Alexandra Township failed to lockdown for Coronavirus,

Alexandra Township failed to lockdown for Coronavirus, for those who walked the streets of Alex, with Taste of Africa, you will know that the system has failed the nearly million residents of Alexandra, living in “Dark City.”

Less than two days back, I elected to abandon Facebook and Twitter, today, day 2, of our lockdown, I am forced to return, I need to defend my brothers and sisters in Alexandra and the many other similar areas in our country and the world.

As New York battles to lockdown, the system making provision for the rich elite to exercise and walk their dogs, not forgetting that the Coronavirus that is threatening us in South Africa, arrived via America and Europe, the South African system, implements gross human rights abuses on our population, to keep the ‘death statistic’ down.

If the system dictate had any concern for the human, any social separation requirements, should have been a community isolation, those essential services, could leave Alexandra, the rest would isolate as a community.

Have a look at a typical home, the elders home alone during the day, at night when the children and grand-children are home to sleep, there could be anything from 6 to 10 people locked-down for the night.

Many residential area of South Africa, and other undeveloped Countries throughout the world, the living conditions are so poor, social separation is impossible within the community.

Poverty groups live hand to mouth, the need to trade and barter on a daily basis, in order to put food on the table, only those with employment could buy food for 21 days.

Refrigeration is virtually non-existent, thus the need for the thousands of hawkers to be part of the daily supply chain.

Storage facilities in the shack can handle no more than a day or two’s food supply.

And to make matters worse, the Alexandra RAT population, is harvesting any food that is left exposed, you need to watch any food that is not secured.

The treatment meted out on the poverty population, exceeds any human rights atrocities that South Africa has been guilty of historically.

I cry for my people:

Cedric de la Harpe