Intent to exterminate Southern Africans?

Intent to exterminate Southern Africans, a conclusion that I made months ago, the politically correct norms, discourage me from publishing what I am thinking.

I have drafted the basis of my conclusions, since December 16, 2020, my book will never reach finality, before another 20 000 people die, so I need to fire another shot, in the Ivermectin debate.

When I started the research on December 16, 2020, I had asked the question;

“Why does South Africa, have the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Africa, in the World?”

“Why does South Africa have 7 970 000 people living with HIV, and Madagascar, the Country with the magic herb, only 69 000?”

Once  upon a time, a friend of mine who was a South African Security Services agent, told me that he was based in Mozambique, from late 1980s, and he was part of a group, that infected the black  population, from Mozambique through the Johannesburg area, with HIV.

I did not want to throw my friend in the pile, unless I received confirmation from another source, this I get from friend Gordon, a struggle military veteran, he WhatsApps’ a video and a comment on the SAMIR inoculation.

I have no doubt that the security forces spread HIV from Mozambique, through South Africa to Angola, and my draft document shows that the WHO and all medical scientists, have not scientifically established the origins of HIC-1 C subgroup, the subgroup that resides in Southern Africa, clearly shown in the only dark high density area in the world:

HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa
HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa

My research into Ivermectin first follows the question, “Does Ivermectin benefit HIV infected patients?”

This takes me to the WHO prescribes Ivermectin treatment for the Africa Onchocerciasis Control Programme  AOCP


Ivermectin is taken orally as tablets. A single dose of 150 to 200 µg/kg body weight needs to be taken annually to be effective. The dosage depends on a person’s body mass, which can be simply calculated according to height.

Onchocerciasis occurs mainly in tropical areas. More than 99% of infected people live in 31 countries in sub-Saharan Africa: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania.

Onchocerciasis is also transmitted in Brazil, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) and Yemen.

These AfricaCountries, who receive an annual dose of Ivermectin, have very few Coronavirus Deaths?

In  the next able the centre column, Deaths / 100 000, South Africa has achieved a death rate of 58,413 per 100 000,

I question Equatorial Guinea’s management styles, but from Sudan down the list, their rates are all below 3,348 per 100 000.

These countries, have a total population of 1,08 billion, and the death rate of 1,051 per 100 000.


South Africa Coronavirus Deaths / 100 000 compared to AOCP countries
South Africa Coronavirus Deaths / 100 000 compared to AOCP countries

The BAREFOOT Scientist, suggests that a population group of 1,08 billion, who only have a 1,51  Covid-19 deaths per 100 000, is a sufficient sample, to prove that Ivermectin contributes to preventing Coronavirus Deaths, and the WHO and South African medical scientists, have no option, than to allow Ivermectin as a Coronavirus treatment in Southern Africa.

Any failure to do so, places the system at risk.


If the system fears claims from patients who elect Ivermectin treatment,  simple waiver avoid responsibility.

As part of my research into whether Ivermectin would help in the HIV infection rates, I believe that it would. We scrutinize Scrutinize the South African HIV prevalence rate of 13,6% of the population.

In the AOCP Countries, Mozambique, where SAIMR was based, have a 7,04% of the population living with HIV/AIDS, an indication that South Africa’s   HIV/AIDS prevalence could be a low as 7.04% if we had access to Ivermectin, reducing the HIV/AIDS population from 7 970 000 to as low as 4 350 000.

This will halve the State’s cost of HIV/AIDS treatment  by nearly 50%, and reduce the annual deaths from 200 000 to 100 000.

How can the WHO and South African medical science prevent the use of Ivermectin in South Africa?

These countries, have a total population of 1,08 billion, and the HIV prevalence  rate of 1,28% of the population.


Ivermectin impact on HIV prevalence
Ivermectin impact on HIV prevalence


I have observed many social media posts where a young black person, will claim that the  New World Conspiracy Theory, is to reduce the black population, population reduction can’t take place, without culling, or extermination, and if I was a black, I would believe that the Intent to exterminate Southern Africans was aimed at me?

