Human Dictate Epilogue or Prologue

Human Dictate
Human Dictate

Human Dictate Epilogue or Prologue

An Epilogue, is normally used at the end of a manuscript, and it should summarise the content of the manuscript, in this instance, it does not only summarises the content of Human Dictate, it summarises the intent, of the conclusion we are aiming for, therefore, it features where the Prologue should feature, as a start to our aims for Human Dictate.

During the past weeks, I have personally been challenged about my links to the Afrikaner community, Eugene Terre Blanche,  Orania, among other issues, I have not hidden from any truthful response, truth as I know it.

I have spoken about the power of the Civic Committees, that originated under the leadership of Sofasonke, in Soweto in the 1950s, and how these Civic Committees did not form part of the New Democracy, and get destroyed by the system in 1995.

Yesterday, I am hosting a Mexican Social Worker on a Taste of Africa, Walking Tour of Soweto, I first tell her that we do not have Social Cohesion in our Country, and when I discuss the power of the Civic Committees, that were destroyed in 1995, I am told, that these Civic Committees, were our Social Cohesion, where people could talk with one voice.

I have spoken about Social Cohesion for years, attended many seminars, wasted time and money, as South Africa’s main drive for Social Cohesion, is to get the white population to join hands with the black population.

This Social Cohesion is briefly achieved whenever we win the Rugby World Cups, and the team Captain is ‘Knighted’  for his achievement, him bringing unity and hope to the nation. I intend no insult to any rugby fan, I do object to the fact that the Captain and Coach, are heard by the world, when the Civic Committees, have not spoken.

I have challenged the heart of the Rugby communities achievements, but believe it or not, I am human, and support the white, support the Afrikaner.

On November 13, 2019, the Homeboys premiere the #HumanMustRise, #LatipacMustFall, Interactive Struggle Theatre, as we launch this book, and the concept of Human Dictate.

Human Dictate, is very simply Social Cohesion, where Civic Committees, interact with each other, and address the Human Dictate, in a united voice.

CODESA 1, representing 19 interest groups, was what the Human Dictate required in 1990s, CODESA 2, failed,in June 1992, when the Boipatong massacre took place.  Many talk CODESA 3, but that really did not exist, only 2 groups were invited to the negotiation table.

On 1 April 1993 the Multiparty Negotiating Forum (MPNF) gathered for the first time. In contrast to CODESA, the white right (the Conservative Party and the Afrikaner Volksunie), the Pan Africanist Congress, the KwaZulu homeland government and delegations of “traditional leaders” initially participated in the Multiparty Negotiating Forum. Following the Record of Understanding, the two main negotiating parties, the ANC and the NP, agreed to reach bilateral consensus on issues before taking them to the other parties in the forum.

I refuse to give this ‘undemocratic’ negotiations any space in my mind, but supporters are welcome to explain.

On 10 April 1993, the assassination of Chris Hani, leader of the SACP and a senior ANC leader, again brought the country to the brink of disaster, but ultimately proved a turning point, after which the main parties pushed for a settlement with increased determination.

The assassination of Hani sometimes is considered as an event which led to a shift of power in favour of the ANC because of Nelson Mandela’s handling of the situation.

For years I believed in CODESA 3, but today, South Africa’s history archives, avoid giving any acceptable reasons for why ‘CODESA 3’, did not involve the voice of our people, our voices were removed, as Human Dictate, did not fit into the principles of the ‘Freedom Charter’.

At that time in our history, every Township in the Country, had street committees, block committees, and Civic Committees who spoke with one voice, the ANC structured the demise of the Township Civic Committees starting in 1995,

It was always an ANC policy that the white would never rule this country again, and part of the principle, was to keep the white as the enemy.

We have an active social media watch, that must be paid to be on the look out for any white dissenters,  and brutally attack them, in order that the ‘white’ remains the enemy, hiding the Black Political failures, to provide opportunity and service delivery to the Human poverty group.

This manuscript defined new labels for everything that Human Dictate needs to debate, to plan for, I have one last label that I would like to addd to this summary,  for the purposes of what my final conclusion will be, let us relabel Afriforum as Afriforum Civic Committee, to get your mind freed, we will only use ACC.

ACC is a mainly white, mainly Afrikaans speaking Civic Committee, and the Human Dictate, if we wish to succeed, should see ACC as a symbol of success.

Imagine what it would be like, if we still had Civic Committees, who could speak on behalf of the Soweto, (or other Townships) address your combined community problems, go to the High Court, the Constitutional Court, and more importantly, was able to interact, communicate, debate, with ACC, and jointly address our Countries Corruption, Service Delivery, Education, Health, Social and Crime.

The removal of the Township and other Civic Structures, between 1993 and 1995, took all the colour out of our Rainbow Nation.

Human Dictate Epilogue, or is it the Prologue

Let Human Dictate