Intent to exterminate Southern Africans?

Intent to exterminate Southern Africans, a conclusion that I made months ago, the politically correct norms, discourage me from publishing what I am thinking.

I have drafted the basis of my conclusions, since December 16, 2020, my book will never reach finality, before another 20 000 people die, so I need to fire another shot, in the Ivermectin debate.

When I started the research on December 16, 2020, I had asked the question;

“Why does South Africa, have the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Africa, in the World?”

“Why does South Africa have 7 970 000 people living with HIV, and Madagascar, the Country with the magic herb, only 69 000?”

Once  upon a time, a friend of mine who was a South African Security Services agent, told me that he was based in Mozambique, from late 1980s, and he was part of a group, that infected the black  population, from Mozambique through the Johannesburg area, with HIV.

I did not want to throw my friend in the pile, unless I received confirmation from another source, this I get from friend Gordon, a struggle military veteran, he WhatsApps’ a video and a comment on the SAMIR inoculation.

I have no doubt that the security forces spread HIV from Mozambique, through South Africa to Angola, and my draft document shows that the WHO and all medical scientists, have not scientifically established the origins of HIC-1 C subgroup, the subgroup that resides in Southern Africa, clearly shown in the only dark high density area in the world:

HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa
HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa

My research into Ivermectin first follows the question, “Does Ivermectin benefit HIV infected patients?”

This takes me to the WHO prescribes Ivermectin treatment for the Africa Onchocerciasis Control Programme  AOCP


Ivermectin is taken orally as tablets. A single dose of 150 to 200 µg/kg body weight needs to be taken annually to be effective. The dosage depends on a person’s body mass, which can be simply calculated according to height.

Onchocerciasis occurs mainly in tropical areas. More than 99% of infected people live in 31 countries in sub-Saharan Africa: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania.

Onchocerciasis is also transmitted in Brazil, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) and Yemen.

These AfricaCountries, who receive an annual dose of Ivermectin, have very few Coronavirus Deaths?

In  the next able the centre column, Deaths / 100 000, South Africa has achieved a death rate of 58,413 per 100 000,

I question Equatorial Guinea’s management styles, but from Sudan down the list, their rates are all below 3,348 per 100 000.

These countries, have a total population of 1,08 billion, and the death rate of 1,051 per 100 000.


South Africa Coronavirus Deaths / 100 000 compared to AOCP countries
South Africa Coronavirus Deaths / 100 000 compared to AOCP countries

The BAREFOOT Scientist, suggests that a population group of 1,08 billion, who only have a 1,51  Covid-19 deaths per 100 000, is a sufficient sample, to prove that Ivermectin contributes to preventing Coronavirus Deaths, and the WHO and South African medical scientists, have no option, than to allow Ivermectin as a Coronavirus treatment in Southern Africa.

Any failure to do so, places the system at risk.


If the system fears claims from patients who elect Ivermectin treatment,  simple waiver avoid responsibility.

As part of my research into whether Ivermectin would help in the HIV infection rates, I believe that it would. We scrutinize Scrutinize the South African HIV prevalence rate of 13,6% of the population.

In the AOCP Countries, Mozambique, where SAIMR was based, have a 7,04% of the population living with HIV/AIDS, an indication that South Africa’s   HIV/AIDS prevalence could be a low as 7.04% if we had access to Ivermectin, reducing the HIV/AIDS population from 7 970 000 to as low as 4 350 000.

This will halve the State’s cost of HIV/AIDS treatment  by nearly 50%, and reduce the annual deaths from 200 000 to 100 000.

How can the WHO and South African medical science prevent the use of Ivermectin in South Africa?

These countries, have a total population of 1,08 billion, and the HIV prevalence  rate of 1,28% of the population.


Ivermectin impact on HIV prevalence
Ivermectin impact on HIV prevalence


I have observed many social media posts where a young black person, will claim that the  New World Conspiracy Theory, is to reduce the black population, population reduction can’t take place, without culling, or extermination, and if I was a black, I would believe that the Intent to exterminate Southern Africans was aimed at me?

President Ramaphosa, Professor Karrim, there is no scientific reason available to why Ivermectin is no safe to the human, there is no WHO medical treatment for Covid-19, if you have any hidden scientific research that I have missed that replaces the no , you, the elected and paid for by the people, owe i to us.

May I leave the target Zone in your minds for now:

HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa
HIV-1 C subgroup, Southern Africa

Cedric de la Harpe      Taste of Africa


Campus Rudolf Virchow Africa

Medical research has been erased.

Hi, I am Cedric de la Harpe, the Kaalvoet scientist, encouraged by a South African politician, the leader of the DA,  explaining his logic with regard to the number of Coronavirus cases in the Western Cape, “It is not rocket science”, my immediate reaction is yes, it is not rocket science, “It is Political Science”. 

