Liquidation Man 2

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Liquidation Man 2

Liquidation Man 2 takes you into the period July 4, to July 18 2016, where the decision to separate the many issues into smaller issues takes place. Will it work?

During the past seven years, in the ‘corridors’ of the Chief Master’s Office, I have seen Liquidators carrying files, 10 to 15 mm thick, loaded with the required information, the Liquidator in the Grace matter, will carry two of these, the Chief Master will possibly have more, but who reads these documents.

Grace has submitted ten submissions, calling for an investigation.

When Grace first approached the Deputy Master, to discuss a claim from the Security Bond, that the Master holds, she was told that, the Chief Master would not entertain such claim, unless she has can prove maladministration, and missing funds.

During November 2015 and December, she submits a claim for ‘damage compensation’, based on the financial losses suffered, as the result of maladministration, and shows where the ‘missing funds’ takes place.

The Chief Master commences a Section 381 (1) enquiry, into our complaints against the Liquidator.

On February 11, 2016, the Liquidator pays Grace, an amount of R 445 537,09, such amount being the Section 89 costs due, in the process, the Liquidator attempts to get Grace to waive all claims for damages, Grace endorses the waiver document, claiming the agreed, ‘in duplum’ interest settlement with the Liquidator, such agreement made on September 10, 2015, and giving the Chief Master notice that Grace intends to continue the damages claim.

February 17, 2016, with the cheque safely cleared, Grace writes a Final Demand letter to the Liquidator, giving him an option to pay the amount of R 445 537,09 or alternatively, face a claim for damages, at the 15,5% p.a. rate, that he levied the purchaser of the Liquidated Asset.

In this letter Grace again puts all the allegations on the able, copying the Chief Master and the Public Protector, requesting copies of documents, if the Liquidator wishes to challenge our allegations.

The copy to the Chief Master, achieves success, as copies of the Estate bank account, are released.

These copies, and what we will refer to as a ‘hand-full of papers’, confirms all the Grace allegations, at least, to Grace.

Having given the Liquidation Process the number of days, times two, for a response, processed the bank statements, and the ‘hand-full of papers, Grace writes to the Chief Master, June 15, 2016;

By July 2016, some eight months later, not a comment is received, with regard to the very serious, and criminal allegations.

Grace refers to this silence, as pretermitting, ignoring, keeping quite, hoping that the issue will disappear.

Liquidation Man, declares his ‘Independence’ on July 4, becoming independent by default, the corridors of Justice and Investigation, are too busy ‘investigating’ the ANC Government’s maladministration, to look to the endemic corruption, at the lowest level, the sector, where we are able to see the individuals, the private individuals, and companies, that helps to drive, the Government Department’s corruption.

Liquidation Man delivers a letter, July 4, with two attachments, (Doc 4 & Doc 5) and in one of the brief moments of interaction with the Deputy Master, she undertakes to refer the matter to the Liquidator, and will give him 21 days to respond.

21 days is 21 working days, a month!!

The letter is addressed to the Chief Master, he requires the Chief Master to respond, and the Chief Master has every document on file, there is no need for 21 days.

Liquidation Man decides to attack, he starts to write daily letters to the Chief Master, requesting the Chief Master to respond to each, small complaint, individually:

July 5; 2016:   Item 1:

The Estate First Liquidation and Distribution Account carries an amount of R 2 550 197,14, carried forward to the Second Account, such amount disappears, unaccounted for.

Liquidation Man’s reconciliation, shows that two irregular amounts, one of:-

1: R 1,5 million, part of the R 4,0 million, ‘part-payment’ on the sale of the asset, has not passed through the Estate Account.

and another one of:-

2:    R 1,5 million, according to the records, paid to the name of an appointed Attorney, on Cheque 5, which never forms part of the First Account.

The manipulation and maladministration is frightening

These are a contravention of Sections 70, 71, & 72 of the Insolvency Act 1936-024

These are a contravention of Section 394 of the Companies Act, -1973.

Both SARS, and the Chief Master’s Office are on record of asking where this money is?

