#SowetoPleasePayElectricity is what we know as system dictate, it uses every individual, fortunate enough to be employed in the Corporate and Government system, to spread the message on behalf of the system.

As the failure of the system to maintain service delivery escalates, we target the ‘accumulated’ outstanding debt of the poverty groups, all those employed by the Corporate and the Government system, are spreading the message, on behalf of the system,  “#SowetoPleasePayElectricity, it is not fair that you steal the electricity, and we must pay for Electricity.”

Human Dictate
Human Dictate

Our New Democracy and Constitution, ensure that all of us, fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity, to be employed, have the privilege of receiving wages/salaries and benefits, that are far greater than most other countries in Africa, and in other developing countries.

As the ‘cost of living’ in South Africa escalates, so the wages and salaries of the privileged few increases, within this ‘cost of living’ adjustment, is the cost of electricity.

For the past six years, my wife and I, have watched poverty escalated within the Township and Native Village communities, poverty that can’t be seen from the suburbs, because the food that is available is shared with all, malnutrition may not visible, but family homes and motor cars, are not being maintained.

There is not a political party in the western world, who has an answer to the calls we hear in South Africa,  from both the elite and poverty groups. For the Human Dictate to commence, we must put on our thinking caps,  and find solutions to our countries predicament, that never came with our New Democracy.

I personally attribute the problems in the Western World, with the impact of the FreeMarket Economy, in this manuscript, I will make statements, comments, allegations, call it what you want, none of them are substantiated, but then again, every System Dictate comment, is not substantiated.

The FreeMarket economy, is introduced in the Western Economy from the early 1980s, I personally attribute South Africa’s entry to the Free Market, during 1983.

Today I question why the ‘black on black’ violence, from September 03, 1984, to after 1994, was not killed in the bud, by the powerful South African and International Security Forces,  before we transferred power to the ANC.

This period, 1984 to 1994, is hidden by the ‘Black on Black’ violence, very little of it ever reaches the quoted history of our Countries struggle heritage, you may call me a cynic, but everything that takes place between September 03, 1984, and 1994, in my opinion, gives no basis that I can understand, as to whether there existed a stable basis, off which to transfer power to the ANC?

During this period, the confusion allows the factories to close their doors, allows the wholesale and retail sector, to switch from their traditional products, to Chinese and Asian products.

My brothers and sisters, would have believed that the whites were running away, afraid of the ‘black on black’ violence, afraid of the aftermath of the pending new dispensation.

I have little doubt that South Africa was preparing to transfer power to the ANC, soon after the 1983 Constitution, and for this reason, I submit, there can be no acceptable motivation, for the Apartheid Government to switch from Mercantilism to Free Market, without the masses approval.

This pic, shows what happened to the Rand USD exchange rate, as compared to what it could have been, if we had maintained the Mercantilism Economy that we had till 1982/3.

The actual average percentage Rand / USD depreciation, from 1969, to 1982, in the right hand column, is stable till 1982, and as I extrapolate this percentage through to 2019, and this average percentage indicates that our present exchange rate, should be R 3,97 to the USD.

Human Dictate, what the Rand value should be.
Human Dictate, what the Rand value should be.

The increasing price of our petrol, is the prime reason for the increasing cost of living, that is crippling all of us. I attach the following Petrol Price historical data, the first, clearly shows that the relevant factor, the Litres/Barrel, drastically changes after the 1983 South African Constitution, and the September 03, 1984 political changes.

#SowetoPleasePayElectricity should consider the cost of petrol.

The days when petrol or 9 cents per litre
he days when petrol or 9 cents per litre

The following Petrol Price historical data, clearly shows that the relevant factor, the Litres/Barrel, continues to decrease, importantly within this depreciation, is the 2008 to 2012 Jacob Zuma term, where we have stability.

The cost of living fuel
The cost of living fuel

I am of the opinion that, had South Africa not followed the FreeMarket, our Rand / USD exchange rate would be R 4 to the $ today.

The manipulated exchange rates, has once again  divided our Country into two groups, all those who benefited by the Rand exchange manipulated through depreciation, and those of us, who were financially punished, by the ‘cost of living’, the importing of fuel at manipulated depreciated rates, the importing of everything through the global Free Market, at manipulated depreciated rates.

South Africa would not be exporting their prime coal, at manipulated exchange rates, our Iron Ore would not be leaving the country at manipulated exchange rates, South Africa’s Cost of Living, would be acceptable, and we would all be able to pay for Electricity, that would be cheaper for all.

Human Dictate places this first topic for Conversation and Enlightened Thinking on the table, I am of the opinion that a solution to this topic, will bring economic stability to our Country, the manuscript brings many more challenges, all of them outside of the realms of politics, all of them needing Enlightened Thinking, bringing your solutions to the table.

#SowetoPleasePayElectricity is a hashtag, that will bring understanding, if not payment,



#SowetoPleasePayElectricity is a hashtag, that will encourage you to buy  Human Dictate


Hi Steve,   Herewith a personal post to you, I will not share with others, you may however do so if you wish.

I am launching the book in Soweto on November 13, 2019, 13:00 Uncle Toms Hall.  It will be done as part of Interactive Struggle Theatre, where the public will be able to ask either of the Homeboys questions, you may not be able to attend, but maybe a few of your followers would like to ask relevant questions that helps us move from the System Dictating to us, to us Humans Dictating our lives.



Extract from the manuscript, Human Dictate 

Minority rights, and the ‘socially political correct’ norm, that develops over the two hundred years after 1789, peaking by 1989, is the power that that allows the wealth of the world, the global-market, to control the governments of the western world, and their African Colonies.

This control, is enforced through the Western Economic World, who ensures that the western ‘socially political correct norms’, by excluding any dissenter, from participation, in the western economic world.

I use two examples of the obvious, regarding the control structures, as follows:

Steve Hofmeyer, South African Actor, Singer, Author, Activist, is branded by the elite liberal South Africans, as racist, uncultured, uncivilised, narrow-minded, the western economic world withdraw all sponsorship, entertainment facilities do not allow him to perform, media give no positive support, the western economic world, punish him, more severely than any court could ever punish him

Israel Folau, a devout Christian, a young man born in Australia, to parents from the Island of Tonga, in comparison to the South African situation, his parents would be from one of our Native Villages, and he would be considered a black player, that would be protected by our New Democracy and Constitution.

He was the highest paid Australian rugby player, some 600 000 Australian dollars per annum, as a Christian, with 250 000 followers, mainly Islanders, he tweets the following message, based on what he claims is his religious belief;


Drunks, Homosexuals, Adulterers, Liars, Fornicators, Thieves, Atheists, Idolaters,



Within two days of publishing this tweet, Israel Folau’s sponsorships are cancelled, his contract is terminated by the Australian Rugby Union, there is no form of punishment, that can be more severe, than the termination of a contract of that value.

His contract is terminated, due to the inclusion of the term Homosexuals, the world condemns the use of the term Homosexuals, as it defines a specific minority group.

I would probable qualify for five of the other terms used, however, none of the other groups, would be considered as a minority group.

I have no personal anti-homosexual sentiments, however, I am a critic of the punishment that the Global-market has handed down to Israel Folau, my criticism is based on my belief that the white ‘capitalist’ economy, has used their wealth, generated since the 15th Century, to protect their wealth, and the weapon that they have used, is the protection of minority rights.


Author; Cedric de la Harpe

#HumanMustRise #LatipacMustfall
Human Dictate
Human Dictate