Mitigation for the harsh treatment of Israel Folau

Mitigation for the harsh treatment of Israel Folau

Cedric de la Harpe says; This blog, originally drafted to discuss the Penny Sparrow Monkey, tweet, which had her jailed, and fined something ridiculous like, R 150 000,00, is now presented in Mitigation for the harsh treatment of Israel Folau. I present this blog, under the Nelson Mandela Sellout banner, to highlight that I am aware that I am crossing the ‘political correct’ barriers, that protect the Western World’s Economic Democracy.

I plead guilty to having smiled at the Penny Sparrow Monkey tweet, and the motivation for my smile, will be found on the attached link: I will not be sharing this link on social media, it will only be found via this link, thus, only for those who are interested in why I smiled.

This blog criticises the manner in which the Corporate world, responsible for the Economic Segregation of dark-skinned people throughout the world, continues to use their economic power to, punish, anyone, who is in conflict with the Corporate World’s Economic Democracy, governed by PC minority rights, that protects their wealth.

I cry for Penny Sparrow, who was punished for the monkey concept, that I developed, and I ask my readers to look at the Twitter accounts of @IzzyFolau and @steve_hofmeyer, who are being punished,  how long are the Corporates going to use Economic Segregation, imposing penalties worse than imprisonment, to control their wealth.    Cedric 

Cedric defence:

Before I talk in mitigation of the three selected parties, I need to defend my mission, a fairly simple defence, and one that, discourages the liberal politically correct media, from attacking me.

I have published many theories,  and the most important of these are as follows;

•  If it was not for the English Coloniser, the African nations would we the wealth of South Africa today. The Townships and Villages would not exist as they do today, African poverty would not exist.

• I equate the damage that we did to the African nation, with the Holocaust, and ask the question, was it equal to, was it greater than, or was it lesser than.  I personally believe that it was greater than.

• Racism and Apartheid is evil, but the PRIME EVIL, is Economic Segregation.

Penny Sparrow Monkey Case, 

Readers, who would like to challenge my criticism, of the manner in which the State, the liberal media, and the world, have condemned Penny Sparrow, are welcomed to click on the Cedric de la Harpe admission to having smiled when he read the Penny Sparrow Tweet.

Steve Hofmeyer:

Steve Hofmeyer, in my opinion, has done nothing more than, very carefully, express his personal opinion, many of these opinions, very much part of the majority white ‘inner sentiments’. When my white brothers and sisters, comment on Penny Sparrow and Israel Folau tweets, they never condemn what was said, but rather, that they were stupid to say what they said. The Corporate Economic sector, for their own motivation of protecting minority rights, the most important minority right that they protect is their own wealth, protecting it from the Dark Skinned people that the extracted it from.

If Steve Hofmeyer was allowed a platform, it would disturb their Politically Correct Economic Democracy, which protects the wealthy.

Added to this, the liberal media, and many wanna be journalists, have developed their brand, and they maintain their brand on attacking Steve Hofmeyer, and proudly driving the Corporate who punishes him.

Israel Folau:

Had Israel Folau been born in Johannesburg, to parents who had a Village home in Limpopo, the Politically Correct Media, would take into consideration, the circumstances that he belong to, as a result of economic segregation by the English Coloniser, the process that he needed to go through, to get to the top, and more importantly, what he means to the Village Community, as a role model, and more importantly, what he brings to his family and Village community, as they restore the damages done through colonization.

Israel Folau, qualifies for South Africa’s support, that our African population give to him, what we would give to an African. His parents of from a Village in Tonga, his family home is in this Village in Tonga, and everything that our African sports star faced, him and his family did,

Israel, had you been charged with a criminal violation, your track recored with what you are doing for your community, would have got you at most a suspended sentence, your sponsors and the Australian, and other Rugby Unions, would have smiled, and continued making money out of your skills, but you are not allowed to cross the barriers of political correctness, that protects the wealth of the world.

I pray for you, your family, and the people of Tonga.

I need to pray for the Australian, the White Capitalist Monopoly, that does not allow culture to exist.

 Cedric de la Harpe

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