments, which had serious – sometimes fatal – side effects, ivermectin is safe and can be used on a wide scale.

It is also a very effective treatment, and has single-handedly transformed the lives of millions of people suffering from onchocerciasis since its introduction in 1987.

In APOC countries, it is estimated that 65% of the total population living in an endemic area need to take ivermectin annually to eliminate onchocerciasis as a public health problem.


In 1987, the manufacturer of ivermectin – Merck & Co., Inc. – declared that it would donate ivermectin free of charge for as long as is needed. This unprecedented donation is administered through the Mectizan Donation Program, which works with ministries of health and other partners to distribute the drug.

Onchocerciasis is evil, if we are no allowed Ivermectin for Coronavirus, then Coronavirus is not as evil;  

I quote from the article:


WHO recommends treating onchocerciasis with ivermectin at least once yearly for between 10 to 15 years. Where O. volvulus co-exists with Loa loa, treatment strategies have to be adjusted. Loa loa is a parasitic filarial worm that is endemic in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria and South Sudan. Treatment of individuals with high levels of L. loa in the blood can sometimes result in severe adverse events. In affected countries, it is recommended to follow the Mectizan Expert Committee (MEC)/APOC recommendations for the management of severe adverse events.

This post is a public record, that I will request Ivermectin treatment from the Hospital that I am sent to, or that I approach, and should I not receive the treatment with Ivermectin, my legal team are waiting in the wings to claim restitution.

South African Citizen, who makes the averment that my human rights have been abused:

Cedric de la Harpe

ID 4705155127087



Madagascar Covid Herb (2)

Artemisia  Herb please read Madagascar Herb Post  

This morning’s post, receives no comment from friends or enemy;

I can understand this, why should I expect any likes, dislikes, or shares, when this YouTube video is an October 2020 video.

Maybe, it is so hard to accept that South Africa has a world first in medical discoveries, that all my friends or enemies, consider this to be fake news.

My question is why, if this is a South African discovery, ten weeks back, we have not accepted that the impact of Covid, is no worse than pneumonia, and over hundreds of years, whether you are a Boer, or an African, steaming yourself would break down the mucus build up.

If you are reading this post, while you are waiting for your Covid test results, steam your self with Artesia, or another infused herb, before you venture to the hospital.

I give up;