Passport to Soweto

The Passport to Soweto, is symbolic of Nettie & Cedric de la Harpe’s involvement in Soweto, other Townships, and Villages around the country.

Off this basis, the marketing of the previous books, will be driven, from Our Store;

These publications include;

Consider the Verdict;

Quagga & Wolf

These books are all a background to Passport to Soweto

Passport to Soweto, economical development through tourism.
Passport to Soweto, economical development through tourism.

Passport to Soweto is a self-guide to Soweto’s heritage and the people.


The Ubuntu Food Chain, aimed at moving parts of the Food Chain into the hands of the Township and Village people, requires the support of 50 elite / mainly white people.

For months we blog, tweet and Facebook, but have no takers.

Twelve years of moving from initiative to initiative, trying, and failing to take white feet into Soweto, we need to go back to our first interaction in Soweto, to realise what we were doing wrong.

Having identified our very expensive mistakes over the years, this “Passport to Soweto”, removes the obstacles that we faced in 2004, and thanks to the community that has patiently waited for us to bring the white feet into Soweto, we believe that our promises will be fulfilled.

Excitingly, Heritage Day, September 24, 2017, has been selected as the launch day, and the Orlando East “Social Organisation” is driving the “HERITAGE & FOOD FESTIVAL” bringing economic development to the Township through tourism.

South Africans, we are Pioneers / Voortrekkers, do not miss your opportunity to repeat the migration of our forefathers, when we look back, at what our interaction achieves, in terms of Economic Development in the Township, we will once again be proud.

Bosman, Bheki, Voncante, Mike, Isaac, Vuka, will open the doors, and often you will find us on the streets of Orlando East, talking Ubuntu Food Chain.

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Kaalvoet Cedric & Nettie de la Harpe




Passport to Soweto leave your footprints behind
Passport to Soweto leave your footprints behind