Many of the white’s deaths, could have been saved, if the WHO and the South African system has approved Ivermectin to be prescribed by the doctors.

Yes, I have heard about the numbers of people that have overdosed, and I attribute this directly to the system’s failure to do allow the doctors to prescribe Ivermectin.

Today I address the deaths of my white brothers and sisters, as it may attract the attention of Prof Karrim, Dr. Mkhize, and President Ramaphosa, because it is impossible for either one of their attention, to be attracted to the deaths of the black population.

During the South African Virus Strain, I have had international tourists visit Soweto and Alexandra on six occasions with me, and although we interacted with the indigenous populations, I never got into a deep discussion with my black brothers and sisters about the virus.

Yesterday, the two founding members, of Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa, official launch the alleviation of poverty as a healing, and we walk the streets of  Soweto for five hours, interacting and recruiting disciples.

Our first interaction with a young lady, on our list for recruitment,  shocks me, and I am going to address only two issues:


I am not going to enter the realm of the human rights abuses, through the change in cultural ceremonies, but my question, that I ask all my friends and followers is:

When you contract the China or South African virus, does is it pass through your system, and invade your outer body, your skin?

My knowledge says no, it does not.

My black brothers and sisters in the Township, believes that i does, and this is why the funeral process requires them to be rolled in plastic, ad for the funeral parlour attendants to wear the bee-suit.

This creates a sigma, it develops a fear for the unfortunate infected, to reveal that they my possibly have been infected, thus hiding the situation, until it is too late.

I would suggest that many deaths, that would have called for a postmortem, are not having a postmortem conducted.

If you do not believe that the virus moves to our outer body, before of after death, let your voice be heard, if you do believe it, we need to reconsider how we handle the infected?                  


Umhlonyane, the Artemesia Africa herb,

During the past month, three of my Soweto Friends / Family members, have been buried.

Having gone through the FUNERAL debate, I ask those I am interacting with, how their loved ones were medically treated.

I then ask why they did not drink Umhlonyane tea, and steam with the herb?

I was shocked that they claim the clinic had told them that under no circumstances, must they steam during Coronavirus.

One young lady’s Aunt was buried two weeks back, she acknowledges that the aunt carried blame, because she was overweight, her aunt was specifically told not to steam, and her aunt, and her grandmother, had used Umhlonyane tea, and steamed with the herb, all their lives.

As I walk the streets of the Townships, talking to my black brothers and sisters, I start to see no difference between how I, an Apartheid enforcer, and the ANC, the WHO, and the World’s Medical Scientists, treat our poverty black population.

WHITE MAN, you should have the option to choose your treatment, but the BLACK MAN’S life is at greater risk, suffering as our government allows hunger to escalate

Disciple Cedric de la Harpe

Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa




Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa


Rudolf Virchow –

his ideology is the core discipline of this Campus and our Disciples:


Follow the Campus mantra, and qualify as a healer:

“Heal through the alleviation of poverty, not vaccines.”       

Rudolf Virchow –

Virchow was an impassioned advocate for social and political reform, His ideology involved social inequality as the cause of diseases that requires political actions, stating:

Medicine is a social science, and politics is nothing else but medicine on a large scale.

Medicine, as a social science, as the science of human beings, has the obligation to point out problems and to attempt their theoretical solution: the politician, the practical anthropologist, must find the means for their actual solution…

Science for its own sake, usually means nothing more than science for the sake of the people who happen to be pursuing it.

Knowledge which is unable to support action is not genuine; and how unsure is activity without understanding.

If medicine is to fulfil her great task, then she must enter the political and social life…

The physicians are the natural attorneys of the poor, and the social problems should largely be solved by them.

Healer Kavalo,

Disciple of Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa

The Ecosystem, after Coronavirus, is already celebrated thanks to lockdown, the elite see the blue skies, the far horizons, they remember what the world was like before pollution, the Corporates will work from home, if necessary use an electric car, and we we are left to do, is to make sure the Aborigine does not chop our oxygen producing trees down, and pollute the skies, like in the days of old.           

Please click on this link, to Rudolf Virchow background

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Ivermectin tested in 54 Countries why not South Africa

Ivermectin tested in 54 Countries why not South Africa?