President Ramaphosa, Professor Karrim, there is no scientific reason available to why Ivermectin is no safe to the human, there is no WHO medical treatment for Covid-19, if you have any hidden scientific research that I have missed that replaces the no , you, the elected and paid for by the people, owe i to us.

May I leave the target Zone in your minds for now:

HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa
HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa

Cedric de la Harpe      Taste of Africa


Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa

Barefoot Scientist solves the Coronavirus ‘Death Mystery’ model;

Kaalvoet Coronavirus deaths curve predictions

I am Kaalvoet de la Harpe, on April 19, 2020, I had worked through every statistic and daily count of positive infections of the Coronavirus throughout the world.

My interim research results, indicate that South Africa, through following the Western European model, are following the wrong model, my focus moves away from the number of tests and positive cases, and I start to study the ‘death trends’.

The Hidden Coronavirus Death Mystery,

Lessons from applying a ‘Voice of Reason’,

to why the

South Africa’s Coronavirus Management Model is flawed

Kaalvoet:  Working Paper No:  23432

First Draft;   April 19 to April 27, 2020

What has happened to the world?

Continue reading “Barefoot Scientist solves the Coronavirus ‘Death Mystery’ model;”

Dear President, your speech, invites another open letter

@PresidencyZA              @CyrilRamaphosa

Mr. President, for the first time I hear the aims of how many lives we are saving, “tens of thousands” by sacrificing South Africa’s economy, and our individual freedom and opportunity to feed and educate our families.

Voice of Reason, what would your community do?
Voice of Reason, what would your community do?

My ‘Voice of Reason’ considers the fact that throughout the World, since the introduction of the Free Market, early 1980s, economic and social stratification takes place, where the rich get richer, and the poor poorer, very simply, by buying from China, and other Asian countries, the manufacturing sector moves to the new suppliers, and employment removed from South Africans, any many countries.

Mr. President, I consider the greatest Human Rights abuse in the world, to be any Government, that fails to provide an opportunity for a parent, to feed and educate their children.

Even during World War II, when our fathers went to war to fight for the Commonwealth, our mothers were able to move freely, sourcing food and educating us children, even if they needed to stand in the food queue.

When our fathers were sent to War, the Government, gave no consideration to whether our fathers died for the flag, or how many innocent persons they would be required to kill.

As an 73 year-old man, should the Coronavirus take my life, I will accept it, what I can’t accept, is that for reasons unknown to me, my human rights are abused, and millions of people around the world’s human rights are being abused.

Mr. President, the billions of rand that our Prime Ministers / Presidents have pledged since 1902, has only reached the select minority, linked to the controlling economical and political force.

Towards the end of your President’s speech, April 21, I hear you say that part of the ‘restoration’ process, would be to re-introduce manufacturing back into South Africa.

Manufacturing disappeared in the early 1980s, and it can never be reintroduced, unless the Global Market makes that decision, the Free Market, buys where they wish, and sells where they wish how does the “President’s advisors”, during a period of 26 days, while they are directing the fight against the Coronavirus, make plans to manufacture, in competition with the Free Market.

It is common knowledge, that South Africa does not have the funds to cover the recovery of Eskom, SAA, to keep PRASA, the Post Office, the SABC, operating without regular bale-outs, so I believe that the trillions you have committed to restoration, will come from International loans, funding that will give the Global Market, the power to take control of South Africa.

Mr. President, world leaders are trapped in the control of all things ‘social and economic’ by the very wealthy families of the world, you likewise, are trapped in the China / USA trade conflict, which has trapped the international investors, and all the ‘unusual decisions / actions’ taking place around the world, are part of is Global Market restructuring of their Free Market.

Mr. President, if you are following the Chinese model, and you must be doing so, if you quote the saving of tens of thousands of lives, how do you respond to our China model, on April 07, they have nil deaths, ‘reported’ and lockdown is removed.

We look at the China model:

Period:   01 Jan  to Feb 12   1114 deaths @ ave 25,90/day 

Period:   03 Feb  to Apr 07  2012 deaths @ ave 36,58/day

On April 07 China reports nil deaths, and removes lockdown

Period:   08 Apr  to Apr 21  1506 deaths @ ave 107,57/day

Most Countries around the world, have experienced a ‘second wave of infection’, after removing lockdown, and both China and Japan, attribute the second wave of infection, to the ‘returning migrant workers’, and South Africa, who not only have migrant workers from our rural communities, but from Mozambique and Lesotho also.

