African Humanity deserves African Democracy

African Humanity deserves African Democracy

African Humanity:

Cedric de la Harpe says:  My wife Nettie and I, first entered Soweto, in July 2004, some fifteen years back, we were surprised by the love and warmth, the respect we were given, it takes me fourteen years, before I can see the African, the group of people whose lifestyle is embodied in Humanity, humanity controlled by their ancient religious beliefs that God is supreme, God is in all of us, you, me, your family, your neighbour, and when they see us, they see us as the same human, as a brother and sister.

They will continue to respect and treat us as that brother and sister, until we disturb this relationship.

 A word of warning, once the African moves out of the African culture lifestyle, into our Capitalist economy, like us, they become aggressive, show signs of hate, all part of the White Capitalist lifestyle, that you will find in all the whites, do not put all the Africans, in that same basket.

As tour operators, Taste of Africa, we have lived the life on the other side of the fence, submerging yourself, in the African community is powerful, it allows the Capitalist to start understanding what humanity is, whether we can ever achieve the level of humanity of the African, I am not sure.

Over the years, I have spoken black and white, African and non-African, today, I promote the two different groups as the Capitalist and the African.

The posts that are linked to this introduction, under Nelson Mandela Sellout, is motivated by my understanding that South Africa’s problems are directly related to the typical Coloniser’s awarding of self-determination, to their African Colonies, within the Western Capitalist Political Democracy.

With all due respect to the anti-Apartheid attitude, and my blog, white privilege, questions whether we had any anti-Apartheid as Capitalists, the Bantustan System had skilled Politicians and Department Heads, with years of experience, that should not have been discarded, in favour of the few quota players, that came in from exile, without the experience to successfully run our country.

The option that these blogs promote, is a Social Democracy, with grater contribution by the people, for the people, rather than the Capitalist Political Democracy, Social Democracy is kept out of South Africa, Social Democracy is kept out of Africa,

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Should a reader, be able to convince me, that my averments are wrong, that Nelson Mandela was not a sellout, South Africa will find answers to why our country, on the ‘visible’ surface, is a mess.

Cedric de la Harpe

South Africans are invited to join Taste of Africa, for a walk through our African areas, it will change your life, and your perceptions.

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