Divide & Rule


Economic Democracy by Nelson Mandela

During the writing of ‘Consider the Verdict’, I became of the opinion, that Nelson Mandela had let the African down, maintaining the exclusion of the black people, from the Economy and the Land, I asked, “Was he conned, or was he a collaborator?”

Following this question, my mind never stops receiving input, the Mandela family and friends, who were excluded from Nelson Mandela’s life after release, becomes a topic of the guide book, Passport to Soweto.

Off the interaction with the Orlando East community, where both ANC and PAC elders are involved, I am taken back to the period 1940 to 1960, political history that I had not touched on before, and soon, Nelson Mandela becomes central to the struggle, the ‘black on black’ struggle.

Between 1944 and 1949, the ANCYL, is led by Anton Lembede’s African Nationalism principles, they drive the radical African self-determination 1949 Programme of Action, but in 1952, Nelson Mandela, is ‘attracted’ to the western European ‘Economic Democracy’ principle, thanks to his white and Indian friends at the University, and he joins a new leadership structure, the new management team, the Charterists, and the united African force, is soon destroyed.

This takes me through the conflict in the 1950 period, to 1960, the Sharpeville Massacre, and the concept that our white Government, should have been removed as a result of the massacre.

Could the Charterists, could Nelson Mandela, have been responsible for extending the white man’s rule for another 34 years, I believe so?


Divide & Rule

Divide & Rule Call to Action
Divide & Rule Call to Action


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