Mr. President, we have been exposed to Coronavirus for 52 days, and our death total is 58, @ a rate of 0,0987 per 100000 of our population, when China goes through their 52 days, their death toll is 2918, @ a rate of 0,1941 per 100000.

The China death rate is 2,02 times higher than the South African rate at the same stage exposure, and 55 days later they have only moved to 4632 deaths, @ a rate of 0,3309 per 100000.

Mr. President, I call upon you, to provide details of how you have established that we are in the process of saving ‘tens of thousands of lives’. 

China had reached a level of no deaths of April 07, coinciding with the removal of lockdown, South Africa, I am not sure which model they are presently following, but have started opening lockdown, without me seeing the hidden model, or target that they had aimed for.

As an old man, having challenged the Free Market for many years, my mindset, once China and the USA go into conflict, sees the Global Market move into restructuring the markets, once China go into lockdown, on of South Africa’s main suppliers, may I add, at the expense of ‘buy South Africa’ all countries who buy from China, need to follow them into ‘lockdown’.

If we did not go into lockdown, our wholesalers and retailers would not have stock on the shelves, exposing the Global Markets weakness to the rest of the world, and as South Africa and other countries start to provide for themselves, it would be the end of the Free Market.

The Global Market required South Africa’s lockdown, and today, they place South Africa in a position, where you Mr. President, will not be able to maintain, total lockdown of the formal economy.

China and Japan are producing, and as a major customer of these countries, the Ports needed to be opened, in the interim, the investors of the Global World, need the mining industry to produce.

The Wine exports nearly started, but I am of the opinion that the Global Market is not ready to receive the wine, not till the Global Market removes the restrictions on alcohol outlets.

Mr. President, I have no bone to pick with you, the Global Market has dictated your actions, I personally have no objection to how you remove lockdown, the control that the world economy has, requires the formal economy to participate in the Global World, my only requirement is that we accept that we will have between 6000 and 11000 deaths before September 2020, open the informal economy urgently, this will relieve the pressures of the agricultural economy, as we get supplies into the majority of the population.

Our farmers are unable to sell their all the produce, and our poverty groups can benefit from cheap prices, until the economy returns to normal.

But then, our Corporate Supermarkets, part of the Global World, may lose their link permanently.

Please allow the African families to bury their families according to their culture, the family will protect the family and their communities. If we do not do this, the bodies will pile up, traditionally, we have 100 000 elderly dying every year,not related to the Coronavirus, they have a Human Right, to bury their elders according to their culture.

My blogs are published in the interests of the poverty groups, and your Consultants and Advisors are welcome to contact me, maybe they could give me the motivations for why our Human Rights should be abused?

Till you next public address.

Cedric de la Harpe


Dear Comrades in the Trenches

Dear Comrades in the Trenches:   01

My open letter to the President, has resulted in a lengthy response, on the WhatsApp group, it is a mindset challenge that I need to answer, not necessarily, just as a courtesy to the contributor, but to every one of my friends and family, who feel that I am giving the economy, preference over life.

The following contribution fits into pamphlet 01, and the screenshot below is the important part, that I need to answer satisfactorily;

Comment on Dear President
Comment on Dear President

We have been shown the Italian Coronavirus Curve, that is frightening, ours not, we do have escalation, the one example is the East London prison, that is climbing.

Coronavirus Curves
Coronavirus Curves

South Africa’s infections, can’t be compared with the Italian Coronavirus Curve, firstly, Italy was in their seasonal flu season, but as the Coronavirus Curve, reportedly attacks the elders, we look at how far apart we are, my assessment questions whether the experts have any medical or scientific theory to make a decision on the Western European curves;

The Italian population density is 4,20 times greater than in South Africa, and the percentage of the population over the age of 65 years 3,70 times greater than South Africa.

