Nelson Mandela SELLOUT

Nelson Mandela SELLOUT

Cedric de la Harpe says:  Today, I am embarrassed, that Nelson Mandela and the ‘ANC’, elected to protect the White Capitalist Economy, rather than the African. The Western Capitalist created poverty, by segregating the wealth from the masses, whether black or white, history shows, that where Africans were involved, the impact on the segregation of wealth, was extreme, and why did Mandela believe that this could change under his leadership? 

“I do not respect the Freedom Charter, as it is not African, it is not the people’s charter.”

“If I do not respect the Freedom Charter, can I respect the Constitution, which is based on the Freedom Charter?”

“If I do not respect the Freedom Charter and the Constitution,  how can I respect our western Democracy, that protects the wealthy, at the expense of the poverty African?”   Cedric


Nelson Mandela Sellout

Nelson Mandela sellout, depending on who you are, means different things to different people. If you are in the White Capitalist Economy, the Political Beneficiaries, or those who are trying to unseat the ANC, sellout means that he has filled the rugby stadium, as thousands throng to listen to their hero, their freedom fighter icon.

If you are a young, born free African, still unemployed, still trapped in the Townships and Villages, your opinion would be a sellout, that sold the African freedom, to the white capitalist economy.

If you are an elder African person,  you feel proud of your freedom, a freedom that you had fought for, a freedom that meant free education and jobs for your children and your grand-children, you will however feel that Nelson Mandela was a sellout, Apartheid was better, what the ANC promised you, has not transpired.

Political sell-out: 

A political sellout,  is a political leader, who changes his / her political philosophy, for personal expedience.

The averment that Nelson Mandela is a sellout, is not a my averment, but rather, an admission by Nelson Mandela, by his own pen, in the Long Walk to Freedom, subscribe to this blog, your interaction will be appreciated.

Cedric de la Harpe


Apartheid Onskuldig.

My Kaalvoet attempt to defend Apartheid, through the Apartheid Onskuldig blog, did not attract any attention or comment from the hundreds who viewed the blog, and thus I move into this alternative Cedric de la Harpe ‘discussion’ mode, and my Afrikaner brothers and sisters, must forgive me for not blogging in Afrikaans.

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