Today I return to the lockdown dissenter’s attack.

In my limited scientific mindset, I have not yet changed my mind, that South Africa should never have locked down the Economy or schools.

Coronavirus SA deaths per 100000 July 26
Coronavirus SA deaths per 100000 July 26

The vertical red line, starts to tell the story.

For reference points, we look at the Netherlands, the top black graph, presently @ 35.5 deaths per 100 000 population, which will result in 20,750 deaths by November 15.

Germany, @ 11.1 deaths pr 100 000 population, the green graph, is Germany, at the level one of the most favourable levels in Europe.

South Africa is the red-line graph,  and notwithstanding the Western Province and Eastern Province spikes, our graph is stable.

Studies and report continuing.



South Africa is presently under Military Control, under the guise that we need to protect the lives of the  aged, and those with compromised immune systems, 95% of those dying throughout the world, has the Covid-19 label attached to their toe in the mortuary, soon an autopsy would not be required by the system, provided you have a slight temperature and a ‘dry cough’, you will be remembered as a Covid-19 victim?

The Latipac,(The 1%) has controlled the political/economic Democracies in the world since 1789, the end of the French Revolution.

Where the Latipac did not have direct control over the Communist and Muslim blocks, they used the ‘Cold War’ trade embargo and manipulation, backed up by military force and revolution, to maintain the generating of wealth, on behalf of the Latipac.

The African Countries, are the only countries, that have not been freed, they are still in the Latipac control, mainly due to mineral and oil deposits that still cause conflict among the Colonisers, and until this wealth is freed into the hands of the African population, the new novel world order, will not be finalised.

For years I have spoken to the poverty groups, about the need to have Economic Segregation removed from their lives, but alas, the power of the controlled mindset does not allow the ‘other’ option to be seen.

Contrary to all claims of having saved thousands of lives in South Africa, Africa has not been impacted on, with the virus that the USA and Europe is parading as a killer, yet South Africa is following the same programme of ‘opening the economy’, to certain sectors, while keeping the poverty groups locked down.

The new novel world order, will only be complete, once the African flu season has passed, and the Africa death toll spikes, by then poverty and hunger will have ravished Africa, and our new saviours will appear, and invest in the final colonisation of Africa.

Having stopped playing the Democracy Game, I see the world differently, my spirit and mind is free, but it can be a lonely world outside.          

As a retired Latipac-generator, I can admit to the Latipac having treated me as one of the chosen sons, ‘The Carpenter’, it was my job to ensure that the indigenous African population understood who my ‘God’ was, and that I, as part of the white population, were directed by the almighty to use the African as his chosen labour force, provided they became Christian, which would qualify them as a Civilised-Native, they would have completed their apprenticeship, which would have given them access to the economy controlled by the Latipac, thereafter, provided they worked like a good-boy, they would be paid sufficient to provide their family with the basic food needs, and all the excess profits that they generated for the Latipac, would be taxed, sufficiently so that such tax, would maintain the livelihood of the uncivilised native slaves.

Today, May 15, 2020, I am no longer respected as‘The Carpenter’, who for 50 years, had generated wealth for the Latipac, today, I am locked up with the millions of blacks, that I helped trap in the controlled ‘poverty cage’. 

Every news broadcast that I am exposed to, originates in the ‘Anglo-American’  corridors, the New Novel World Order has arrived, today all media is paid to prepare us for this new novel world, the Next Industrial revolution that we had heard about for ten years, is no longer spoken about, but it will replace me, I should not concern myself, the profits will escalate, profits will allow for the small food parcels, that are now part of the new novel lifestyle to continue.

As I wait for death in this protected environment, the positive is that the air will be cleaner, crime has disappeared, road traffic accidents have reduced, alcohol will no longer be the cause of my death, and the threat of the black population of Alex and Soweto, invading my personal space like the dirty air, has also been removed.

At 73 years of age, I rise from my coffin every morning, I refuse to bath or shower, the media tell me to wash my hands all day, no instruction to bath. I walk two kilometres to buy my daily bread, I smile at those driving past, never do they look in my direction, they are trying not to see the grey-haired old-man that they are protecting, afraid that I may drop dead, and they are blamed.

