Had Mandela carried the ANC majority support

Had Mandela carried the ANC majority support, which in turn would have been the majority of the Africans, the Macmillan winds of change speech, February 03, 1960, would have paved the way to handing over to the ANC, under Nelson Mandela, within a year, what the English, and the National Party, were not aware of, was that Mandela did not carry the majority support, and six weeks later, by March 21, 1960, they discovered the support for the Africanist, an extract from the Macmillan speech confirms the English thinking;

Well you understand this better than anyone, you are sprung from Europe, the home of nationalism, here in Africa you have yourselves created a free nation. A new nation. Indeed in the history of our times yours will be recorded as the first of the African nationalists.

It would take another 34 years, and South Africa would be the last, not the first.

#PitToilet Death exposes Apartheid thinking.

#PitToilet Death exposes Apartheid thinking.

Our radio is on Radio 702 all day, I listen, I smile, I use this station, their presenters and their listeners / callers, as a barometer to measure the level of Apartheid, that still exists in our country.

For the past eight years, this media community, have attacked President Jacob Zuma, and the ANC, 700 corruption charges, rape, State Capture, you name it.

I have a little respect for President Jacob Zuma,he is the only Black leader who has blamed Apartheid for the problems we face today.

The 702 radio community, would criticise the President for blaming Apartheid, they would loudly acclaim that Apartheid is dead and buried.

Kaalvoet de la Harpe, on a daily basis will tell his international tourists that Apartheid is still alive and well, that he does not respect the Apartheid Museum as Apartheid is not dead, the day that he finds white people visiting the communities in the Rural Villages and Townships, Kaalvoet would celebrate the end of Apartheid.

Back to the Pit Toilet death, and my sympathies to the family, the school principal, the school teachers, and the school community.

702 Apartheid and Racist comments that are heard, are something like the following one;

The Government should be ashamed, it is because it is a black child, that they only value the child’s life at R 450 000,00.  

The Presenter accepts this, allowing the 702 community to escalate their anti-government, black on black abuse, leaving the community to believe that, had this child been white, and had the government been white, the parents would have been paid R 2 000 000,00.

Why does Kaalvoet link the comments heard on Radio 702, to ’Pit Toilet Death exposes Apartheid thinking’?

The comments never refer to the fact that 80% of all blacks living in rural village communities, use Pit Toilets, they have no option.

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking


Most of the black people living in the informal squatter communities, use the ‘Plastic Toilet” system, and when the bowl is full, a child would drown if a child fell into the bowl.

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking

The elders, the parents, the families, need to protect their children from Pit Toilet Deaths, and Plastic Toilet Deaths, on a daily basis.

How do they achieve this?

Many keep the door locked, forcing the children to use the ground, many young children are skilled at protecting themselves.

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking

When it gets to the school environment, the Principal and Teachers, may have 300 children, most, ‘skilled’ at keeping themselves safe in the face of the Pit Toilet, and an accident can happen.

The Radio 702 community, show no empathy for the Principal, the Teachers, or the community, facing issues that are directly linked to our mutual heritage.

The Radio 702 community, call for the Government to pay the additional R 1 550 000,00 to compensate the family fully, but have we heard of caller, one Presenter, even mention the millions of children, that need to survive the Pit Toilet Death, every day.

To the White South Africans, and elite Blacks, Colonisation and Apartheid caused the Pit Toilet Death problem, if it was not for the Coloniser, our Blacks would be the wealth of South Africa today, the Townships would not exist today, Black Poverty would not exists, and our Rural Villages would have developed off the elite and middle class blacks, if we had allowed it.

Please do not attack, unless you give some Enlightened Thinking to the problem.

Kaalvoet de la Harpe

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
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The Authors of the Kliptown Freedom Charter Part 2

The Authors of the Kliptown Freedom Charter Part 2

Was I conned into believing the ANC had any contribution towards drafting  the 1955 Freedom Charter, read part 2 of what the #Africanist has to say;

The Authors of the Kliptown Charter.

Divide & Rule Call to Action
Divide & Rule Call to Action

The Kliptown Charter did not emanate as a finished document from the A.N.C. It emanated as such from the Vodka Cocktail parties of Parktown and Lower Houghton. A close study of its ideas shows clearly that it bears the imprint of its origin. The black masses who met at Kliptown were merely pawns in the game of power politics.