I am presently researching why South Africa has population of 7,97 million living with HIV/AIDS, as I follow the Ivermectin being banned in South Africa, my ‘warped’ mind, attaches the possibility that it is banned, as it may reduce the HIV pandemic, so I Google search, and find the following research document, relevant, but it allows me to ask the question why South Africa are not testing Ivermectin?

Please click on the following ‘cells’ link.

   cells-09-02100-v2 (1)

I am in he process of listing ten conclusions for why black people could be being sacrificed?


Cedric de la Harpe




Madagascar Covid Herb (2)

Artemisia  Herb please read Madagascar Herb Post  

This morning’s post, receives no comment from friends or enemy;

I can understand this, why should I expect any likes, dislikes, or shares, when this YouTube video is an October 2020 video.

Maybe, it is so hard to accept that South Africa has a world first in medical discoveries, that all my friends or enemies, consider this to be fake news.

My question is why, if this is a South African discovery, ten weeks back, we have not accepted that the impact of Covid, is no worse than pneumonia, and over hundreds of years, whether you are a Boer, or an African, steaming yourself would break down the mucus build up.

If you are reading this post, while you are waiting for your Covid test results, steam your self with Artesia, or another infused herb, before you venture to the hospital.

I give up;






Herd Immunity

Herd Immunity is very simply, when 1 person passes a virus on to less than 1 person, when R is less than 1.

Some months back I made a statement that South Africa had reached Herd Immunity, back on July 24, 2020.

I stand by my analysis, with regard to the Coronavirus first wave, and Medical Science has as yet, not convinced me, that the same Covid virus that arrived in March 2020, is part of the Second Strain, which appears to transmit quicker, and at this stage, the death rate has no confirmed increase or decrease.    

My philosophy is that the present virus, moves like a flu strain, two to three strains per annum, vaccines needing to change every two years, no one vaccine working for all strains.

South Africa Flu movement
South Africa Flu movement


Notice how the cases come and go, without lockdown and sanitizing. Notice how they overlap:


Europe announces that they have a second wave during November, then in December, they find a few cases of a new strain, then a South African strain.

The Second Wave, is in fact they start of the New Strain, and as we approach January, the New Strain is now being credited for arriving start January.

Strange how medical science has not yet identified is origins.

Medical Science is still driving the vaccine for Strain One, have they tested it for Strain Two?

Let us look at the South African scenario:

Covid Cases in South Africa
Covid Cases in South Africa

Note; during the first wave, the infections are lower, and my July 24 identification as having reached herd immunity is clearly visible, the R factor remains below 1, till mid November, when Strain Two arrives:

We are doing more testing know, so the graph shows higher infection rate during Strain Two.

South Africa Covid Death Graph
South Africa Covid Death Graph

Let us look at the United Kingdom, during the First Wave very few cases indicate little testing, yet look at the deaths that take place off the ‘few cases’.

During the Second Strain, a lot of testing, many cases, but deaths not so severe.   

Covid Cases in the UK
Covid Cases in the UK
Covid Deaths in UK
Covid Deaths in UK

Let us look at Sweden who does not lock down, during the First Strain, they only test those who report symptoms, and look at the death rate, then more cases occur during the Strain Two, and deaths are not at same rate;


Sweden Covid Cases
Sweden Covid Cases
Sweden Covid Deaths
Sweden Covid Deaths

If Sweden Deaths during the Strain Two period, it will confirm my philosophy that the virus, like the flu, will arrive and leave us is different phases.

Disciple Cedric may be an idiot, but the world appears to be following the same protocol, but results are skewed, South Africa needs to include Pakistan and Madagascar in our model;

The Bottom Line Madagascar
The Bottom Line Madagascar


Disciple Cedric de la Harpe

Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa,

WhatsApp or SMS text 082 565 2520

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Madagascar Covid Herb for healing

Madagascar Covid Herb for healing, is an African traditional medicine used for respiratory illnesses and malaria.


Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa will heal poverty, if we unite as healers.

TB, Typhoid, and other poverty illnesses, that medical science have failed to  heal,  opens the doors, to us, to follow Madagascar and treat Coronavirus.