As I move through the store, the other shoppers never look me in the eye, they freeze as they search the shelf directly ahead, I feel uncomfortable, are they afraid that I may affect them, or afraid that they will be accused of having killed me if I die. 

The till cashier no longer offers me a plastic bag, I no longer exist, I am dead to the world, and not unexpectedly, I have already been condemned to hell.    

On some days, only my mind leaves my coffin, I am never sure whether I am awake, or whether I am dreaming, be it what it may, it is always a nightmare?

This morning, my mind enters the realms of the academic, the scientist. I am on a mission to find the scientists who have rewritten hundreds of years of medical research, an achievement that should be celebrated, and surely I should be able to forgive them for not having time to study Economy 101, or Human Rights 101, but my mind can’t forgive what has happened to the world, in the name of science.

Science is knowledge, knowledge in a specific field, and Medical Science has no knowledge on how to balance the virus management with the Economy, in my opinion, what is happening in South Africa today, will for ever be remembered as medical sciences greatest failure, no scientist, will ever write a thesis on the thousands of lives saved in our Country, relation to the positive affect that it will have on the economic situation of the majority of South Africans?      

On the other hand, no longer do I face the threat of a cancer death, no heart-attack death, no diabetes death, the label on my toe will be Covid-19, a face that is unseen, I must celebrate as my angel of death, the angel that has been decreed to keep close to me, but will not to take me, while I comply with the new novel world regulations, once again, it is my choice.  

I enter the Yale Street entrance of Wits University looking for this new breed of medical scientists who have not responded to my numerous blogs, ‘shot-left’ the Security Guard mumbles, suddenly I am back in the 1950s, on the open parking area of the Milner Park Show Grounds, it is Boswell’s Circus in all its splendour, I walk past my favourite performers, the trained Elephants, maybe ten elephants, all only restricted by their small foot chain, yesterday they parade down Eloff Street with their handlers, today I parade past them, again in close proximity, we have become one, the elephants continue to eat their food, straw, grass, leaves, very aware of me, yet never looking directly at me, the human.

The smiling huge male Elephant, like the flu virus, mutates, I see the Elephant shape still in front of me, but in my mind, it is replaced by a smiling black man in a factory in Durban, 1970, there are many black men, all working, I am in The Carpenter mode, tool bag strapped around my waist, one of the Latipac’s chosen few is inspecting the factory, he asks me a question, the black labourer smiles, the Latipac’s chosen one smiles, the black labourer never looks at us, the Elephant is smiling at me, waving his trunk as I move slowly backwards out of the factory.   

When the trained elephants are needed to perform for the Circus ‘master’, they did so obediently, with a smile on their faces, always ready to please, the huge male Elephant moves towards me, I am still retreating, factory, tent, factory, tent, the Elephant trumpets loudly, the black labourer has replaced the Elephant, I can no longer tell the difference between the black labourers that I so successfully skilled to respect the company, and the trained Elephant, the Circus Master’s who trained the Elephants, appeared to use the exact same tactics that I used to train the labourers, physical and mental abuse, balanced with a lump of sugar, and the basic food parcel, that becomes their permanent diet.

I turn away from the male Elephant, I run, I run for ever, on the other side of the main tent, I run into more Elephants, the matriarch, and a number of her young ones still in training. The matriarch takes control of the young ones, in order to protect her children from the uMlungu’s abuse during training, I watch the matriarch schooling the children, on how to love and respect me, so that when the ‘colonisers’ visit the circus, the entire herd, are all seen to be working happily for the Master.

 I lived through Apartheid, I was a skilled Carpenter, I could manipulate the Africans mind, when they complained about something small, I would give them a treat, when they complained about something that could severely impact on the company profits, I would ignore it, if I did not show the African that I was concerned, they would believe that it was not an issue worth contesting, and this issue is buried in their minds, buried with their minds.