The whites who were at Kliptown, except the special branch, were mainly members of the Congress of the Democrats. They are part of the ruling class in South Africa. While ostensibly fighting for the “progressive” South Africa, they are in reality concerned with the maintenance of the status quo.

The material position of members of the South African Indian Congress who were present, is identical with that of the members of the C.O.D. These elements were the Indian Merchant Class who though politically repressed are in fact not oppressed. They are an exploiting alien groups whose material interests are in direct conflict with those of the Indian masses.

The African leaders present were mainly elements receiving economic benefits from the ‘Marshall Aid Plan’ of the C.O.D & SAIC.

To claim, therefore, that the Kliptown Charter was the work of independent, free and representative agents of either the Europeans, Indian, Coloured or African people, is to make a claim unsupported by facts.

Kaalvoet Comment:

Our constitution was based on the Freedom Charter, who was the authors of the Freedom Charter?

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Crime, remember June 2006, If you don’t like it here, ‘Leave

If you don't like it here, Leave

Crime, remember June 2006,

If you don’t like it here, ‘Leave’.

During June 2006 our Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula, tells South Africa’s parliament that those people who complained about crime were unpatriotic, “They can continue to whinge until they’re blue in the face, be as negative as they want to, or they can simply leave this country so that all of the peace-loving South Africans, good South African people who want to make this a successful country, can continue with their work”, was his message to us.

Kaalvoet Comment:

During 2009, I predicted that the volcano would erupt by 2010, has things improved since 2006, I am of the opinion that our country is going backwards.

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Cedric de la Harpe

The Authors of the Kliptown Freedom Charter

The Authors of the Kliptown Freedom Charter.

Was I conned into believing the ANC had any contribution towards drafting  the 1955 Freedom Charter, read part 1 of what the #Africanist has to say;

The Authors of the Kliptown Charter.

Divide & Rule, call to action
Divide & Rule, call to action

We are in a position to determine the authorship of the charter from analysis of the real nature and role of the leadership associated with its conception, pre-natal growth, its birth and ill-fated existence.

Professor Z.K. Matthews, Vice President of the A.N.C., moved the resolution that led to the birth of the Kliptown Charter. As soon as the charter was born, the professor unequivocally disowned its authorship.

Opening with the words, “We, the people of South Africa declare for all our country and the world to know”, the charter proceeds to list, its leading ideas in five consecutive clauses.

The phrase “We the people of South Africa” falsifies history and negates the realism of the situation. It is clear that the Charter is not a representative document. It does not represent the interest of the oppressed people of South Africa, but those of the oppressing aliens in it.

Kaalvoet Comment:

It does not represent the interest of the oppressed people of South Africa, but those of the oppressing aliens in it?

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The People Shall Govern Freedom Charter

The People Shall Govern Freedom Charter call,  the #Africanist criticising the charter, identifies the lack of participation by the people, in the Freedom Charter’s Economic Democracy.

Methods of upholding the Interests of the African people.

Divide & Rule, call to action
Divide & Rule, call to action

The Charter promises Votes for all, participation in the administration of councils of State at different levels.  Here it is important to distinguish the mere democratic methods and procedures from democracy as a fundamental principle. In spite of their lip service to the methods and procedure of democracy, the Charterists understand these to mean in practice the carrying out of “directives” from higher organs by the masses — the towing of the line   by them. For them, the top leadership is the brains trust of the masses. When therefore, they mouth slogans such as THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN, these must mean, as long as it suits the top leaders and their lackeys and flunkies.

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Freedom Charter splits the ANC in 1955 and Kaalvoet attributes continued Apartheid as a result.

Freedom Charter splits the ANC in 1955 and Kaalvoet attributes continued Apartheid as a result.

Divide & Rule, takes place when the ‘economic forces’ splits the ANC  into the Charterists and Africanists.

This post is an extract from The Africanist, in which the Kliptown Charter is rejected by the Africanist think ANC members.

Rejection of the Charter.

Divide & Rule Call to Action
Divide & Rule Call to Action

We reject the Kliptown Charter. We reject it as a document super-imposed on us. We reject it as a quasi-nationalist document with its attempt to laud the struggle for independence ‘of all the peoples of South Africa’ while undermining that struggle in the Southern tip of the land; with its attempt to super impose ethnic grouping upon the future development of South Africa and thus make a mockery of the brotherhood of man, and man’s common humanity. We reject it as a pseudo-democratic document wishing to super impose a false brand of democracy which attempts to ignore the grim brand of realities of the Situation.

