Human Dictate new labels part 2

In Human Dictate new labels part one, I introduce the new labels for the Capitalist structures, and immeaditely we are able to generate energy around the discussion of the economy, we become free, and the Latipac label is soon part of the discussion.

See Human Dictate new labels part one

Let us take the label from Latipac to Human in part two.

Human Dictate
Human Dictate

Human Dictate new labels part two

Having completed my personal introduction to the black people, of which we have two very distinct groups in our country, the educated elite, and the poverty group, mainly uneducated, and thus their position, according to my cultivation, I would have increased their level of confusion, with regard to the understanding of the world, fear not, your white brothers and sisters, are just as confused, as we attempt to fathom where we belong in this new Changing World Order, many of us having failed to find our feet in our 1994 New Democracy.

Some six years back, I stopped seeing South Africa’s problem as a black and white issue, rather  seeing it as a poverty African / Capitalist issue, but when I mention the word Capitalist, I attach the label to every beneficiary of the Capitalist world, both black and white, even when the finer detail is discussed, the 1% of the world that own 50% of the world wealth, the faces and the actions of the 1% remains hidden?

For the past two years, I have been searching for a word or words, not presently in use, to describe the participants of the Capitalist system, what I did not understand, is that the vocabulary that I used to oppress and control the African, is so deeply entrenched in the African community, that they can’t help playing the Democracy game with me, I need to remove the word ‘Capitalist’, from my vocabulary, we need to avoid the word ‘Illuminati’, both words carry too much baggage, baggage that protects the concept, baggage that hides our ‘bulls-eye’.

On my drive home from Soweto two weeks back, in my mind, I reverse the spelling of the word Capital, my thought process is that the freedom of African Democracy, needs to give careful consideration to how  their land and minerals were removed from them, and as a good battle tactic, turn the weapon used by the 1%, on the 1%, reversing what the enemy had done to us, by using their own weapons, in order to recover our position in the world, to reestablish Africa, to the status that existed in Western Africa, during the 14th Century.

The reverse of the spelling of Capital, is the lovely sounding word ‘Latipac’, but how would it be defined in the dictionary, how would the world understand the word?

I find no official definition, so Latipac becomes the word that I have looked for, for nearly two years, and my definitions of the words, are already in position:

Latipac, terminology and definitions used,

Latipac: Definition: Persons or institutions that accumulate wealth, without the latipac-generators receiving an equitable share.  

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

Latipac-generator:  Definition: Persons cultivated to be a slave to the Latipac, once recruited, will religiously generate wealth for the Latipac, never questioning, for fear of loosing their status, that separates the latipac-generator,  from the poverty group.

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

Firstly, I need to define the Latipac, the persons, whose power to control the Western Economic Democracy is slowly waning, the hashtag label, is just there to encourage a New Age of Enlightenment, where the separate economic classes, can start to find common ground, in order to prepare, for the possibilities that Human Democracies will bring, as Africa becomes the new China.

For the world to move forward, through the New Industrial Revolution, and the changing political direction, we need to discard all the labels that separate us, no longer capitalist, no longer socialist, no longer communist, all these labels were given by the ‘now European Western Capitalist’ to separate us.

The Imperialistic Colonising Powers in South Africa, used labels to draw selected people and groups towards them, in order that they would assist in the Colonisation process, the development, administration and securing of their claimed lands and mineral wealth, the black people were initially referred to as natives, and if they qualified to be part of the Imperialistic support group, adjectives such as ‘christian’ ‘civilised’ ‘advanced’ were used to describe this selected tribe.

The rest of the black people were the ‘Kaffir’, (heathen / non-believer), ‘uncivilised’, ‘savages’, ’backward’, natives.

As time went on, native was removed as a label, as it attached a sense of belonging to the land, native to the land, bantu is then used, but bantu, translated from Xhosa’s abantu is ‘people’, and from Indonesian, bantu  is ‘help’, neither label is suitable for the intended group.

Over years the labels are changed to suit the period and climate, the non-European, the non-white, the coolie, the china, then black, now the African.

A few days back, while in discussion with two of my mentors, Bheki Gumbi and Mboya, the label African that I used is challenged. I am aware they attribute the label to me, as the white Imperialistic Power, I attempt to answer, but the matter remains unresolved.

As we move forward with our writings and preparations for our planned stage show, the label African causes me to think, to finalise the #LatipacMustFall package, we need to brand who I am referring to, when I talk about the African. Two years back I wrote a manuscript, I am an African, today I am no longer sure that I am allowed that label, or that I wish to wear that label.