Over the years, as the Circus returns to town, I return, I try to rehabilitate the Elephants, every visit they listen to me, but never would they believe, that they could remove the small foot chain that restricts them, and just walk down Eloff Street and into the Africa, that is really theirs. 

The ‘food-parcel’ and odd treat that the Coloniser always promises, is worth far more, than their freedom. 

I am elderly, yet standing in front of the same male Elephant, we are alone, the Circus Band finished the regular introduction, I hear the South African ‘Circus’ Ringmaster, announce that the ‘Circus’ will no longer be performing, it will close down immeaditely, I am shocked, the Elephant is staring at me, the Elephant does not understand, only I seem to understand that the trained Elephants will never survive the forced closure of the ‘Circus’, it would take the food out of their mouths, not only would the trained Elephants mindsets be further damaged, their ability to perform will be removed, the trained Elephants will never be able to be released back into the wild, the Elephants will die from hunger, when the Circus ‘masters’ can no longer feed themselves?

Throughout the South Africa, throughout the Western World, the Circus tents are removed, the trained Elephants, for the first time since 1994, have been moved away from the ‘Circus masters’, the trained Elephants are now secured by the police and the military, to stop them from breaking their small foot chain, and harvesting in the suburbs.

I continue walking around the Circus, the tents are coming down, the trained animals have been moved, locked away, the  Circus masters, are in a state of shock, sitting around, all that has been left for them are the dingy caravans, I talk to every Circus master about the South African ‘Circus’ Ringmaster and the Latipac, that is controlling the ‘temporary’ closure of the Circus, explaining that are in the process of capturing every economic opportunity that the Circus masters had before the lockdown, by the time the tents are returned, they will find themselves slaves to the new novel world, the military and the police, will protect them and their tents.

Kaalvoet Medical 101 Conclusion as presented to the Circus Masters:

Suddenly I am very awake as I walk away from the Milner Park circus ground, the elephants and the lions have been removed, the tents have been removed, the Circus masters are confused about what has happened to them, their reaction to my human philosophy and all my findings, now identifies the Circus masters, as no more than the Coloniser’s ‘trained animals’, dare I suggest that I now see them as the Circus Monkey on the chain, their minds closed down to reality, they are now sitting, celebrating a weekly food-parcel, patiently waiting for the Circus Ringmaster, to draw them closer, to allow them into the new novel world order.

Dear ‘Circus masters’, when the Elephant population has reached the desired level of abuse, a few of you, like a Monkey on a Chain, will be allocated space in the new novel world, life will be different, but like the trained Elephant, you will smile when called upon to perform, never concerned about the increased poverty groups who will need to adapt to the new world.

I have resigned from the Circus, my writing will be posted in the Consider the Verdict Facebook group from tomorrow:

Cedric de la Harpe    

Kaalvoet Challenge to the ‘medical science’

Kaalvoet suggests that the Coronavirus management, provided minds can understand the scientific reasons for why he has identified six countries as comparison, these comparisons will show conclusive evidence that South Africa should never have locked down.

Europe Link:        United Kingdom:   Italy:   Sweden:

No Lockdown:     Sweden:     Belarus:

Africa & Asia:     South Africa:    Pakistan

Graph 1:

Comparison:   Death rate, expressed as 7 day rolling average: 

Period Covered:   Day 15 after each Countries first reported Covid-19 death,  to Day 45. 

Graph 1
Graph 1

Kaalvoet Findings Graph 1:

United Kingdom and Italy, reach same level on Day 45, reason, both Countries exposed to the normal winter flu season, both population sizes very similar, both have a very high level of aged population, both have superior medical facilities, and both countries lifestyle is in the wealth group. 

Sweden does not lockdown, and off this graph, it shows no negative trend. 

South Africa, Pakistan, flat-line in comparison, and Belarus, who does not lockdown, is hidden in this flat-line.

Graph 2:

Comparison:   Death rate per 1 million of the population, expressed off a 7 day rolling average,  three countries.

Period Covered:   Day 15 after each Countries first reported Covid-19 death,  to Day 45.

