Divide & Rule

Divide & Rule

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Divide & Rule Call to Action
Divide & Rule Call to Action


The Divide & Rule manuscript, is conceived off the discovery that Nelson Mandela and the Charterists, sold out the Africanist programme of self-determination, between 1952 and 1955.

The Africanists, in their rejection of the Freedom Charter in 1958, virtually describes the present ‘State of the nation’.

The majority does not rule, the majority are still oppressed, oppressed by the selected Economic Democracy, rather than the Political / Social Democracy that caters for all people.

How do we achieve Political / Social Democracy?


Radical Economic Transformation
Radical Economic Transformation

We bring the two focal opposite, extreme groups together;

1: The Africanist, the small radical splinter groups we fear, ‘we’ being all those who participate in the white capitalist economy, the Africanist, often defined in the media and political circles as ‘small’, due to the fact that no black person, can be seen to be Africanist in public, as they will be excluded from the white economy.

2: The conservative Afrikaner, who expresses his anger and animosity, towards our present Political system and what the new Economic Democracy has brought them, criticised for the public outcries, where possible, is excluded from the white economy.

These two focal groups, when united, will Divide & Rule the existing Economic Democracy, removing the Corruption and criminal behaviour, that has come with our new Economic Democracy, soon replacing it with Political Democracy.

Cedric de la Harpe

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