July 6; 2016:   Item 2:

Liquidation Man maintains his attack on the unaccounted for R 3,0 million, pointing out to the Chief Master that his Office, asked all the necessary questions about the missing R 2 550 197,14, carried forward to the Second Account, does not seem to have a satisfactory answer, yet allowed the Second L&D to be confirmed.

July 7; 2016:   Item 3:

Liquidation Man asks the Chief Master to give an update on the section 381 (1) enquiry, started in January 2016, and suggesting that, the unaccounted for R 3,0 million, on the First Account, should warrant the removal of the Liquidator, not just from this Estate but throughout the National structures.

July 8; 2016:   Item 4:

Liquidation Man moves the process along to the admission that the Liquidator had used the ‘wrong sale agreement’, and instead of allocating R 4,5 million to the part-payment of the asset, and R 1,5 million to interest, all R 6,0 million, was deemed to be a capital part-payment, avoiding the normal tax accrual of 30@ on the R 1,5 million.

The Liquidator admits to this tax avoidance, but as yet, the Liquidation System, does not do anything to move the R 450 000,00 back into our tax system.

July 11; 2016:   Item 5:

The Liquidator, for those who understand the Liquidation Process, not only uses an amount of R 701 000,00 of the Estate’s Account for his own company benefit, but he presents it as outstanding, in his first Second Account submission in July 2009, then again in the Confirmed account, October 2010, and according to us, he has still not repaid these advances.

Part of this R 701 000,00 is a slice of the unaccounted for pie, and taken when, the conspiracy had decided to financially cripple Grace.

July 12; 2016:   Item 6:

Liquidation Man challenges an amount of R 400 000,00, paid to a subsidiary company of the legal firm, appointed by the Bank, Creditor 2, and paid through the court process, and, by the Creditor. Grace alleges that this amount, as the amount removed by the Liquidator, in his Refunds payable, is part of the ‘distribution pie’.

July 13; 2016:   Item 7:

The VAT Refund claim, shows the maladministration, that identified the main tax avoidance, by the Conspirators.

The Liquidator, November 2010, claiming that there are insufficient funds to pay the Grace, section 89 costs, and encourages Grace, to accept a discounted ‘negotiated settlement’ of R 355 000,00, due and payable within two to six weeks.

This settlement undertaking, is linked to the concept that the application for the Refund of R 355 000,00, from SARS, as per the Confirmed Second & Final Account, had already taken place.

The Liquidator, first submitted, the Second Account, in July 2009, yet, the paper-trail, in the possession of the Chief Master, reveals that the Liquidator only submits the claim in November 2011.

Over eleven months, of interaction with SARS, the Liquidator, in October 2013, eventually admits guilt, apologising to SARS, for having used the ‘wrong sale agreement’.

This wrong sale agreement is the basis on the avoidance of 14% VAT, payable on the R 8,5 million, equal to, R 1,05 million, and the allegations of the missing R 10 million, bringing the total alleged tax avoidance to R 3,2 million.

 July 14; 2016:   Item 8:

Once again, Liquidation Man asks the Chief Master to answer for the Grace allegations of the alleges tax avoidance of R 3,2 million, though the use of the wrong sale agreement, and maladministration.

 July 15; 2016:   Item 9:

As the July 14 letter, addresses the tax avoidance allegations, Grace again tables the email from the Creditor’s Attorney, L&M, dated October 1, 2013.

This email, responds to a request from the Liquidator, to disclose all monies collected by the Attorney.

Grace alleges that the R 10 million, is hidden in this part of the Administration.


Included in this covering email, is a notice that Liquidation Man would deliver the hard-copies of the above letters, and another invitation to meet the Chief Master, National Office.

July 18th; 2016:  

Liquidation Man, is not really phased, when neither the Deputy Master, or the Assistant Master, are not available to receive the hard-copy, but while we wait the hour, the Deputy Master, emails Grace as follows:

Dear Sir

Ms S is working through your letters systematically and compiling a report as she is progressing.

Our report will thus be finalized shortly after you have raised all issues.

We prefer to provide you with one report after receiving all your concerns in order to enable us to approach the matter in an orderly manner.

We trust that you find the above in order.