On Twitter, a UK Politician aide, when challenged by families of cancer victims, whose death certificate noted Cause of Death as Coronavirus, responds as follows:

“If your mom did not get infected with Coronavirus, she may have lived to 80.”

South African politician, I believe will still used this concept as me move forward even though South Africa’s Life Expectancy rate, is just over 60:

South Africa Life Expectancy
South Africa Life Expectancy

My Kaalvoet qualifications are not traditional Western Academic, but then, what I knew as traditional Western Academic, was removed from the world by the Coronavirus, today all medical research has been wiped from the slate, political science dictates to the medical scientist, and the medical research will only take place over the next five years, the results may never be published for peer group review;

As Western Academia progressed during the past twenty years, more and more articles are published on “You can teach an old dog new tricks”, the  Coronavirus has proven that it is possible, all the third-force needed to do, was to ‘inoculate the herd of old dogs’, with Alzheimer’s disease, destroying the memory and other important mental functions.

As an old dog without Alzheimers’s disease, yet, I am one of the few dogs in the park that can remember, an old dog who has not bowed down to the typical abuse a dog must suffer, when the Master is training him.

I will continue to document what I know, as medical research, using a few of the files that have not yet been removed from the  world wide web, leaving a legacy for those who will one day wake up from a very deep sleep.

PMC Research on Influenza, South Africa, published on line Dec 02, 2017, research period 2009 to 2013:


Estimation of the mortality burden of seasonal and pandemic influenza is important in public health as it can be used to inform the impact of influenza control policies and programs; however, such estimates are not easy to ascertain. Using influenza‐coded deaths usually grossly underestimate the burden of influenza‐associated deaths, as these deaths are more often complicated by secondary bacterial co‐infections or exacerbation of underlying chronic conditions or even cardiac complications.

These deaths are usually recorded with an underlying cause of death other than influenza. 

In South Africa, the mortality risk is further compounded by high HIV prevalence, which puts HIV patients at a much higher risk of influenza‐related mortality and other opportunistic infections. This adds another level of uncertainty in the recorded underlying cause of death.

3.2. Observed mortality rate

During the study period, 302 112 respiratory deaths were recorded. The mean respiratory mortality weekly rate over the study period was 2.29 per 100 000 population for all ages, 1.69 per 100 000 population for persons aged <65 years, and 13.49 per 100 000 population for persons aged ≥65 years. A marked downward trend in mortality rate can be seen in the all age and <65 years age groups 

Kaalvoet Observations:

1: Influenza Medical Research normally takes place over a 5 year period, therefore, no medical research on Coronavirus, presently is scientific, and therefore, in the old dogs opinion, any medication that is prescribed for me today, any test that is forced on me today, places the medical doctor, the medical official, at risk of being criminally charged, and held responsible for any damages.

2: During the five year period, 2009 to 2013, 302 112 respiratory deaths were recorded in South Africa, on average, 60 0425 per year, and we can accept that the same ration of deaths to population will take place during 2020, resulting in the 2020 respiratory deaths of 69 993

2.1: The 69 993 respiratory deaths per year, will give South Africa a base line Coronavirus death level, depending on the season, and based on the maximum study level of 3.39 per 100 000 population for all ages, resulting in the maximum 2020 respiratory deaths of 103 613

3: This research was conducted on the impact of Influenza in South Africa, the WHO and the rest of the world, has embarked on a mission to kill the Coronavirus, remove it from the world.

3.1  If the Minister of Health continues to use the ‘new born’ political science, to attribute the final cause of death to the Coronavirus, in contrast with the above research, when they still used the underlying illness as the Cause of Death,  I submit that it will take 69 993 lives in South Africa during 2020,

These deaths are usually recorded with an underlying cause of death other than influenza. 

3.2: The success of Lockdown can only be measured, on the recorded numbers of ‘coronavirus deaths’, if we can keep the rate to min test rate per of 0,75  per 100 000, during the study period,  deaths of 22 934  we would have achieved, the achievement to be balanced with the economic deterioration of the survivors.

3.3: The new political research, has as yet, not been able to establish whether the Coronavirus has wiped out Influenza in Europe and the USA, and whether influenza will one day replace Coronavirus.

4:  Due to the South African population who have compromised immune systems through HIV & Tuberculosis, the predicted deaths for 2020, are 65> 37 566,  and <65, 32 356.

In the Kaalvoet opinion, The political scientists, are suffering from Alzheimers’s disease, they live in a world among the dogs who have been taught new tricks, if they wish to object to this opinion, and have the ability to so, I would appreciate their discussion on this research document.

Cedric de la Harpe