Human Dictate new labels part one

Ten years of talking abut the problems in the world, how the Capitalist separated the black from their economy, are wasted, as the historic ‘labels’, even though meaning different things to different people, has the power to trap everyone, in their mindset, and no discussion can ever take place, we are trapped by the old labels, and   the Human Dictate new labels, will take you into a world, where we will be able to talk to each other, a world where Social Cohesion can exist.

Chapter 1, of Human Dictate part one.

Human Dictate
Human Dictate

New labels  

This manuscript will talk to the black people, and in their  Culture, I should first introduce myself, before I start asking questions, or giving you any advice, that may be seen as coming from the Superior white.

Born in 1947, I was never anti-Apartheid, and I never knew a white person, who was anti-Apartheid. I base my motivation thereto, on the fact that I never stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, whether for the cashier in a Department store, or the queue outside the Post Office, when the Post Office was the only form of banking, money transfer, pension payout, parcel post, there was only one cashier at the cubicle window, he served the queue, extending 100 to 150 long, out onto the street or the parking area, this long queue, rain or sunshine, never a white, was to be found in that queue.

As a young white, I could walk into the Post Office, six white cashiers were waiting to serve me, never did I have  to stand in a queue.

Today, I know that the inability for us whites, to stand in the Post Office queue, is directly related to the concept, that I was cultivated to see the dark-skinned person, as a servant, the ‘servant of the servant’, and by so doing, I never saw them as a human?

For a period, between 2004 and 2013, I was trapped in the “I am not racist” mindset, then when I looked at myself in the mirror, I understood that I still am racist, and became of the opinion that, once a mind is cultivated as a racist, it can never heal, the best you can do is get into a state of ‘recovery’, like an alcoholic, you need to attend the forums, lest you fall off the wagon.

In July 2004, my wife Nettie and I, submerged ourselves in fear and darkness for 12 hours, transferring into Soweto for two nights, against all advises from friends and family, against all advises from the media, the Government, that still protects the white from the danger that lurks in the Townships and rural villages.

Suddenly, at about 8pm on the cold dark night, we  discover that there is no need to fear the Soweto community, we feel safer in Soweto, than in the suburbs.

In my opinion, this sudden awakening, was the opening of our mind filters, that were cultivated to block out any information, that would allow us to see the dark-skinned people, as anything more than this angry, uncivilised group of people, that wrongly believe that the white person, has stolen everything from them, and they were ready to pounce on you, should you enter their space, once the relevant filters of our minds open, my wife Nettie’s mind filters open first, allowing mine to open, we no longer see the dark-skinned people, as we were cultivated to see them, we see them as human for the first time.

My challenge to those who may have been anti-apartheid, would be, “Why were you not standing in the Post Office queue, if you were in the queue, and when I walked into the Post Office door, you called call out to me, ‘young man, we were here first’, the entire queue would have echoed support, and the world would have changed”.

I am only aware of two South Africans, who have stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, the Watson brothers, who joined the black queue when playing rugby in the 1980s.

I submit that the reason that I never stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, was that my white corporate employer would have dismissed me, and I would never have been employed in the white capitalist world again.

This manuscript develops over six years, in 2013, I become aware of the Economic Segregation principle that drives me, “If it was not for what I did, the African would be the wealth of South Africa today”, by 2015, I start to divide the world into dark-skinned people, and the Capitalist Imperialistic powers who colonised the world.

My writings are trapped in the world of the oppressor, the Capitalist world that I was cultivated in. The Western Economic Democracy, that controls me in South Africa, that controls Africa, in 2017 I observe the Changing World Order that will bring Human Dictate from 2028, and learn more every day from my International Tourists to Soweto.

During 2017, I declare that I no longer play the ‘democracy game’, for two years I talk about the need for South Africa, to start contributing to the Changing World Order, in order to ensure that we can benefit from our Human Dictate, I need to change the vocabulary that  protects the 1% of the world, that owns 50% of the world wealth, my first step is give this 1% of the world a name,  the “Latipac”, and the people who work for the Latipac, they are the “latipac-generators”, the generators who generated the wealth, for the Latipac.

A Latipac-generator, in order to generate the wealth for the Latipac, had  two groups, first the noncommissioned generators, they were the muscle that extracted the energy from the dark-skinned persons, and the commissioned generators, who interpreted the Latipac instruction, converted the Latipac instruction, into high-pressure reaction, causing the noncommissioned Latipac-generator’s abusive actions, to be celebrated by all, never is pain from the ‘crack of the whip’, or instant dismissal, reacted to by the Latipac or the Latipac-generator, as the dark-skinned labourer, is not seen to be human.

The commissioned Latipac-generators, all wear the old-school tie, from the same old Private Schools, they are a special old-boys-club, that shares the load behind closed doors, always protecting the Latipac, even only 1% of the commissioned Latipac-generators, are sons of the Latipac.