coal quality load shedding

Coal quality causes load shedding so Human Dictate, please note load shedding is only temporarily over.

Today, December 14, 2019, I return to my  topic, aimed at encouraging enlightened thinking, a movement that will bring economic stability, back to the world.

Coal quality load shedding
Human Dictate

Why today?

The typical December electricity load shedding is over for the year, it will not be the system dictate that controls the mindsets of the public, why do I label the general masses as public, because the mind that listens to the media propaganda, is not human, the mind that waits for every update on the level of load shedding is controlled.

I have had to listen, indirectly, to all the media reports, President Ramaphosa’s surprised reporting, ‘sabotage’, mechanical break-downs, rain, all little issues that keep the mindsets trapped in a very static stage, never really disturbing the mindset,  hidden in all his messages, is that there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. 

When mindsets are united, it is not necessary for me to follow social media, every family member and friend will automatically update me, I however do listen to every news broadcast, and on two occasions, I have heard two different comments, not attached to any leader, not attached to any Eskom official, and herein rests the evil that we are trapped in.

“The high levels of coal dust in the Coal Supply, causes the coal to be too wet.”

“Eskom has been instructed to investigate and identify those Coal Suppliers who are supplying inferior quality Coal.”

Pretty simply, since the Free Market Economy was allowed into South Africa, our quality of Coal supplies have deteriorated,

Coal is probably one of our top export products by volume, exporting to China, India, Japan, and none of these countries are going to buy ‘coal dust’ from us.

There is not a Coal ‘user’ in the world, that does not understand the calorific value (Kj/Kg) of coal, quite simply, the higher the grade of coal, the more energy per ton it will produce.

I am of the opinion that Eskom is buying, whether with the knowledge or not, Grade 3 coal, at Grade 1 coal international prices. In my opinion, Eskom is only producing 50% of the Kilojoules, per ton, that they would be producing if they used Grade 1 coal.

This poor Coal quality causes load shedding

From my trusted Wikipedia source, I provide the Chemical Composition of Coal.

Chemical composition:

Chemical composition of the coal is defined in terms of its proximate and ultimate (elemental) analyses. The parameters of proximate analysis are moisture, volatile matter, ash, and fixed carbon. Elemental or ultimate analysis encompasses the quantitative determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen within the coal. Additionally, specific physical and mechanical properties of coal and particular carbonization properties

The calorific value Q of coal [kJ/kg] is the heat liberated by its complete combustion with oxygen. Q is a complex function of the elemental composition of the coal. Q can be determined experimentally using calorimeters. Dulong suggests the following approximate formula for Q when the oxygen content is less than 10%:

Q = 337C + 1442(H – O/8) + 93S,

where C is the mass percent of carbon, H is the mass percent of hydrogen, O is the mass percent of oxygen, and S is the mass percent of sulfur in the coal. With these constants, Q is given in kilojoules per kilogram.

Why does President Ramaphosa never give us the assurance that Eskom is only using prime Grade 1 Coal, and that we are not paying international prices for our Coal?

Human Dictate, as already published a conversation topic , #SowetoPleasePayElectricity, and I summarise the topic as follows:

The manipulated exchange rates, has once again  divided our Country into two groups, all those who benefited by the Rand exchange manipulated through depreciation, and those of us, who were financially punished, by the ‘cost of living’, the importing of fuel at manipulated depreciated rates, the importing of everything through the global Free Market, at manipulated depreciated rates.

South Africa would not be exporting their prime coal, at manipulated exchange rates, our Iron Ore would not be leaving the country at manipulated exchange rates, South Africa’s Cost of Living, would be acceptable, and we would all be able to pay for Electricity, that would be cheaper for all.

Human, it is time to put on your thinking cap, the Free Market needs to be removed, we need to return to Mercantilism.


Cedric de la Harpe