Kind regards


In the letters to the Chief Master, Liquidation Man, questions the Chief Master’s Office, with regard to the administration failure, which allows the R 3,0 million unaccounted for, in the First Account, the R 701 000,00, not repaid by the Liquidator, the Wrong Sale Agreement, the VAT issue, the tax avoidance issue, to take place, and then, the Junior staff member, is tasked with reporting on the letters?


Liquidation Man 1


Liquidation Man 1

Liquidation Man 1, conceived in a womb suffering abuse, from participants in the Liquidation System, the Liquidator, the Creditor, the Creditor’s Attorney, plus officials of the Master’s Office,  following seven years of abuse, they fathered Liquidation Man, much against their better wishes.

The  wombs ovum, battered and bruised, found very little sperm, they were attracted to, then, as the Liquidator deposits the Supplementary Account in the womb, the selected ovum knew, this is the Monster Sperm, the time to allow fertilisation, had arrived.

Liquidation Man, conceived on May 6, 2015, Grace, the mother, smiled, as she opened the Supplementary Account, it was a ‘monster’, it carried eight years of a paper-trail in its long tail, that would feed, and allow ‘Liquidation Man’, to develop over the next nine months, into a super-power, that would devour, those who had abused her, and fathered him?

During her pregnancy, Grace wades through her own paper-trail, by now, hundreds of papers, all asking the same questions, all pleading for the Section 89 Costs, confirmed, but denied.

For years, Grace knew she was being prejudiced, as the Conspirators manipulated the South African legislation, not afraid of being caught, as the swim in the shark pool, the Liquidation Pool, the more Grace looked in their direction, the more they turned the screws on her, trapped in the middle of the shark pool, slowly sinking.

The Chief Master, National Office, is not concerned about the Grace allegations, neither the darling of South Africa’s anti-corruption brigade, Public Protector, Thuli Mandosela, nor the SAPS, who ignore the charges, filed by Grace, on December 11, 2015, Unique Reference Number IR2015/12/65

But then, who in South Africa is concerned about a small amount of R 1,5 million tax avoidance, one where the Conspirators, have admitted guilt, claiming protection from the ‘Confirmed & Final Account’, and why then, let Grace disturb the waters in the shark pool, why let her allegations that an amount of R 3,1 million, tax has been avoided.

Why concern ourselves, with many, many, contraventions of the Insolvency Act, the Companies Act, Section 34 Reporting?

Normal birth, follows, exactly on schedule, 281 days, February 11, 2016, and, for having endured every obstacle thrown at Grace, father Liquidator, hands her a cheque of R 445 537,09, being her claim due, for undisputed section 89 costs, confirmed, in the Second and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account, on October 13, 2010, more than five years back.

Between the birth, and on July 4, Liquidation Man’s declared Independence Day, believing that he had come of age, that his development, in the University of Knowledge, and the Corridors of the Chief Master’s Office, he systematically moves towards, recovering the damages suffered by Grace, and the family, due to the Civil Conspiracy, implemented by the sharks in the liquidation pool, aimed at prejudicing Grace, by crippling her financially, in order to protect the Criminal Conspiracy, that may be revealed by Grace, only thanks to her exposure, while providing the Liquidator, the services he desired.

As part of this process to recover the damages suffered by Grace, Liquidation Man, adopts, a fairly public forum, to expose the Criminal Conspiracy, that is so endemic in South Africa, while, hopefully attracting, muscle required in the legal process, and muscle from those who have suffered losses, through the abuses in the Liquidation and Financial systems, and muscle from those in our Country, who are serious about removing, those involved in corruption, from our society.

As land-reform, or no land-reform, is the issue that concerns South Africans, we need to wake up to the fact, that corruption, will drain our country, before any land-reform revolution, will take place.


Next Chapter:

Liquidation Man 2 – Dear Chief Master

Dear young revolutionary

Melville Wolf, once a racist apartheid supporter, then, having transformed, is evicted from the black cage by the WWPAC 2016 convention, now, using his skills and cunning developed in the black cage, he will form a white wolf pack.

