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There are no limits

Artor Konig

Artor Konig; the King of sci-fi!

Artorea in a contemplative mood in her study, far from the madding crowd

Artor Konig (Artorea Koniging) is a model of the new world; lodged in the old world and far from the common run. She has long nursed the idea that the modern world; and its attendant dependence on electronic technology, is the way to the spiritual demise of the species.

Artor was born of educated parents in Australia; there began her epic journey around the world. Before she had reached her fifth year, she had touched shores on all the continents other than Asia and Europe. Her formative years were spent in Barbados, where she was exposed to the mystery and romance of the Spanish Main, a safe distance from the deeper Spanish influences. She met pirates on pirate boats; and other pirates on land, bent on the basis of modern biological warfare. Here she first cogitated, at the tender age of three, the notion of Humankind’s suicidal urges towards comfort and self-expression at the expense of mental exercise and physical renewal. Here she first began to study herbal medicine. Here too she was exposed to the true raw power of humanity; expressed in the form of Voodoo. She became, in the course of an obscure ritual involving a holy tree with a sacred ladder, the youngest ever Druad of the Elder Powers that came before the big ‘modern’ (she views them, with contempt, as decadent) religions.

Broken Wing

A million Deaths were not enough for Cassandra!


The Black wave is coming; exactly as I had predicted it; exactly as I knew it must be; and even nuclear powered helicopters built for space war and powering mighty lasers would not be enough to hold back this tide. A sea of ships; a sea of stone; a sea of stars spread out to the furtherest shores of our time and journey through space. But the enemy are all around us! They are here; in the base and here, in our government and deep within the secret workings of our lives. There is no escaping them or undermining their vigilance; for we cannot see them as they are.

Only I can see them as they are; and they I see far too clearly; but to this there is a curse; an ancient curse upon my name. For my name is Cassandra; and the first to bear my name was too a Seer; one who was cursed so that nobody would ever believe her.

I warned them! I warned them all; especially the Doctor; most vain and arrogant of them all; I warned him especially; and he died in space after casting doubt upon my words. The Black Wave swept him away; but the first ripple before the surge; and the Black Wave is curling its edges around the world even as I speak; as I shout my warning in this hellish, silent place; shout my warning in vain!

Broken Heart

A billion deaths were not enough for Cassandra!


There is blood on my hands and blood on the Black Wave even now sweeping through our lives; blood and torment and fear. A second generation nuclear ship, able to cut the wave and charge into the depths of space has arrived here at my hands; and in my hands it is a weapon of hope; although my hands are covered in blood. Through it all there is a whisper of hope; a tenuous sound that those I have warned; who have at last heard me and are now panicking, cannot hear. It is ever my doom to be the first; to hear the terrible future before any other; and to know despair as other stumble into the crisis of which I warn in vain.

I have brought us back from the brink; this time. Listening to that quiet whisper of sound; that thread of hope that has led me along this terrible trail, I seek to guide and to warn; as is the burden upon me. For my name is Cassandra; and the first to bear this name was too a Seer; one whose words were uttered in vain.

I will continue to follow that whisper; to shout its gentle words from the roof-tops; to show the way. I lead; but who follows? I speak; but who hears? In vain I shout my warnings; for the way that seems easy goes to that place where we mortals fear to tread.

Devil’s Daughter

A trillion Deaths were not enough for Cassandra!

Devil's DaughterThe Vigron spy is leading Cassandra a dance over the galaxy, showing her the wonders of space but not showing her where the spy had hidden; right in the middle of Cassandra’s base!

Cassandra sunbathes on a desert island of a planet without a sun, learns magic from the leading scientists of the sector, develops a magic ring that uses the power of her mind, and frees a centuries-old priestess from the prison of her own mind. She learns the ultimate destructive forces available; but with all the power she has garnered; far too much for an ordinary young girl, she still does not have enough.

Finally the obvious course occurs to her; and wholesale destruction follows right on the heels of her third, worst mistake.

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