An open letter to the South African President;

An open letter to the South African President;

Dear Mr. President;

South Africa’s economy has steadily disintegrated over the past ten years, and over these years, I have written to the various State Presidents with advice, never critical, always attempting to assist, yet never receiving any comment on my input.

Today, I am a dissenting voice, I am critical, and my normal channels of delivering to Pretoria, or couriering, are closed to me till the war ends, so I need to use an open letter, and social media.

Hopefully, one of your advisors, may forward this letter to you, rather than blocking all voices of reason, by programming the system to automatically trash them.

Mr President, your advisors should never have advised you to proceed with ‘Total Lockdown’, never have advised you to go into war, without a complete balance between our Economy, that you knew we would sacrifice, before your declared war, and whether there was any scientific or medical research, done in terms of what, before January 2020, was the only basis for research to be accepted.

South Africa, was never a threat to any of the European, American, Russian, Asian populations if we did not lockdown, and rather, we should have exploited the economic profit potential, that the overseas ‘fear factor’ was giving us.

Without your consultants and advisors, understanding who or what our enemy is, you are directed to sacrifice a large portion of our economy, with many thousands of small businesses, the millions of informal traders, the millions of jobs, without us receiving any potential ‘asset benefit’ to the Country, or the people, and we are forced into this war, based on how many thousands of people ‘are’ going to die, if we do not sacrifice our economy.

Never has a Country called men, women and children to war, without the Country going into a war, that would protect the countries income production, land, minerals, agriculture, and the ability to produce. If  Country has not gone to war, to protect its land and economy, then it has gone to war, to attach the other countries wealth.

Never has a country gone into a war, without knowing that people were going to die, whether the aggressors own people, or the defenders.

Never has the aggressor, nor the defender, gone into war, with any concern for whether innocent people, woman and children, would die, and if and when, how many of them would die.

Mr President, even though you are not old enough to have experienced the 1918 Spanish Flu, still called a flu today, it was a killer, a killer that the black elders remembered for 60 years thereafter.

The Spanish flu arrived allegedly on two boats, carrying the South African Native Labour members returning from the First World War, these members recruited by the South African Native National Congress, served the English during the First World War.

A few men were feeling symptoms of a slight flu, they were despatched by rail to their homelands late September 1918, and many died en route, 300 000 died in total, unlike Coronavirus, where 95% of the infected will live, 95% of the infected died, painful quick deaths.

What the archives clearly show, is that the impact of the Spanish Flu on the black community, was the one event that contributed directly, to the ‘dependence factor’ on the white capitalist, dependence that our black population, were forced into.

The 300 000 that died were in the prime of their life, between 18 and 40 years-old, not the aged and infirm, the returning soldiers, who were joined by the mine and industry labour, returning home when everything closed down, the military men, the labour force, 6,6% of the African population, perished in six weeks.

The Spanish flu endemic was over in six weeks, and labour recruitment started early November 1918, as the mining industry, and the white Capitalist, resumed extracting wealth off our minerals and agriculture.

The research material never identifies the reason for the disappearance of the flu in six weeks, was it our climate during the period of infection, that is not conducive to the European flu.

The Western world believed that the Africans, would die like in 1918, and through WHO guidance, we had an anticipated 4000 infections over a period of five days, from March 27, to April 01, 2020, and the world had already made plans to inoculate the Africans.

Coronavirus Exponential Curve
Coronavirus Exponential Curve

The exponential curve, I believe was motivated with our links at the WHO, and when levelling takes place, as seen from the following graph, the powerful international medical industry, off which our NHI policy is based, motivates the “quiet before the storm” policy to keep us in lockdown.

The Curve levels off.
The Curve levels off.

The graph that I attach below, shows that six weeks after the arrival of the Coronavirus, the virus is dissipating.

Test based in input base
Test based in input base

The USA and China are locked in a race to see who can develop a vaccine to inoculate the population of Africa, the third force is the rest of the world, are uniting to save the African, seeking their own inoculation.

Is there any scientific research to prove that our population needs to be inoculated, is there any scientific proof, that will stand up to the pre-2020 medical standards requirement, before any medicines are released on the human?

Is it not a human-rights abuse,  to subject any human to any form of medicine, that does not comply with pre-2020 standards?

The six week period, March 22 to April 30, 2020, has placed our entire country into the ‘dependence factor’, dependence on the wealth of the world, just who the appointed coloniser will be, we are not sure, but South Africa is ripe for the next ‘economic colonization’.

Mr President, 25 people have died, most elderly, and with compromised immune systems, the police have already killed 3 black people, plus two who died in police custody, people who refused to stay in the trenches, 5 healthy people, granted blacks who were not obeying their leader.

The media tells us about the world benefits from lockdown, we are told that crime has decreased, this Mr President, is a different ‘quiet before the storm’, as hunger and the craving for  a tot of whiskey increases, if the State is unable to meet ‘all’ the promises that funds would be available, to restore us to the positions we were in prior to the war, crime and conflict will escalate exponentially.