Graph 2
Graph 2

 Kaalvoet Findings Graph 2:

Pakistan, (green) is the model that South Africa (black) could follow, Imran Khan removing restrictions on May 10.

Belarus, does not lockdown, and although the death rate per 1 million population, appears to be higher, Graph 3, will show it in comparison to Europe:

 Graph 3:

Comparison:   Death rate per 1 million of the population, , expressed off a 7 day rolling average, 3 plus 3 countries. 

Period Covered:   Day 15 after each Countries first reported Covid-19 death,  to Day 45.

Graph 3
Graph 3

 Kaalvoet Findings Graph 3:

Sweden who does not lockdown, ends day 45, at the same level as United Kingdom and Italy, on a comparative ratio of deaths per 1 million population, confirming that European model is related to all three Countries exposed to the normal winter flu season,   they have a very high level of aged population, they have superior medical facilities, and their countries lifestyle is in the wealth group. 

  In Comparison with the European Countries South Africa and Pakistan, should have followed the Belarus model. 

My final comment on the death rate, till lockdown is lifted.

Cedric de la Harpe

Black man, why is Covid-19 killing more blacks than whites?

On the first morning of lockdown, I took an early walk to the local Pick & Pay and observed  the arrival of ‘essential staff’ to work in food supplies and the medical service industry.

I have utilised South African public transport for fifteen years, and have visited local public hospitals and clinics, and in my opinion, the public transport and medical clinics, would be the two high-risk infection areas, and I immediately wrote Voice of Reason, questioning the handling of the Coronavirus, and was duly blocked by KDP-Amazon.    

Voice of Reason, what would your community do?
Voice of Reason, what would your community do?

Very briefly, I saw the movement of the ‘essential staff’ into the food outlets and medical supplies, as defeating the entire lockdown structure, and my proposal was, briefly as follows:

1:      Use the closed schools and educational institutions, to accommodate all ‘essential service’ staff,  within walking distance, Unless they  were accommodated within  five kilometres from the service provider. This includes Security Guards.

2:     Every ‘essential service’ provider would be scanned, in and out of the accommodation facility, and in and out of the service providers premises. Each ‘essential service’ staff member would carry the ‘testing log book, duly signed by the responsible person conducting the scan.

3:    This accommodation provision, would remove the movement by public transport, it would also allow a street / block committee to monitor their community member who was providing the ‘essential service’ and thus prevent the virus from getting from the suburban infected areas into the high-density poverty areas.  

Kaalvoet Comment:

Six weeks later the only good that my proposal would have brought to the world, would have been the scientists to give consideration to the risk of spreading the virus from the western capitalist international traveller,

How is it possible that the South African scientists did not foresee this problem?

I have followed the movement during the past two weeks in the USA and UK, with regards to black people that are dying at twice the rate that the white people are dying in their countries, and when the results of the study were released on Thursday, May 07, they confirm the escalated death rate, yet continue to hide the true reason, which features as a comment towards the end of the report, extract in italics, see the bold print below:     

According to the study released Thursday, black people are about twice as likely to die from COVID-19 compared to those who listed their ethnicity as white, at a ratio of about 1.71. Similar results were obtained for those of Asian or Asian-British ethnicity, who are 1.62 times more likely to die as a result of COVID-19.

“There have been reports already in the U.K. that people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds…that they seem to be at an increased risk of…being on intensive care and dying from COVID,” explained Liam Smeeth, a clinical epidemiology professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Smeeth is also the co-lead of the study.


Previous studies have hypothesized that this increased risk of death among black and Asian ethnic groups may be due to higher prevalence of underlying health conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Smeeth says this new study offers some clarification. 

“When it was first noticed that people from black and minority ethnic groups had a higher risk of bad outcomes from COVID, the obvious thing to think was, ‘is it because they’ve got a high risk of diabetes, a high risk of obesity and a high risk of high blood pressure?’” he said. “While those underlying illnesses contribute a little bit of the increased risk, they actually don’t contribute that much.”