Dear young revolutionary

I have followed a few of you for a number of years, always trying to get closer to the black youth, as you spoke of the revolution.

I was excited about the #FeesMustFall success, excited for reasons that many of you will not understand.

I understand your reluctance to let a white close to your organisation, based to the influence that white activists had on the 1994 Peace Settlement, leaving your people in a state where economic freedom was not even discussed.

In my quest to get closer to the revolutionary movement, even though you accused me of wanting to do it in order to manipulate the revolution in the interests of the whites, I followed the World Wide PAC movement, believing that it would give our youth guidance.

My interaction with the WWPAC movement at the Orlando East community hall, excited me, there was great energy around the table where we were sitting;

I needed to defend my use of the word ‘Black’, challenged by the African, in a convention, that was talking Black Consciousness, that had Black Panther participants, colour was frowned upon.

Christianity motivates that we are all equal, Islam and Muslin, part of the debate.

Importantly, the different analysis of how the participants understood the inclusive / exclusive philosophies of the historical leaders, Garvey, Malcolm X, Sobukwe, Biko, depending on how we read the archive material, I did not feel out of place.

Then, the conference starts, and within five minutes I am evicted, evicted because I am white, because I have a white superiority attitude.

Then, I see Mr, Chris Sankara posting on Facebook, identifying the ‘issues’ that divided the convention participants, and yet, their common enemy, that unites them, “White Supremacy”, the colour of the skin, that can be seen, that can be attacked.

My behaviour at the convention, if the WWPAC, understood White Superiority, White Supremacy, should have allowed them to question whether I displayed White Supremacy or not?

When the official tasked with collection the R 750 registration fee, approached us, Bheki Gumbi indicated that they should have prepared us, I could have pleaded poverty, and negotiated a discount as observers.

Instead, I paid my R 750, and ignored the anticipation that the Umhlungu should be paying Bheki’s fee, for any person who understands the ‘white superior’ attitude, yet, the WWPAC could not identify a white, who is in the process of healing.

I outline my definition, of the superiority attitude:

“SUPERIORITY Attitude” is the subtle essential defensive weapon, used by a member of a ‘minority group’ to protect the member’s position, in the member’s group, while protecting the member’s group, and all the groups above the member’s group.

Two years back, when I penned this definition, I did not understand how the white was selected to protect the wealth of those families sitting at the top of the wealth pile. Today, I have a little more of an understanding, it all originates in the Americas, as those wealthy, white, aristocratic families, in order to protect their wealth, gave the ‘poor white people’, special privileges, jobs, free education, and opportunity, creating the white supremacy, in order that the poor white person did not integrate with, or support and protect the Native American.

Today, things have not changed, just as those white groups, were given privileges, in order to comply with, the protection of the white wealth, so, people of colour, who would like to Anglicise, moved into the same Superiority Attitude, to protect the same wealth.

This same machine will impact on the minds of the Revolutionary Blacks, influencing them, not to allow a white into their groups.

This same machine tells the whites that they should not lower themselves to the level where these Revolutionary Blacks can be found.

Today, I move into the status of a white, once again, only this time, I move as a white wolf, with the cunning that I developed while in the Townships, hunting for those who are not afraid to form a wolf pack with me, as we tackle the enemy.

Melville Wolf;

On this site, we will submit a daily post, under the category, Melville Wolf:

Melville Wolf, white, superior, but cunning, bringing with him, all the skills learnt in the Township.
Melville Wolf, white, superior, but cunning, bringing with him, all the skills learnt in the Township.

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Dear young revolutionary

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WWPAC 2016 convention removes white observer

WWPAC 2016 convention removes white observer

I attended the WWPAC 2016 convention in Orlando East this morning.

I was accepted during the registration process, paid my fee, R 750.00, and enjoyed the conversation around our table as we waited for the day’s proceedings to start.

Then, as the proceedings started, Bheki Gumbi was invited out of the meeting, I anticipated what was coming. Five minutes later, I was invited out of the meeting.

Had my registration not taken place, I would not have felt as bad, but as one of the organisers asked me to leave, I hurt, when I was told that I, had not concern about Africa, about Black people, and that I had a superior white attitude.

