White privilege

White Privilege is there an Antidote

Aim:  Our white population have been segregated into the  liberal, those who claim to have been anti-apartheid, and those racists who were never anti-apartheid.  Kaalvoet, a racist, never anti-apartheid, objects to those whites, who have transferred the blame, for their part in the abuse of the African, to a section of the old Apartheid white population, who are now excluded from the white capitalist monopoly sector, as the liberals, hold onto their ‘white privilege’ status, within the economic democracy.    

Apartheid Onskuldig – Discussion Point 01


The ‘Black Queue’ defines the white person, who was anti-apartheid.

When discussing my personal heritage, with the African, within the South African context of black and white,  my African brothers, do not ask me, whether I every stood in the black queue, outside the post office, in conversation, I was automatically placed in category of not being anti-apartheid, due to the majority of Africans, never having seen a white person in the queue.

Their principle of the black queue, is the fact that no white person, ever queued in the black people’s Post Office queue. The older people will remember, how the black people queued outside the post office, standing quietly in the long queue, one small window with one cashier, to serve the long queue of people.

This during the period, when for most of the black people, the Post Office was their distributer of subsidies, only place where they could bank money, send money home to the family, or to communicate with their family through the telegram, the long queue, every day, rain or sunshine, a very long queue.

According to my brothers, as a white, I walked past the long queue, as if I didn’t see the black people. They were very aware that, inside the Post Office, there were four to six cashiers, waiting for me, never did I have to stand in queue, my personal needs, but a few stamps, to send a parcel, or retrieve a parcel.

Never, did they see a white man, standing in their black people’s queue.

Their principle of the black queue outside the Post Office, brings to mind other queues that I now realise I refused to join, but I leave the discussions to the Post Office queue, I do not wish to introduce it into the discussion, and my attitude to the issue, does not require them to go there either.

As a young boy, I did shopping for my parents, I went to the local store, I did not see the queue for the black people, it was on the far side of the cashier, in many stores, they were hidden , only the face visible, peering through the small opening.

I walked directly to the cashier, he / she interrupted the transaction with the black buyer, served me, and I walked out, without seeing the black people, without acknowledging them as a human.

I know that I still adopted this attitude, in the 1980s.

Perhaps, somewhere in our country, there was a lone white person, in one of these ‘black people’s queues’, where they waited patiently together.

Comment, – the farmer (boer) in the queue;

This discussion point has already been discussed in many parts of the African community, one of the Indunas in the Nancefield Hostel, Soweto, when I prepare for this blog, responds immediately, “I know one who stood in the post office queue.”

In Ladysmith Natal, the farmer he worked for, went shopping with his people, and waited with them in the post office queue.

Were you there for the African?

If you were in the black people’s queue, I never saw it, if you were there, and you saw me, why didn’t you address me, why did you not invite me into the black people’s queue.

As a much younger man, it would have made me aware, that I was abusing the black people, the simple sharing of the black peoples queue, would have been the most influential movement for transformation, not only in Southern Africa but in the world.

The anti-apartheid activist, instead of risking his life, could only have stood in the black people’s queue, to make the change, change, which has not yet begun.

You have all seen the newspaper cutting of my oupa, EJ Joubert, with Minister Carel de Wet, my mother was a staunch SAP / UP supporter, my oupa, initially was a ‘wanna be’ Englishman. The queens English and dress code, attracts most people in the world, he taught Sunday-School at the Melville Methodist Church, then suddenly, he switched political allegiance, to the day my mom died, this question remained with her, “I don’t know why”. As UP supporter, she hero-worshipped Helen Suzman, both as a woman and politician, mom worked in the Johannesburg CBD, if the black-sash were protesting in Johannesburg, she too would be there. Had either Helen Suzman, or the black-sash, helped my mom into the SWART TOU, mom would have used the queue, and encouraged me to do so?

White Privilege, created by the English Capitalist.

Even in the face of my comments above, I defend all those whites that I have criticised here, we did not have an option, if we wanted to work in the white corporative world, or do business in the white capitalist monopoly, you dare not break the white privilege barriers.

For the young people, who battle to understand my ‘enforced’ white privilege, if I showed signs of being a ‘kafferboetie’, (a brother / supporter of the black people) the White Capitalist economy would have excluded me, the protection of the white capitalist economy, started when the Capitalist discovered Africa, and it still continues today.

Our liberal media and ANC politicians, will have a field day, as Kaalvoet claims that the white privilege, was forced upon the white population, any challenge or debate is necessary.

It is almost impossible to escape white privilege, as the elite blacks and the liberal Afrikaner, like Oupa Joubert, anglicise, as they all ‘wanna be’ Englishman, and this action, spreads the concept of the white being superior, throughout the African community.

I quote an extract from Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom:

Lembede’s views struck a chord in me. I, too, had been susceptible to paternalistic British colonialism and the appeal of being perceived by whites as cultured, progressive, and civilized. I was already on my way to being drawn into the black elite that Britain sought to create in Africa. That is what everyone from the regent to Mr. Sidelsky had wanted for me. But it was an illusion. Like Lembede, I came to see the antidote as militant African nationalism.

White Capitalist Monopoly’s Antidote

The Kaalvoet theory, that Economic Segregation is the prime evil throughout the world, it is what has poisoned the world, in South Africa, the white capitalist monopoly sector, held onto control of their wealth generation, by using the mainly Afrikaner population as their front, and in the 1990s, they changed the Afrikaner for the ANC, and introduced their antidote to their poison, hiding the fact that 99% of the white population were not anti-apartheid, and that only a small percentage of the Afrikaner, those who were born ‘conservative’, carried the ‘guilt’.

Kaalvoet cries for our country, the Capitalist sector, used white privilege, to exclude the African population from the white economy, their powerful weapon, was by excluding the kafferboetie, who stood in the ‘black queue’, from employment opportunities.

Today,  the ‘white’ capitalist sector, has a face of all colours and shades, this selected class of people,  maintains control over the capitalist wealth, through our very flawed Democracy, their antidote is to sacrifice, the small percentage of the Afrikaner, those who never anglicised, who retained their culture, now excluded through economic segregation, not only penalising the likes of Steve Hofmeyer, but excluding any white person, who may openly support Steve Hofmeyer.

Any supporter of the present economic segregation principle, used to maintain our fragile Democracy, is a supporter of the prime evil of economic segregation, that severely damaged our African people.

May I remind the reader of the Kaalvoet theory on economic segregation, “If it were not for what my English ancestors did, the African would be the wealth of South Africa today, townships would not exist, and black poverty would not exist.

Enjoy the debate, your comments are welcome.

If you are free, please share.

Kaalvoet de la Harpe

Next week;  The “Baboon on my shoulder”, the Penny Sparrow case.


It is April 06, 2019, we commemorate the arrival of Jan van Riebeek, 367 years back,  and I celebrate the launch of the PAC, 60 years ago, 1959, an extract from Robert Sobukwe Speech,  and John Mahapa’s 79th birthday, my friend, who moved From Boy Scout, Bob-a-job, to Freedom Fighter.



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