As part of the study, researchers examined more than 17 million long-term medical records pertaining to all those involved, including the 5,683 who died as a result of COVID-19. Based on this detailed clinical data, it was concluded that there is a good chance most of this increased risk of dying stems from greater exposure to the virus, as opposed to pre-existing medical conditions. Smeeth said this is likely due to an over-representation among these groups in front-line jobs, as well as higher household density. 

“We haven’t got data on those social factors – our data are clinical in nature – but it does look much more likely that this is where the explanations will lie,” said Smeeth.

Kaalvoet Comment:

If I had a black skin, and my community was infected by the virus, I would be of the opinion that the Government had used my community as slaves to serve the suburban elite, and failed to protect our community.

Once again Kaalvoet must ask, was this failure with intent, or just gross negligence?

Cedric de la Harpe



Pakistan has taught us many a ‘cricket lesson’, let us learn from Pakistan Politics.

Yesterday I heard a news flash that Imran Khan, one of the world’s best cricketers turned politician announced that Coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan was to be lifted on Saturday.

Imran Khan Cricketer turned politician
Imran Khan Cricketer turned politician

I am never afraid t publish fake news, provided it stimulates the readers mind to possible options that exists out-there, but locked-down for six weeks, a Government that has a death rate starting to climb, and he is considering removing restrictions this must be ‘fake news’, you decide.

According to a  published news report that I quote from, Imran Khan’s announcement, if this was published in South Africa, and attributed to our President, every South African would consider it to be fake news, Pakistan are lifting lockdown, in the interests of the mainly informal sector, feeding their families.

“We know our curve of infections and deaths (from COVID-19) is gradually rising. But the rate of increase is relatively very low in Pakistan,” Khan said in his post-meeting nationally televised remarks.

In defending the decision, Khan said it is not possible for anyone to predict when and if Pakistan will experience a peak like that of Europe and other worst-hit areas.

“Why are we going ahead to ease the lockdown? Because people in our country, particularly daily wagers, small shopkeepers, taxi drivers, laborers, white-collar families are all facing an extremely difficult situation to feed their families,” Khan said.

South Africa should follow Pakistan, we have exactly the same death trend per 100 000 population, we have exactly the same population that are suffering from poverty and hunger.

Pakistan South Africa death trend.

Pakistan is more concerned about keeping their healthy informal population alive, rather than killing the virus.

South Africa, follow the Pakistan model, we could be playing International Cricket at the Wanderers in September.

Cedric de la Harpe

I LOVE HUMAN DICTATE, remember South Africa in 1983?

The world economic and political administration, becomes entrenched in the Latipac’s control, from the late 1970s to the late 1980s, the Free Market is entrenched, 30 years later, the white population is thrust into the same status that the oppressed blacks were condemned to when the Coloniser arrived, how do we all return to the world before 1983.

Human Dictate Video 01

Cedric de la Harpe

Mr Steenhuisen, please answer to the Western Cape Death Toll.

Hi, I am Cedric de la Harpe,  encouraged by a South African politician, the leader of the DA, John Steenhuisen, when you  explained yout logic with regard to the number of Coronavirus cases in the Western Cape, “It is not rocket science”, my immediate reaction is yes, it is not rocket science, “It is Political Science”. 

Western Province Death Toll Comparison.
Western Province Death Toll Comparison.

Should you have read my blog, titled Barefoot Scientist solves Coronavirus Mystery, tweeted to you, you should have your answer to this letter, ready to publish.

For you convenience I attach my research .pdf, DeathMystery 2.

The question that I ask today is;

“The Country is starting to question the ruling party regarding the Coronavirus, the DA is silent, neither questioning the ANC, or, as the Provincial Administrators, who have 70 deaths today, 50% of the total reported deaths, are you satisfied that these deaths were caused, only due to the Coronavirus, and if so, are you able to release the autopsy results?”