I seem to have failed the PAC, by not interacting with Black Academics?

I have learnt more from the young revolutionaries on the street, maybe, there is a Black Academic who would like to contact me.

Sitting at home, I must ask myself whether I have wasted the past ten years of our lives, in an attempt to make a change.

Cedric de la Harpe.

White Hate Speech

Today, Human Rights Day, 2016, our country declares this week, anti-racism week, a week in which we reflect and consider our mindsets, hoping to heal our racist conflict in the country, today, my contribution needs to be revived, starting by the anti White Hate Speech that the alleged perpetrator chooses to ignore.

The ANC dedicates this Human Rights Day to the advancement and promotion of a non-racial South Africa. The NEC urges all South Africans to fight racism in all its manifestations and to build unity and cohesion in our country.

This declaration motivates me to bring my personal White Hate Speech incident, as part of my effort to ‘fight racism’, a White Hate Speech, that has had negative impact on my interaction in our Township communities, and trust, that Deputy Minister: Sindisiwe Lydia Chikunga, is encouraged by the political anti-racism declaration, to respond to my letter, and complaint to the SAHRC.

I am not a supporter of celebrating Human Rights Day, on Sharpville Day, and my thoughts are with the families of the people massacred on March 21, 1960, my apologies for focussing on Human Rights, on a day that is your, but social media needs this White Hate Speech to be linked to the anti-racism drive.

It was June 2015, sitting in the midst of hundreds, if not thousands of black youth, I experienced a White Hate Speech, that shocked me.

White Hate Speech does not normally shake me, I have often been heard to utter, ‘I hate whites’, when we are in discussion regarding the damage done to our black communities by the white colonisation process.

I personally equate the damage done to our black communities, with the holocaust, and ask the question, is it equal to, greater than, or lesser than?

In my opinion, it is greater than.

I consider Economic Segregation, to be the prime evil, the removal of the black farmers from our white land, and the exploitation of the mineral wealth at the expense of our black groups.

If it was not for this Economic Segregation, our black groups, would be the wealth of South Africa today, if not the world.

If I honestly feel, that I, as a white, is personally responsible a contribution to the black holocaust through Economic Segregation, how is it possible that I can be shocked by any White Hate Speech?

Sitting in an auditorium, virtually the only white male, other than those sitting on the stage, sitting happily among a few thousand black youth, with two rows of black youth, lined up in the aisle alongside my seat, to receive their awards, we are listening to the Deputy Minister of Transport, making her Keynote address.

Here, nearly nine months later, in order to avoid being influenced by the ‘Baboon and Fuck White People’ racist issues, that has resulted in the ANC declaration, and the Government appointing an anti-racist commission/body, to address racism in our country, I will revert to quoting from the letter, written to the Deputy Minister of Transport, three days after the Keynote address.

Having received no response from the Deputy Minister, I submitted a Hate Speech complaint at the SAHRC, who asked the Deputy Minister to respond to my complaint, such response was due to be done early January 2016, but the Deputy Minister elects to ignore the SAHRC.

June 29, 2015

The Deputy Minister of Transport.

Deputy Minister: Sindisiwe Lydia SL Chikunga, Ms

Dear Deputy Minister,

RE: “Hate Speech” that has seriously impacted on my life in South Africa.

I attended the RTIA launch of the “1 million signature campaign” on June 26, 2015.

I am a ‘Social Cohesion’ activist, and was motivated by the potential of interacting with the youth groups, and thus my attendance.

I was very excited about the progress, and in particular when you started your Keynote Address.

Your description of your ‘German experience’, and how the young German’s know their history, and where they are moving towards, is what I have been waiting to hear, our elders and leaders promote.

As you moved onto the need for the youth to understand why they walk to school, while the white children were driven in cars, I smiled broadly, this is just what my latest book, Land Mine, reflects on, the impact of what Economic Segregation has done to our black children.

Then you moved me, from relative comfort to great discomfort, and I am not sure what the impact on the black youth was:

“Let me tell you about Apartheid, the white men would rape our mothers and wives, then, if they fell pregnant, they would take them to the mountains, and shoot them. I know woman who never came back,” (or something very close to that).

