Prologue 2028 Human Democracy

PROLOGUE   2028 Human Democracy

This is a prologue to the 2028 Human Democracy, the first in  series of posts to wet the appetite.

Prologue 2028 Human Democracy
Prologue 2028 Human Democracy

The DA leadership conflict that erupts this week, could not have come at a better time for the launch of 2028 Human Democracy. It confirms that there in no political party in our Country, that has found the answers to unity in our Country, as it is impossible to find unity within their own party structures, as unity and sharing does not exist in the Western Capitalist Economic Democracies, throughout the World.

The 1% of the world, that owns 50% of the wealth of the world, would not have achieved their wealth, if they had allowed unity among the humans, and notwithstanding the supposed lack of Democracy in South Africa, this political control by the wealth of the world, ensured that the English and the Afrikaner remained in conflict, and as the Afrikaner increased their power, so they were split, separating the Conservative from the Liberal, and in turn escalating conflict between, the Afrikaner and the dark-skinned population.

Once we reach the final chapter of this manuscript, you as the reader, may not accept the power of Human Democracy on the surface, but you will give serious thought to the concept that dark-skinned people, and light-skinned people, could have united as Humans in 1994, and land reform would have progressed to the satisfaction of all.

Farm murders would not be taking place, and here I extend the farm murders, to the old couple that were brutally killed in Sophiatown last weekend, and to all the black people brutally killed over the years.

We are so far apart, that no political message can be heard by the people, we are so far apart, that the Police are not united, the only beneficiaries to our New Democracy, are the politicians, if you seek to build a nation, consider whether you are Human, consider who is not Human, consider Human Democracy.

LATIPAC a look at the changing economic democracy


HOMEBOYS present Latipac a look at the changing economic democracy, they Entertain, they Challenge, they Educate.

Our first challenge, was how to analyse the existing world?

We find the solution in Latipac, and magic sounding word, that till now, did not have a definition,  our analysis of the changing economy, is nested in our definitions as follows:

Latipac, terminology and definitions used,

Latipac:    Definition:    Persons or institutions that accumulate wealth, without the latipac-generators receiving an equitable share.  

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge) 

Latipac-generator:    Definition:    Persons cultivated to be a slave to the Latipac, once recruited, will religiously generate wealth for the Latipac, never questioning, for fear of loosing their status, that separates the latipac-generator,  from the poverty group.

(Origins Cedric de la Harpe University of Knowledge)

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