Should you fail to answer this question with proof of ’cause of death’, please open this link, what Vittorio Sgarbi is feeling, is what feel like today, and his final words are relevant to what is happening in South Africa today:

Cedric de la Harpe

Italian Leader Slams ‘False Coronavirus Numbers: 25,000 Did Not Die, it’s a way to Impose a Dictatorship’ (Watch)

The Italian Video inspires me to return to the Virus fight.

The RairFoundation video brings me inspiration to return to the Coronavirus fight once more.

Mr. Sgarbi’s speech, brings us hope, that somewhere in the South African Council of Coronavirus Experts, there my be one scientist that will break he ranks.

On a Monday, I normally post a group of selected countries, and how the rate in terms of the ‘deaths per 100 000’ of the population.

Today, we have three week trend to assess, remembering that Belgium at the bottom has had no lockdown, and in my mindset, I have set Germany death rate level, as the Country that we should target.

Sweden, with no lockdown is below Germany, but still not unacceptable.

Mr. Sgarbi’s speech in Italy, supports my questioning with regard to Cause of Death, with South Africa’s HIV/Tuberculosis/Diabetes and other problems, our death rate could exceed 95 000, only time will tell, will a South African Sgarbi emerge?

Don’t think so.

Cedric de la Harpe

May 03 Comparison
May 03 Comparison






The Global World Order, New Labels ONE

The Global World Order is changing, and from the Capitalist point of view, we will criticise the populist movements, the socialist movements, the communist movements, our main criticism is the leaders of the groups, we normal refer to them as dictators, often with descriptions that would deter the reasonable population, from following them.

Anyone who does not support a Capitalist Economic Democracy, is labelled as the populist, the socialist, the communist. These labels are used, as thousands of pages and documents have already been written, to discredit these philosophies, and the population mindsets, are very aware of the failures of these philosophies.

As a cultivated Capitalist, I have escaped the web of control, that keeps us worshiping the Great Capitalist Gods, and if I am not populist, socialist, or communist, then what philosophy do I follow today.

Born in South Africa in 1947, I was never anti-Apartheid, and I never knew a white person, who was anti-Apartheid. I base my motivation thereto, on the fact that I never stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, whether for the cashier in a Department store, or the queue outside the Post Office, when the Post Office was the only form of banking, money transfer, pension payout, parcel post, there was only one cashier at the cubicle window, he served the queue, extending 100 to 150 long, out onto the street or the parking area, this long queue, rain or sunshine, never a white, was to be found in that queue.

As a young white, I could walk into the Post Office, six white cashiers were waiting to serve me, never did I have  to stand in a queue.

Today, I know that the inability for us whites, to stand in the Post Office queue, is directly related to the concept, that I was cultivated to see the dark-skinned person, as a servant, the ‘servant of the servant’, and by so doing, I never saw them as a human?

For a period, between 2004 and 2013, I was trapped in the “I am not racist” mindset, then when I looked at myself in the mirror, I understood that I still am racist, and became of the opinion that, once a mind is cultivated as a racist, it can never heal, the best you can do is get into a state of ‘recovery’, like an alcoholic, you need to attend the forums, lest you fall off the wagon.

In July 2004, my wife Nettie and I, submerged ourselves in fear and darkness for 12 hours, transferring  from the Suburbs into Soweto for two nights, against all advises from friends and family, against all advises from the media, the Government that still protects the white from the danger that lurks in the Townships and rural Native Villages.

Suddenly, at about 8pm, on the cold dark night night in July 2004, we discover that there is no need to fear the Soweto community, we feel safer in Soweto, than in the suburbs.

In my opinion, this sudden awakening, was the opening of our mind filters, that were cultivated to block out any information, that would allow us to see the dark-skinned people, as anything more than this angry, uncivilised group of people, that wrongly believe that the white person, has stolen everything from them, and they were ready to pounce on you, should you enter their space, once the relevant filters of our minds open, my wife Nettie’s mind filters open first, allowing mine to open, we no longer see the dark-skinned people, as we were cultivated to see them, we see them as ‘human’ for the first time.

My challenge to those who may have been anti-apartheid, would be, “Why were you not standing in the Post Office queue, if you were in the queue, and when I walked into the Post Office door, you called call out to me, ‘young man, we were here first’, the entire queue would have echoed support, and the world would have changed”.