In South Africa, the Western Medical Science, has lost 2,6 of every 100 patients they diagnosed.

Had the traditional Healers been treating, just 25% of the infected, some 250 000 patients, @ R 300 per patient, some  R 75 million would have been generated in our mission to heal poverty.

If  you have not read the African Potato blog, questioning the South African management of HIV infections, some 7,9 million people, live with HIV/AIDS, as I finalize this post, I discover that Madagascar only has an estimated 39 000 citizens living with HIV/AIDS, I discover a different attitude exists in our Countries, hidden is an attitude that I am afraid to talk about, it will take me months of bouncing ideas off others, before I will be able to express my feelings.

What it does tell me, is that we could have saved tens of thousands of people, dying early, from HIV/AIDS  related illnesses.     

Umhlonyane, the Artemesia Africa herb, has been used throughout Africa as a treatment for all chest/respiratory illnesses, plus malaria, for many years.

artemisia herb
artemisia herb

I never suffer from flu or other respiratory illnesses, but when our Government started spending millions on testing the herb, for the first time, I started to test the efficacy and side-effects.

From lockdown day one, I have shopped via walking, and two hills in particular were my test for whether the virus had attached to me, my breathing level was raised, but in my opinion, not to the Coronavirus symptom.

When I started to test Umhlonyane, I was amazed at the reduction of my breathing level on these two same hills, and immediately commenced regular treatment, to test against side-effects. It has now been three months, and my health is still good, no side-effects. Maybe it is the addition of dagga in the tea, that is the secret.

I have an invitation to all my friends in Soweto and Alex, should you feel the symptoms of Coronavirus, phone me, I will arrive to treat you, I will not be wearing a mask, no gloves, no protective clothes.

If you have the virus, and it transfers to me, I will treat myself, and celebrate immunity.

To the Traditional / Natural healers out-there, our President does not have faith in the African Culture, our President, and his Scientific Team, do not accept the word of the African, when we tell him that Madagascar has only had 261 Covid deaths in total, they would claim that their Madagascar President is not truthful.

Madagascar Covid Herb results in the Madagascar community:

On December 27, 2020, South Africa’s death rate is 45,48 per 100000 population, Madagascar’s death rate is 0,94 per 100000 population, 48,38 times higher than Madagascar.

This blog is not aimed at debating whether the Madagascar people is lying, or not. Pakistan removed lockdown in May 2020, and the death rate is only slightly higher than Madagascar.

Limpopo, very much in that same category, are the people of Limpopo lying?

Have a look at the following graph, and you decide whether our President and all his wise men, are wise, or Capitalists, who never give the African credit?

The Bottom Line Madagascar
The Bottom Line Madagascar

No  matter where you are in the world, if you are in the “poor/poverty” group,  the Capitalist, Free Market system, has caused your status to decline during the Coronavirus management, added to your long term suffering, and increased the size of the poverty group.

The New Industrial Revolution, that President Ramaphosa has spent millions of Rands on, has arrived, remember the New Industrial Revolution message, our President was motivated to bring to us;

“The New Industrial Revolution will be exciting, it will bring us new technology, will speed everything up, new computer systems, new robots to do our work, a new world. Many of you will loose your jobs, but do not worry, your Government has budgeted to spend millions on re-skilling you, teaching you how to survive in the New World. Do not worry, if you do not find a job, the wealthy people will be making a lo more profit. They will pay more taxes, and your Government will be able to pay you an additional SASSA grant of R 350.”        

The Coronavirus ‘lockdown” allows the Governments throughout the world, to allow the Free Market sector the Economy to restructure, the non-essential, the retail, the hospitality,   sectors that are locked down, removes those intended to be removed, by the New Industrial Revolution, while the unemployed as socially distanced, unable to interact, unable to resist the human rights abuses, that take place through the process of removing your employment opportunity?           

I have not yet touched on the Informal Economy, the economy, that has fed and educated the majority of our black population for a hundred years. The fruit and vegetable hawker, the food hawker, the clothing hawker, the mobile phone accessories hawkers, the taxi industry,  and the shebeen industry. By closing sections of the formal economy, a Government closes the Informal Economy, reliant on the movement of the employed.