Mr President, most of my comrades sitting quietly in the trenches, have great fear for the virus, the fear factor, contributes to speeding up the destruction of the immune system, not only speeding death, but making it more difficult for the front line medical staff, to maintain the bedside calmness, for the patient to believe that there is a chance that they will survive, calmness and clear heads,  that would prevent the situation , that took place in St Augustine, things happen when under pressure.

Whether it is a virus or a bullet, the fear factor contributes to the soldier dying, as Commander in Chief, if I was  facing bullets for you in the trench, how would you manage ‘my’ fear factor, to keep ‘me’ fighting for the cause?

“Sir, even if a bullet hits me in the head, I would like to believe that I will live, and return home to my business.”

Mr President, it is still not too late for us to remove the lockdown, not only to recover our economy, but to allow entrepreneurs to start producing and filling the void, that Europe and the USA  are fighting over.

Mr President, this letter will be followed with topics for interaction with those of us in the trenches, those who would like to understand what is taking place in this war, a war where our Country has sacrificed our economy, our businesses, our job opportunities.

I will continue posting ‘from the trenches’ on your consultants and advisors, are welcome to follow, to ask questions, maybe it is not too late to prevent re-colonization, as we defeat the enemy.

Cedric de la Harpe

How does Coronavirus impact on Gold?

I present the impact on the Gold Price, since the Coronavirus discovery, this gives thought to what is happening to the upper side of the economy;

The Gold Price since 2000, is analysed in Pamphlet 16,  just a ‘tit-bit’, the Gold Price in Rand value per ounce, in 2000, was R 1 940,93

The Coronavirus is detected in December 2019, the Gold Price in Rand value per ounce, is R 21 273,91.

The Gold Price in Rand value per ounce, April 01, 2020, has increased to R 28 872,79

In 3 months, the Gold Price in Rand value per ounce has increased by R 7 598,88  an increase of 35,72%



Cedric de la Harpe mindset

Before I move forward, I need to define my anger, why am I angry, why am I critical of our new Democratic Government and our 1994 to 1997 Constitution?

Maybe it is because I am racist, I was never anti-Apartheid?

My wife Nettie and I, first visit Soweto in July 2004, and our lives change, not too many of the people that have helped our lives change, have received life changing benefits from us.

During 2013, as South Africa commemorates the  1913 Native Land Act, me, a South African, classified as white, enjoying the privileges of this classification, decides to research South Africa’s history, off a very simple question I pose to myself;

“Who were we, the people of South Africa, prior to 1913, and how did we get from 1913, to where we are  today?” 

My findings shake me to the core, if I was classified black during Apartheid, I would have sourced an AK47, and mowed down as many whites as I could, before I was killed.

For six weeks I was paralysed with anger, unable to talk to my white brothers and sisters, about my ‘findings’, my black brothers and sisters looking at me with blank stares, as if I was stupid.

A young Nigerian Princess, visiting Soweto with a Taste of Africa, interacts with me, at the height of my anger, and her advice to me, is to convert my anger into the positive, and do something about it.

My outlet for my anger, is to ‘write’ manuscripts, everything that I wrote, I needed to present in such a manner, that I never let the white Capitalist economy, feel that my revelations are a threat to their business interests, and prevent my black brothers and sisters from feeling uncomfortable, as I attack their economic masters, any seen support for me, places their opportunity for employment in jeopardy.

What are my findings that cause this anger?

“If it was not for what my English Colonisers did, the Blacks would be the ‘wealth’ of  South Africa today, the Townships would not exist, and black poverty would not exist.” 

Economic Segregation is the prime evil. 

“I equate the damage that we did with the Holocaust, and I ask the question, was it equal to, was it lesser than, or was it greater than?”

“In my personal opinion, it was greater than.”

Coronavirus experiences changes mindsets let the Voice of Reason talk

Coronavirus experiences changes mindsets let the Voice of Reason talk, there are few people in the world, who are not suffering, whether just inconvenience, or in the poverty informal communities, extreme abuse, as they are violently forced into shacks, to protect the unknown victims from death.

Voice of Reason, what would your community do?
Voice of Reason, what would your community do?

The passionate pleas to be heard, by those suffering poverty and inhumanity, wakes me up to the concept that Human Dictate, as a label, is a white man’s label, whether living in the northern suburbs, the southern suburbs, or the South Western Townships, every community has a set of standards and logic, that dictates their lives, these Voices of Reason, may be vastly different, but every communities Voice of Reason should be heard.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason

Author; Cedric de la Harpe


Cricket South Africa, and Rugby South Africa, at risk of collapsing financially,

Cricket South Africa, and Rugby South Africa, at risk of collapsing financially, and possibly permanently, if they do not apply some Enlightened Thinking;

Government, and many businesses, are first going to restore a sustainable business operating level, before they will be able to invest in elite sports.

TV Rights, will be under pressure, as their range of saleable products need to be reestablished, the number of subscriptions that will need to be cancelled, will need to be restored, to bring financial power.

With regard to Cricket South Africa, they have  funds to  pay all players, Proteas, Franchise, and I assume management, full pay till end of August, and then they will reassess their future.

This is stupid, and here I am not going to debate the options, only to say that throughout the world, sports bodies are giving consideration to the way forward, and cutting wages and salaries.