Italy versus South Africa's FACTOR
Italy versus South Africa’s FACTOR

We are shutting down our economy, when the Countries life expectancy does not allow many to get to 65, if the economy shuts down, the life expectancy will dip.

South Africa Life Expectancy
South Africa Life Expectancy

As a community, we need to be aware of those elderly who have medical conditions, because when our flu season arrives in May, the Coronavirus will be back.

If we look at Stats SA 2016 survey, 100 000 elderly people dies, and 80 000 of them died from causes that could be attributed to compromised immune system / underlying causes, do we attribute these normal deaths to Coronavirus, or can we expect 80 000 on top of these deaths.

Ten Causes of Death, among persons aged 60.
Ten Causes of Death, among persons aged 60.

I consider myself a ‘racist in recovery’, and often I have great difficult in expressing my thoughts, however, my white mindset, feared that this would happen, long before I discovered the history on the Spanish Flu, and this mindset, would be entrenched in every white European.

South Africa, having received the first 250 infected international travellers from March 01, 2020, has one of the lowest death rates, per 100 000 population in the world.

Africa is unexpectedly low, parts of Eastern Europe not far behind in the ‘low stakes’.

The African and Eastern European communities, for the past two hundred years, have needed to protect themselves from the pressures that they faced, in order to just to feed and educate themselves, and with a very limited medical service, these communities have needed to survive, by avoiding the medical obstacles.

These communities may not know what the Coronavirus is, but when there is a threat to their lives, they know how to protect themselves from the threat, they know how to survive.

On the other extreme, the Westerner needs to have any perceived threat in lockdown, for fifty years, they have not exposed themselves to any danger.

From a young child, they leave their home in mom’s car, and never get exposed to the danger outside the gate, high fences and the black security guard, protects them from the perceived threat.

The African children, throughout Africa, are street-wise from a very young age, the African children without ever becoming aware that they are being skilled, develop all their parents skills, and the most important skill developed, is the ‘survival skill’.

No medical or scientifically proven theory, has yet shown me that the ‘black people are going to die like flies’.

If I for one minute, believed that the blacks would die like flies, I would not concern myself about what is left of the economy when the storm has passed, there would be fewer people to feed, and those who survived the storm, would be grateful for what they could get.

I know the conditions that my black brothers and sisters live in, and when I saw news reports on Day 1 of the lockdown, my white mindset feared the projected 5 000 infections by April 01, 2020, my indigenous experienced mindset, had confidence that my black brothers and sisters would survive, and thus, with the economy destroyed, I feared for them.

I watched the statistics, and by April 05, I was surprised that the graph had not started moving exponentially.

When the system talks about restoring the Economy, this does not include he informal economy, in no text-book, in no curriculum, will you find the informal economy as part of the Capitalists thinking.

80% of the Africa population, live a life in the informal economy, this economy has fed and educated the masses in Africa, the Global World Brains Trust, know and understand the concept of load-shedding, our Electricity Supply Commission, our most experienced participant.

Very simply, once a network totally shuts down, getting it started is impossible, thus, load-shedding is aimed a keeping the system flow, even though at a reduced level, this keeps the entire system prepared to supply, when the ‘technicality’ is repaired.

The local taxi industry, the informal traders, the shebeens, the spaza shops, are the basis of the ‘black economy’, businesses that the black has developed, through the inconvenience of the white capitalist to get too close to the black population, has been shut down.

These industries are worth billions to the Global Market, who are preparing to move into the Townships and Rural Villages, as the informal and SMMEs are waiting for the promised funding that keeps them quiet while in the trenches.

Now back to the whether the ‘blacks will die like flies’?

Before I opened my mouth about the possibility that South Africa does not have an exponential virus curve because of the season, I scrutinised Europe, and found great discrepancies in certain areas, and the flu season was not the main contributor.

Nigeria, where the flu season ran from October to April, much like Italy, for the population has an extremely low Coronavirus death rate expressed as a percentage of the population, some 14 times less than South Africa.

Africa Coronavirus Summary
Africa Coronavirus Summary

Africa at this stage only has 835 deaths, at the percentage of population, 0,0000687%.