Over years I have used the labels, native, bantu,  non-European, non-white, the coolie, the china, as 1994 approaches ‘the black’, when black becomes a PC problem, the green people, then I settle on the African.

When I first settled on the label African, long before seeing the African as human, I admit that the word African, carried exactly the same attitude, that I had to the very same people, for all the different labels that I have used, over the years.

This ‘same attitude’, is often more racist than the banned words, ‘Kaffir’, is accepted when one black person uses when talking to or referring to another, it is acceptable because the attitude is not negative, I am restricted from using the word ‘Kaffir’, but if I use ‘Hey You’ as an alternative, the attitude that I use, would be just as racist.

Does a white person ever use the ‘Hey You’ when addressing another white?

For the purposes of opening the minds of all our people, I am going to change the African label that I have used for the past 15 years, to a label, that I have heard many elder blacks use, not to describe themselves, but to describe people they observe.

Over the years, as I got closer to the African culture, I would ask black people that I interact with how it was possible that they did not hate me, a white South African, who had oppressed them.

No matter where I was in the Country, I would get the same answer;

“Cedric, an African has no animosity towards any human.”

I considered them to be lying, how was this possible?

In the ‘African culture’, the people live a lifestyle embodied in humanity, sharing, Ubuntu, linked to their ancient religious belief that God is supreme, and that God is in everyone.

If a person fails to behave within these two attitude patterns, the particular person has his status as human removed, in their assessment, a corrupt politician will be labeled as ‘he is not human’, often you will hear the defaulting person been referred to as inja, dog.

The African who lives the lifestyle embodied in humanity, link to Godliness, when they first see me, or any white, any Indian, any Chinese, any black, they first see him embodied in the same lifestyle as themselves, which they would describe as human, and they will treat him as a brother, a father, a son, the stranger will be accorded that status, until the stranger  does something, that removes him from the status of brother, of human.

If the dark-skinned person, when looking at me, sees me as a human, they must be human, and off this logic, I change the label that I have used historically, to human.

For the purpose of this manuscript, and the #LatipacMustFall movement, I will label the black person, who lives a lifestyle embodied in humanity, with the label HUMAN, in advance, I apologise for my confusing writing, as I attempt to give the Human, their position in our world, please take my confusion as an invitation to consider the messages that follow.

My next hashtag, having felt the energy that Human brings me, is #HumanMustRise, today, as I revise my writing I am excited, the #HumanMustRise hashtag, will advance the collapse of the Latipac control over our lives.

The Latipac-generator, no matter what colour he may be, is cultivated to protect himself, his family, his property, his valuables, and his space, he is cultivated not to share, which is extended to not sharing the pain that others may experience, through his actions.

This attitude, extended to the behavioural pattern, is symbolic of the animal, always protecting themselves and their space.

It took me many years to understand this statement, they see any two legged person, first as a human, and they treat them as they were cultivated to treat them, it is like all of us, when we see a dog, we first see it as dog, before we see colour, size, breed, and we treat the dog, as we were cultivated to treat it.

Whether a dog bites one of my family or friends, this incident, never changes my cultivated mindset towards a dog.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us change the concept that I discussed above,

“Cedric, an African has no animosity towards any human.”

to the following statement, that will bring pride to the people of the world, whether black, white, Zulu, Xhosa, English or Afrikaans;

 “Cedric, a Human has no animosity towards any human.”

Not many white South Africans have challenged my ‘human’ discussions, but many of my International tourists to Taste of Africa would, they can’t believe that I never saw the dark-skinned people as humans, even them, the International tourist, always saw them as human.

What I saw as being human, was as defined in the dictionary as  Human-being, “a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance”.

This definition, through the inclusion of the words, ‘superior’ and ‘articulate’, placed our dark-skinned indigenous people, in the category of not being human, and therefore the labels of uncivilised and savages. There has been an effort to remove these two words in numerous Google definition sites, but the origins definitely include the ‘superior’ and ‘articulate’ adjectives, had this not been the original definition, we could never have considered the dark-skinned indigenous people as uncivilised and savages.

None of the Human-being definitions, will venture into attitude and behaviour.

Attitude and Behaviour

The three labels that we will focus on as we move towards the 2028 Human Dictate, are as follows:




“HumanMustRise”, and the “LatipacMustFall”

For years I have spoken about two behavioural / attitude triangles, this pic superimposes them, Human Dictate will remove the need for protection by the individual, from another human.

As this presentation moves through our history, your history, let this diagram that shows our two very different Attitude and Behaviour patterns, allow your mind to process how we move forward, how we bring the two sides of the triangle together.

Human Dictate Attitude / Behaviour Triangle
Human Dictate Attitude / Behaviour Triangle


But Human Dictate