Unlike South Africa, where we wish to be seen as a ‘developed’ country, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, removed lockdown on May 08, 2020.  According to a  published news report that I quote from, Imran Khan’s announcement,

“Why are we going ahead to ease the lockdown? Because people in our country, particularly daily wagers, small shopkeepers, taxi drivers, laborers, white-collar families are all facing an extremely difficult situation to feed their families,” Khan said.

Disciple Cedric’s update on December 27, 2020, South Africa’s death rate per 100000 population is  45,48 ten times greater than Pakistan @ 4,66 per 100000. (See graph supra)

 Disciple Cedric de la Harpe

082565 2520  only SMS or WhatsApp text received.

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Rich Man Poor Man, epidemics distributed socially

Rich Man Poor Man, how epidemics are distributed socially:

In the 19th Century Rudolf Virchow distinguished between “artificial” and “natural” epidemics. Typhus, scurvy, tuberculosis and mental illness, he considered “artificial”, that is, concentrated among the poor, clearly differentially distributed among social classes, while dysentery, malaria and pneumonia were “natural” epidemics, more evenly distributed among the various social classes.

Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa
Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa

In the 21st Century, malaria has been switched to poverty, and HIV/AIDS, although not restricted to the poverty group, is perceived to be a poverty illness, in my opinion, these diseases kill many in the poverty groups, because the ‘local’ traditional healers, are forbidden to heal these diseases in competition with economic interests, escalating poverty levels, while maintaining illness levels.

As we enter 2021, and I Google Typhoid as a poverty diseases, what are the symptoms of Typhoid?

Fever, Headache, Weakness and fatigue, Muscle Aches, Sweating, Dry cough, Loss of appetite, Stomach Pain.

Typhoid is endemic within South Africa, and sporadic cases are reported in all provinces every year. In addition to sporadic endemic disease, clusters and outbreaks may occur. There is ongoing risk of typhoid fever in any area where water quality and sanitation is not optimal.

The typhoid germ enters the body through the mouth, usually in contaminated food and water. Drinking water taken from contaminated wells was a common source of infection. The patient suffered headache and nose-bleeding, general body aches, a feeling of tiredness and persistent fever which may have lasted up to three weeks. He developed a rash, called ‘rose spot’ and relapsed into delirium and mental confusion. Bronchitis and pneumonia were secondary and frequently fatal effects.

The typhoid germ enters the body through the mouth, usually in contaminated food and water. Drinking water taken relapsed from contaminated wells was a common source of infection. The patient suffered headache and nose-bleeding, general body aches, a feeling of tiredness and persistent fever which may have lasted up to three weeks. He developed a rash, called ‘rose spot’ and into delirium and mental confusion. Bronchitis and pneumonia were secondary and frequently fatal effects.

The burden of diarrheal diseases is very high, accounting for 1.7 to 5 billion cases per year worldwide. Typhoid fever (TF) and cholera are potentially life-threatening infectious diseases, and are mainly transmitted through the consumption of food, drink or water that has been contaminated by the feces or urine of subjects excreting the pathogen.

Disciple Cedric, has interacted with hundreds of Township and Village residents, who display these symptoms, they will attend the local clinic, and be treated with a small envelope of pills.

This is where I add a video of the typical failed service delivery in South Africa, water born sewerage, spewing out of the manhole, flowing into a spring that feeds the Klipspruit, and soon it joins the Vaal River, entering the Johannesburg water supply system.

The Klipspruit flows through residential and agricultural areas, children swim in the Klipspruit, people use the water for washing, themselves, washing their bedding and their clothes.

The local farmer’s livestock drink from the Klipspruit, the local farmers use the Klipspruit to irrigate their crops.

How many of the South African poverty groups, who may be exposed to Salmonella typhi in South Africa, are correctly diagnosed and treated accordingly?

Rich Man Poor Man, who is suffering?

The primary diseases of poverty, like TB, malaria, and HIV/AIDS, and the often co-morbid and ever-present malnutrition, take their toll on helpless populations in developing countries.

Poverty is not just income deprivation, but capability deprivation and optimism deprivation as well.

