Brotherhood of Man

April 06, 2018, we launch Brotherhood of Man, as we dedicate the next 12 months, to freeing the voters trapped in the ANC corner, as they fear to be branded as ‘anti-white’, as we remind the people, how, Mandela and Sobukwe, once upon a time, were in the same team.

Brotherhood of Man, Fraternity, Liberty, Equality
Brotherhood of Man

Preamble to

The Brotherhood of Man:

I attended the WWPAC 2016 convention in Orlando East, Soweto, June 14, 2016  I was accepted during the registration process, paid my fee, R750.00, and enjoyed the conversation around our table as we waited for the day’s proceedings to start.

Then, as the proceedings started, Bheki Gumbi was invited out of the meeting, I anticipated what was coming. Five minutes later, I was invited out of the meeting. Had my registration not taken place, I would not have felt as bad, but as one of the organisers asked me to leave, I hurt, when I was told that I, had no concern about Africa, about Black people, and that I had a superior white attitude?

Evicted because I was white.

I seem to have failed the PAC, by not interacting with Black PAC Academics? I believe that I have learnt more from the young revolutionaries on the street, maybe, there is a Black Academic who would like to contact me.

Sitting at home, I must ask myself whether we have wasted the past ten years of our lives, in an attempt to make a change.

I ask myself, how does my white minority rights protect me, this is one contravention of our Constitution, that is not protected.

Over the years I have interacted with a few of the young black revolutionary groups, they will talk to me as individuals, but never as a group. They use the involvement of whites, and those other than black, who were involved in the ANC pre-1994, for the reason that the 1994 settlement brought the poverty sector nothing.

I fully understand, however, I have a different opinion with regard to this matter.

This manuscript is talking to the youth, both black and white, for you to hear any message about South Africa, I have an obligation to notify the reader, that I am of the opinion, that Nelson Mandela, sold-out his people in 1953.

My white brothers, will never find fault with this action, it is all part of the Globalization capitalist mechanism, and it is still happening every day.

This manuscript takes you through the period 1940 to 1960, when Africanist Nationalists, were united throughout Africa, history will celebrate decolonization as having taken place, during the 1950s to early 1960s, Kaalvoet’s Theories, will show that very few of the African Colonies were ever ‘freed’, they were ‘given’ self-determination, that was never cleverly attached to protecting their master’s wealth, my apologies to other African countries, for any insults, if I use any comparisons, to the South African ‘freedom’, it is to wake the Brotherhood of Man, in South Africa, first.

This manuscript is aimed at reflecting on the ‘common interests’, the principle that bound the Africanist Nationalists throughout Africa, during the 1940s, reigniting the common interests, that will bring the Brotherhood of Man, back to Africa.

The 1940s, common interest, very simply, was breaking the bondage, imposed on the African, by the European, the Colonisers carried high-powered weapons, and we are inclined to accept that our land was removed through fair conflict, as we move forward, we need understand that the  most powerful weapon then, and today, is the English Pound, and we need to challenge,  the ‘pound’.

Any leader, black or white, who sells-out to the white capitalist monopoly, has been corrupted by the investor, carrying the ‘pound’, and such leader can no longer see or feel, the suffering of the subjugated, only the happiness of the corrupter.      




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