Eastern Europe, in the seasonal flu zone?

I accept that the Coronavirus is contagious, the African and parts of the Eastern European communities, unexpectedly, do not follow the Western European exponential infection curve.

Anyone following the Coronavirus news, will be aware of the Belarus President who rejected the Lockdown, kept his borders open, the Football league continued with spectators, the Ice Hockey league continued with spectators, and the world watch his country.

Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, does not Lockdown, and claims that none of his people will die from Coronavirus, not unless they have underlying medical conditions.

Having assessed his statistics, I looked at his neighbours, and one of which is Russia, this group completely different, still 5 times worse than South Africa, but hundreds of times better than Western Europe;

Belarus and neighbours   The next page compares the very vastly different Coronavirus deaths expressed as percentage of the population, expressed as  a ratio to 1 death in South Africa, and 1 death in Africa Total:

The percentage death ratio on population, 

                                   to 1  South African death,          to   1 Africa Total death

Japan                                        2,16                                          1,41

Russia +                                  4,95                                          3,24

China                                        5,31                                           3,48

USA                                        132,92                                        87,07

United Kingdom               376,32                                     246,50

France                                 496,42                                      325,16

Italy                                      732,60                                      479,87

The Westerner fears the Coronavirus, Japan does not go into total lockdown, keeping their economy stable, if it was not for the Western teams withdrawing from the Olympics, Japan would have gone ahead.

World Summary Comparisons
World Summary Comparisons 

China is back in business, Russia is issuing permission to travel.

My wife and I are both 70 >, we will be one of the elderly death statistics if not in 2020, but soon, I can’t ask anyone to sacrifice their economy, while I need to survive another season under lockdown.

The Global Market Brains Trust, will decide when the war to save lives is over, the death statistics will be forgotten. The majority of the population, suffering human rights abuses, will celebrate the aggressor, the victor, no matter what shape, what form, what colour they are, with welcome waves, as the drink, clothing, and food supply trucks move in.

Cedric de la Harpe

An open letter to the South African President;

An open letter to the South African President;

Dear Mr. President;

South Africa’s economy has steadily disintegrated over the past ten years, and over these years, I have written to the various State Presidents with advice, never critical, always attempting to assist, yet never receiving any comment on my input.

Today, I am a dissenting voice, I am critical, and my normal channels of delivering to Pretoria, or couriering, are closed to me till the war ends, so I need to use an open letter, and social media.

Hopefully, one of your advisors, may forward this letter to you, rather than blocking all voices of reason, by programming the system to automatically trash them.

Mr President, your advisors should never have advised you to proceed with ‘Total Lockdown’, never have advised you to go into war, without a complete balance between our Economy, that you knew we would sacrifice, before your declared war, and whether there was any scientific or medical research, done in terms of what, before January 2020, was the only basis for research to be accepted.

South Africa, was never a threat to any of the European, American, Russian, Asian populations if we did not lockdown, and rather, we should have exploited the economic profit potential, that the overseas ‘fear factor’ was giving us.

Without your consultants and advisors, understanding who or what our enemy is, you are directed to sacrifice a large portion of our economy, with many thousands of small businesses, the millions of informal traders, the millions of jobs, without us receiving any potential ‘asset benefit’ to the Country, or the people, and we are forced into this war, based on how many thousands of people ‘are’ going to die, if we do not sacrifice our economy.

Never has a Country called men, women and children to war, without the Country going into a war, that would protect the countries income production, land, minerals, agriculture, and the ability to produce. If  Country has not gone to war, to protect its land and economy, then it has gone to war, to attach the other countries wealth.

Never has a country gone into a war, without knowing that people were going to die, whether the aggressors own people, or the defenders.

Never has the aggressor, nor the defender, gone into war, with any concern for whether innocent people, woman and children, would die, and if and when, how many of them would die.

Mr President, even though you are not old enough to have experienced the 1918 Spanish Flu, still called a flu today, it was a killer, a killer that the black elders remembered for 60 years thereafter.

The Spanish flu arrived allegedly on two boats, carrying the South African Native Labour members returning from the First World War, these members recruited by the South African Native National Congress, served the English during the First World War.