The interplay of these diseases of poverty is substantial and can hardly be overlooked. We know how TB compounds AIDS. TB and HIV are synergistic infections: HIV infection increases the rate of activation of latent TB infection and speeds progression of TB. TB accelerates the progression of AIDS by increasing the rate of HIV replication.

We also know how malnutrition compounds TB. “TB is associated with poverty, overcrowding, alcoholism, stress, drug addiction and malnutrition… The disease spreads easily in overcrowded, badly ventilated places and among people who are undernourished.”

We also cannot forget how all three, TB, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition, are dynamically interlinked with each other and with their overlord, poverty itself.

The social dimension of poverty can hardly be discounted. “. no social phenomenon is as comprehensive in its assault on human rights as poverty.

Poverty erodes or nullifies economic and social rights such as the right to health, adequate housing, food and safe water, and the right to education.

Alcoholism, drug abuse, chronic mental disorders, sociopathy, beggary, violence in family and neighbor-hoods, physical abuse and neglect of the female (especially the female child), commercial sex, all these, while they may impact any strata of society, leave their greatest trail of devastation among the impoverished.

Poverty and Income/Capability/Optimism Deprivation

More importantly, the poor, assailed by life’s vicissitudes and society’s callousness, may learn to accept their fate and sink further into the morass of poverty, disease and deprivation.

A greatly reduced self-esteem, with a feeling of being trapped in a helpless situation, with no succour in sight, adds to the crippling effect of poverty-disease-deprivation on human existence.

Poverty is not just income deprivation but capability deprivation as well. Millions of people living in the third world are still “unfree,” “denied elementary freedom and, imprisoned in one way or another by economic poverty, social deprivation, political tyranny, or cultural authoritarianism”.

There is a distinction between lack of income and lack of capacity. Poor people acutely feel their powerlessness and insecurity, their vulnerability and lack of dignity. Rather than taking decisions for themselves, they are subject to the decisions of others in nearly all aspects of their lives.

Their lack of education or technical skills holds them back. Poor health may mean that employment is erratic and low-paid. Their very poverty excludes them from the means of escaping it. Their attempts even to supply basic needs meet persistent obstacles, economic or social, obstinate or imaginative, legal or customary. Violence is an ever-present threat, especially to women.

The poorest use what resources they have, and considerable resourcefulness, in their struggle to survive. For the poor, innovation means risk, and risk can be fatal. Helping them improve their capacities calls for imagination as well as compassion.

Equally important, along with income and capability deprivation, poverty also means optimism deprivation. Let us explain what we mean thereby. The will or motivation to fight poverty, the urge to escape its shackles, the hope that the fight will succeed one day-this optimism is lost due to subsistence living and the daily fight for survival.

There seems to be no cause for cheer, no redemption around the corner, no way out, howsoever much the person struggles. A trapped helpless feeling, which grows on the person, aided and abetted at every step by the life situation around-this is what mainly sustains the poverty-disease-deprivation spiral. It is this optimism deprivation that may be a salient feature of the depression that overwhelms such individuals, adds to resource deprivation and income deprivation and, finally, does the person in.


The duration of infection is a major determinant of the risk of severe complications, and a delay in administering appropriate antibiotic treatment may have serious consequences.

Isolation of S. typhi from blood is the most common method of diagnosis, though the bacterium can also be isolated from bone marrow, feces and duodenal fluid. Blood culture displays suboptimal sensitivity, generally being positive in only about 50% of cases.

It also has several limitations, including the volume of blood needed, the need for prompt transport to the laboratory, interference due to prior antibiotic use, limited laboratory expertise and equipment, and expense.

Disciple Cedric fires his first shot in the Poverty Revolution:

The voices of the poverty group, presently can’t be heard, the healer must be the attorney of the poverty group, if any of your community have Typhoid symptoms, you must request them to take a picture of any waste/sewerage water following in their neighbourhood, take their mobile phone with the picture, to their nearest community Clinic, ask the Clinic management, to have a Typhoid test conducted, and they must request management to provide a written test report.

The written report should be copied to you as the healer, who must collate your patients results, and forward to the Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa, structure.

Every picture so taken, and request to be tested for Typhoid, will be firing a bullet in support for poverty alleviation.

Disciple Cedric,

Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa

SMS of WhatsApp +27 82 565 2520, text only


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