Deputy Minister, you shook me as nothing has ever shaken me before.

I will accept that this may have happened to your family and friends, and please accept my sympathies and condolences. But is this the forum, in which you should use your personal grief to generate hate, among our already angry youth, as you launch the initiative to reduce road deaths.

I believe that you have developed animosity, in the large group of black youth who attended the launch, towards white men. This anger, will contribute towards increasing the aggressive road behaviour on the roads, it will increase the road deaths, and impact on many other, already critical conflict areas.

I was hoping to interact with the youth leaders, as we drive our theatre production, Black & White Intercourse, using the Arts to communicate with the youth, discussing our heritage, alerting the youth to the impact of Economic Segregation, and answering your question, “Do you know why you walk to school?” but the look in the eyes of the youth, as they passed me,  while queuing to receive their awards, their stares of animosity, disturbed me to the level that I left the gathering.

Deputy Minister, I trust you will appreciate how this speech has impacted on me, how uncomfortable I feel in the presence of black people after your speech. If I was one of the black youth listening to you, how would I feel about the white man in my presence, or the white man driving past me, with his children in the car, on the way to school?

How would I feel if a white male driver did anything to disturb my mindset while we are on the road?

Whites have a hate for the ‘taxi driver’, allowing this animosity to extend to a lack of respect for other drivers, with an anger to bubble in their minds, causing accidents and road deaths. Here, your speech has contributed towards a reason for the black youth, to hate the white male, how do they control this hate on the roads?

Deputy Minister, I trust that we could meet, that you could introduce me to the Youth Groups that attended the ‘1 Million Signature Launch’, and that you give consideration to assisting us, as we take our Social Cohesion initiative forward.

Your response to this appeal to assist us in continuing with our Social Cohesion initiative will be appreciated,

Yours faithfully.

Cedric de la Harpe

Deputy Minister, if we were in discussion, I would not have been disturbed by how your racist mindset defines Apartheid and the White Male, it would allow me the opportunity to interact, maybe you would be able to move my mindset, a little further, but the eyes of all the young blacks sitting or standing near me, showed nothing more than disgust at who I am,  the anger bubbled, bubbled in them for what I had done to their mother’s aunts, grand-mothers.

Have you damaged me?

Not sure.

But if my child was at that campaign launch, I would be very angry, you have no right to poison the youths mind, in a forum where your responsibility, and mandate, is to reduce the road death occurrences in our country.

For those of you, who will tell me that their mothers and sisters were raped by whites during Colonisation/Apartheid, I acknowledge and apologies to those who were hurt, those who’s human rights were abused.

We should ask why, if it was a common practice, the rape of black woman by white men, was not part of the TRC. Why were woman not encouraged to identify the perpetrators?

Why the silence, maybe because our political forces, are concerned about the undercurrent allegations, of how some women were treated in the exile camps?

Is this why the Deputy Minister, adds the ‘murder’ allegations, in order to ensure that it is only a ‘white’ issue, and we keep any possible truth about an atrocities in the exile camps, out of the discussions?

To those who’s mothers and sisters were impregnated, and taken into the mountains to be shot, and their bodies left on the mountain, I need to ask why, I am not aware of this. I need to ask why, these cases were not prosecuted, why, if the Apartheid SAPS were not prepared to investigate this, why the TRC did not have the recovery of these bodies, and the criminal charges, as top priority?

Deputy Minister, this is our opportunity to take your statement, your White Hate Speech, that reflects an ‘anti white male’ mindset, into a discussion, that may wake my ‘mindset’ up, to the Apartheid that I did not see, and hopefully, as we resolve my complaint, it could become a ‘racist conflict’ aspect, that can allow us to start fighting racism.

Cedric de la Harpe


Today, Human Rights Day, 2016, having stayed out of the Baboon racist comments, the Fuck White People interactions, encouraged by the ANC dec aeration, I start a weekly post, (new start), on racism, and black / white issues, encouraging Black & White Intercourse, where we talk openly and honestly about our heritage, hopefully, aimed at removing the inner hate that resides deep inside some of us.