I have often quoted the reason for why Eskom must implement ‘load-shedding’, because, Eskom to go into Total Black-Out, no electricity available in the network, it will be impossible to restart. This ‘load-shedding’ takes place automatically, in most computerised networks, for the same reason.

The attitude that CSA will reassess, when they reach end August, is indicative of the belief that either the Government, the Sponsors, or the TV Rights, will come to their rescue, and I quote.

“So, at this stage we have enough capacity to see us through the next season. Post the season we’ll have to look at the longer-term impacts of Covid-19.”

Should the Corporate, or the Government, not have the ability to fund the Proteas and Franchise players, their skills will earn them money, in a larger Global attempt to re-lunch of the game at top level?

The South African Rugby Players Union, reportedly agreed to a wage cut, but the Officials Refused to, so the status quo continues.

The USA Rugby Union Company, has collapsed financially, and I am of the opinion, they will never recover.

When the war against Coronavirus is over, the Government, Corporate Sponsors, TV Broadcast Rights, will be presented with a cheaper investment option,  through funding school sports in the Townships and Rural Villages, the number of spectators and TV followers, will exceed the numbers ‘before Coronavirus’.

The rules for playing the elite sports games, will be change drastically, one of the few positives caused in the war against Coronavirus.

Social Distancing did I fail my community this morning

Social Distancing did I fail my community this morning, is the question I asked myself, as I take the extended long walk, using the scenic walk back home from Pick & pay, Campus Square.

I arrive at my destination, finding myself 30 metre from he shop entrance, I keep my 1,5 metre spacing from the person ahead, one of only three spaces in the queue.

I notice a Security Guard, interacting with the queue, some ten metres ahead of me, from where I am positioned, I get the impression that the people in the queue were being given instruction to deposit certain items at an entrance of a neighbouring shop, and leave the queue to investigate.

The depositing that had just taken place, supported by maybe 4 people, was an old man, masked, old and obviously with a major health problem, who had just been deposited on the chair that the security guard had brought.

My first cultivated reaction, is to run off to Dischem, only 30 meters away, and report the possibility that I had discovered a possible Coronavirus patient.

My feet are unable to move my legs, I am trapped by the realisation that in am part of a queue of old age pensioners, pension day payout, who have been waiting for this day for 30 days, in order to put food on the table.

I suggest to the Security Guard that he arranges to move the old man in question to the front of the queue, all persons in the queue where we are, nod approval for mu suggestion.

The Security Guard is not sure, so I take him with me to obtain permission.

The Guard moves into the store, and starts a discussion with the guard who is maintaining control of those entering the store, the queue is not her responsibility.

I ask the two black gentlemen at the front of the queue whether they would kind enough to allow an old gentlemen space ahead of them.

Both nod approval with a smile, take one step back into their danger zone, and in unison, wave me into position.

My turn to smile, I thank them, and tell them that I have found an old man with greater need than me.

I move back to the old man, tell his carer to take him into the store, the Security Guard now arrives and with the Carer, use the office Chair that he was sitting on, to wheel him into the shop.

As I return towards my original space, the persons in the queue are smiling, nodding approval, and the person where I  was standing, has kept my space open, initially smiling, then showing surprise as I abandon my space.

I abandoned my space, because I considered the old man, to possibly be infected, and on my long walk home, I question whether I have failed those in the queue, my community back home, should I have reported my suspicions, that would have resulted in many in the queue being isolated, to allow their families eat?

Cedric de la Harpe




Alexandra Township failed to lockdown for Coronavirus,

Alexandra Township failed to lockdown for Coronavirus, for those who walked the streets of Alex, with Taste of Africa, you will know that the system has failed the nearly million residents of Alexandra, living in “Dark City.”

Less than two days back, I elected to abandon Facebook and Twitter, today, day 2, of our lockdown, I am forced to return, I need to defend my brothers and sisters in Alexandra and the many other similar areas in our country and the world.

As New York battles to lockdown, the system making provision for the rich elite to exercise and walk their dogs, not forgetting that the Coronavirus that is threatening us in South Africa, arrived via America and Europe, the South African system, implements gross human rights abuses on our population, to keep the ‘death statistic’ down.

If the system dictate had any concern for the human, any social separation requirements, should have been a community isolation, those essential services, could leave Alexandra, the rest would isolate as a community.

Have a look at a typical home, the elders home alone during the day, at night when the children and grand-children are home to sleep, there could be anything from 6 to 10 people locked-down for the night.

Many residential area of South Africa, and other undeveloped Countries throughout the world, the living conditions are so poor, social separation is impossible within the community.

Poverty groups live hand to mouth, the need to trade and barter on a daily basis, in order to put food on the table, only those with employment could buy food for 21 days.

Refrigeration is virtually non-existent, thus the need for the thousands of hawkers to be part of the daily supply chain.

Storage facilities in the shack can handle no more than a day or two’s food supply.

And to make matters worse, the Alexandra RAT population, is harvesting any food that is left exposed, you need to watch any food that is not secured.

The treatment meted out on the poverty population, exceeds any human rights atrocities that South Africa has been guilty of historically.

I cry for my people:

Cedric de la Harpe