A few men were feeling symptoms of a slight flu, they were despatched by rail to their homelands late September 1918, and many died en route, 300 000 died in total, unlike Coronavirus, where 95% of the infected will live, 95% of the infected died, painful quick deaths.

What the archives clearly show, is that the impact of the Spanish Flu on the black community, was the one event that contributed directly, to the ‘dependence factor’ on the white capitalist, dependence that our black population, were forced into.

The 300 000 that died were in the prime of their life, between 18 and 40 years-old, not the aged and infirm, the returning soldiers, who were joined by the mine and industry labour, returning home when everything closed down, the military men, the labour force, 6,6% of the African population, perished in six weeks.

The Spanish flu endemic was over in six weeks, and labour recruitment started early November 1918, as the mining industry, and the white Capitalist, resumed extracting wealth off our minerals and agriculture.

The research material never identifies the reason for the disappearance of the flu in six weeks, was it our climate during the period of infection, that is not conducive to the European flu.

The Western world believed that the Africans, would die like in 1918, and through WHO guidance, we had an anticipated 4000 infections over a period of five days, from March 27, to April 01, 2020, and the world had already made plans to inoculate the Africans.

Coronavirus Exponential Curve
Coronavirus Exponential Curve

The exponential curve, I believe was motivated with our links at the WHO, and when levelling takes place, as seen from the following graph, the powerful international medical industry, off which our NHI policy is based, motivates the “quiet before the storm” policy to keep us in lockdown.

The Curve levels off.
The Curve levels off.

The graph that I attach below, shows that six weeks after the arrival of the Coronavirus, the virus is dissipating.

Test based in input base
Test based in input base

The USA and China are locked in a race to see who can develop a vaccine to inoculate the population of Africa, the third force is the rest of the world, are uniting to save the African, seeking their own inoculation.

Is there any scientific research to prove that our population needs to be inoculated, is there any scientific proof, that will stand up to the pre-2020 medical standards requirement, before any medicines are released on the human?

Is it not a human-rights abuse,  to subject any human to any form of medicine, that does not comply with pre-2020 standards?

The six week period, March 22 to April 30, 2020, has placed our entire country into the ‘dependence factor’, dependence on the wealth of the world, just who the appointed coloniser will be, we are not sure, but South Africa is ripe for the next ‘economic colonization’.

Mr President, 25 people have died, most elderly, and with compromised immune systems, the police have already killed 3 black people, plus two who died in police custody, people who refused to stay in the trenches, 5 healthy people, granted blacks who were not obeying their leader.

The media tells us about the world benefits from lockdown, we are told that crime has decreased, this Mr President, is a different ‘quiet before the storm’, as hunger and the craving for  a tot of whiskey increases, if the State is unable to meet ‘all’ the promises that funds would be available, to restore us to the positions we were in prior to the war, crime and conflict will escalate exponentially.

Mr President, most of my comrades sitting quietly in the trenches, have great fear for the virus, the fear factor, contributes to speeding up the destruction of the immune system, not only speeding death, but making it more difficult for the front line medical staff, to maintain the bedside calmness, for the patient to believe that there is a chance that they will survive, calmness and clear heads,  that would prevent the situation , that took place in St Augustine, things happen when under pressure.

Whether it is a virus or a bullet, the fear factor contributes to the soldier dying, as Commander in Chief, if I was  facing bullets for you in the trench, how would you manage ‘my’ fear factor, to keep ‘me’ fighting for the cause?

“Sir, even if a bullet hits me in the head, I would like to believe that I will live, and return home to my business.”

Mr President, it is still not too late for us to remove the lockdown, not only to recover our economy, but to allow entrepreneurs to start producing and filling the void, that Europe and the USA  are fighting over.

Mr President, this letter will be followed with topics for interaction with those of us in the trenches, those who would like to understand what is taking place in this war, a war where our Country has sacrificed our economy, our businesses, our job opportunities.

I will continue posting ‘from the trenches’ on your consultants and advisors, are welcome to follow, to ask questions, maybe it is not too late to prevent re-colonization, as we defeat the enemy.

Cedric de la Harpe