Hi Steve,   Herewith a personal post to you, I will not share with others, you may however do so if you wish.

I am launching the book in Soweto on November 13, 2019, 13:00 Uncle Toms Hall.  It will be done as part of Interactive Struggle Theatre, where the public will be able to ask either of the Homeboys questions, you may not be able to attend, but maybe a few of your followers would like to ask relevant questions that helps us move from the System Dictating to us, to us Humans Dictating our lives.



Extract from the manuscript, Human Dictate 

Minority rights, and the ‘socially political correct’ norm, that develops over the two hundred years after 1789, peaking by 1989, is the power that that allows the wealth of the world, the global-market, to control the governments of the western world, and their African Colonies.

This control, is enforced through the Western Economic World, who ensures that the western ‘socially political correct norms’, by excluding any dissenter, from participation, in the western economic world.

I use two examples of the obvious, regarding the control structures, as follows:

Steve Hofmeyer, South African Actor, Singer, Author, Activist, is branded by the elite liberal South Africans, as racist, uncultured, uncivilised, narrow-minded, the western economic world withdraw all sponsorship, entertainment facilities do not allow him to perform, media give no positive support, the western economic world, punish him, more severely than any court could ever punish him

Israel Folau, a devout Christian, a young man born in Australia, to parents from the Island of Tonga, in comparison to the South African situation, his parents would be from one of our Native Villages, and he would be considered a black player, that would be protected by our New Democracy and Constitution.

He was the highest paid Australian rugby player, some 600 000 Australian dollars per annum, as a Christian, with 250 000 followers, mainly Islanders, he tweets the following message, based on what he claims is his religious belief;


Drunks, Homosexuals, Adulterers, Liars, Fornicators, Thieves, Atheists, Idolaters,



Within two days of publishing this tweet, Israel Folau’s sponsorships are cancelled, his contract is terminated by the Australian Rugby Union, there is no form of punishment, that can be more severe, than the termination of a contract of that value.

His contract is terminated, due to the inclusion of the term Homosexuals, the world condemns the use of the term Homosexuals, as it defines a specific minority group.

I would probable qualify for five of the other terms used, however, none of the other groups, would be considered as a minority group.

I have no personal anti-homosexual sentiments, however, I am a critic of the punishment that the Global-market has handed down to Israel Folau, my criticism is based on my belief that the white ‘capitalist’ economy, has used their wealth, generated since the 15th Century, to protect their wealth, and the weapon that they have used, is the protection of minority rights.


Author; Cedric de la Harpe

#HumanMustRise #LatipacMustfall
Human Dictate
Human Dictate