I am only aware of two South Africans, who have stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, the Watson brothers, who joined the black queue when playing rugby in the Eastern Cape during the 1980s.

I submit that the reason that I never stood in the dark-skinned persons queue, was that my white corporate employer would have dismissed me, and I would never have been employed in the white capitalist world again.

This manuscript develops over six years, in 2013, I become aware of the Economic Segregation principle that drives me, “If it was not for what I did, the African would be the wealth of South Africa today”, by 2015, I start to divide the world into dark-skinned people, and the Capitalist Imperialistic powers who colonised the world.

Some six years back, I stopped seeing South Africa’s problem as a black and white issue, rather  seeing it as a poverty African / Capitalist issue, but when I mention the word Capitalist, I attach the label to every beneficiary of the Capitalist world, both black and white, even when the finer detail is discussed, the 1% of the world that own 50% of the world wealth, the faces and the actions of the 1% remains hidden?

For the past two years, I have been searching for a word or words, not presently in use, to describe the participants of the Capitalist system, what I did not understand, is that the vocabulary that I used to oppress and control the African, is so deeply entrenched in the African community, that they can’t help playing the Democracy game with me, I need to remove the word ‘Capitalist’, from my vocabulary, we need to avoid the word ‘Illuminati’, both words carry too much baggage, thousands of pages of baggage, that protects the concept of evil, baggage that hides our real ‘bulls-eye’.

On my drive home from Soweto in October 2019, in my mind I reverse the spelling of the word Capital, my though process is that we need to use the tactics that the 1% of the world that own 50% of the world, used to extract their wealth, through accessing our land and minerals, we need to reverse their process, in order for us to restore our humanity and dignity.

The first thing I reverse, is to reverse the spelling of the word Capital, I play with the word on my tongue, it is the lovely sounding word ‘Latipac’, but how would it be defined in the dictionary, how would the world understand the word?

I find no official definition, so Latipac becomes the word that I have looked for, for nearly two years, and my definitions of the words, are already in position:

Latipac, terminology and definitions used,

Latipac: Definition: Persons or institutions that accumulate wealth, without the latipac-generators receiving an equitable share.  

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

 Latipac-generator:  Definition: Persons cultivated to be a slave to the Latipac, once recruited, will religiously generate wealth for the Latipac, never questioning, for fear of loosing their status, that separates the latipac-generator,  from the poverty group.

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

A Latipac-generator, in order to generate the wealth for the Latipac, had two groups, first the noncommissioned generators, they were the muscle that extracted the energy from the dark-skinned persons, and the commissioned generators, who interpreted the Latipac instruction, converted the Latipac instruction, into high-pressure reaction, this causes the abusive actions, to be celebrated by all, never is pain from the ‘crack of the whip’, or instant dismissal, reacted to by the Latipac or the Latipac-generator, as the dark-skinned labourer, is not seen to be human.

The commissioned Latipac-generators, all wear the old-school tie, from the same old Private Schools, they are a special old-boys-club, that shares the load behind closed doors, always protecting the Latipac, even only 1% of the commissioned Latipac-generators, are sons of the Latipac.

For the world to move forward, through the New Industrial Revolution, and the changing political direction, we need to discard all the labels that separate us, no longer capitalist, no longer socialist, no longer communist, all these labels were given by the ‘now European Western Capitalist’ to separate us.

Cedric de la Harpe

DA Coronavirus Management fails South Africa, keeping us in Lockdown.

On April 29, having identified that  Gauteng Coronavirus Management should remove lockdown, as the Gauteng Curve no longer existed.

The seven day average, clearly showed that the National Curve was spiking in relation to Gauteng, and five days later, the DA Coronavirus Management failure is clearly reflected on the graph.

DA Western Cape Red Lines
DA Western Cape Red Lines

My averment that the DA has failed, is aimed at encouraging the DA supporters to offer answers to why the DA Curve is spiking?

Cedric de la Harpe