Above all, we reject it for its utter contempt of the African’s mind and its ability and capacity to grapple with the Social question the problem of man’s relation to his fellowman. Such behaviour is a slur on the African’s intellect and an insult to his intelligence.

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Radical Economic Transformation

Radical Economic Transformation the buzz words used by the ANC leaders, both President Jacob Zuma, and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, as they compete for the pending December 2017 ANC elections.

They are very unclear to what this means, Ramaphosa recently describes Radical Economic Transformation as;

“It is an economy that is all inclusive, that everyone participates in”

This comment is tantamount to an admission by the ANC that their Economic Democracy has failed the people, and this is not surprising, from the days of Nelson Mandela, ANC politicians adopted the principle that Economic Freedom is an personal issue, every man or woman for themselves.

In order to introduce Radical Economic Transformation, Economic Democracy must be removed first.

We are in the process of producing ‘pamphlets’, encouraging ‘enlightened thinking’ our first proposal is aimed at restructuring the Private Security Industry, balancing benefits to the clients, with increased opportunities and income for the experienced senior security employees.

Buy your copy of Radical Economic Transformation, through Differential Minimum Wages.

Cedric de la Harpe.

Divide & Rule Call to Action .


Matric pass results we repeat the Education Business Plan

Matric pass results we repeat the Education Business Plan, published in 2012 on http://economic-freedom-charter.co.za. with 30 000 views over time, and ask whether the ANC education has improved during the past five years?

You may still view the plan for free on http://economic-freedom-charter.co.za or download your copy off the R 5 to R 50 store, for R 5.

Our Economic Democracy that calls for the we are all equal approach, does not cater for the informal community, where 60% of our population is trapped.

The Divide & Rule Africanist & Afrikaner Call to Action, aimed at removing the ANC Economic Democracy and bringing Political Democracy, is all that will change our country.

Cedric de la Harpe

Africanist & Afrikaner “Call to Action”

Africanist & Afrikaner “Call to Action”.

The concept of the Africanist & Afrikaner “Call to Action” originates as the manuscript, “Divide&Rule” reaches its fifth revision in a few months.

The radical, shocking, surprising, call to action, aimed at uniting the two extremes, the Africanist on the one side, and the conservative Afrikaner on the other, is the belief that South Africa needs to Divide the ANC Economic Democracy, if we wish to develop a Political Democracy, free from corruption.

The ANC Economic Democracy, controls the country, the purse, and has no concern for the non-ANC elite, mainly those with Africanist heritage, left in poverty, ever deteriorating as the Economic Democracy keeps excluding them for participation.

Radical Economic Transformation, is bandied about by the ANC, both by the President, Jacob Zuma, and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, while neither of them appear to have a clue as to how it should be achieved.

It can only be achieved, through changing the system from the ANC Economic Democracy to one of Political Democracy.

The Economic wealth of the world, the Coloniser, has since 1952, divided our people, and now, as divided people, we are ruled, by the Coloniser while they continue to extract wealth from our land.

The success of the Divide & Rule principle, divided the 1949 ANC and allied black powers, that should have achieved African self-determination during the 1950s, as the winds of change moved through Africa, from the North.

For those of you, who believe Nelson Mandela, failed the African people during the peace negotiations, read Divide & Rule, where our ANC history, gives confirmation that he failed in the period 1950 to 1955, by joining the Economic wealth, and electing Economic Democracy over Political Democracy, protecting the white capitalist wealth.

Kaalvoet asks how it was possible for white rule to survive the Sharpeville Massacre.

Divide & Rule, call to action
Divide & Rule, call to action

On the other extreme, just like the discrediting of the Africanist, so the Divide & Rule principle, has separated the Afrikaner, the Anglicised Afrikaner, supportive of the English Coloniser economy, and the Conservative Afrikaner, considered to be the group responsible for all the Africanist abuse.

Today, the Farmer, the Boer, suffers from this division, while at the same time, suffering from farm attacks and murders, murders where the brutal disfigurement and mutilation of the bodies, will shock every person exposed to the details.

To-date, the Africanist has been unable to express antipathy, towards the damage suffered and the perpetrator’s of the damage, the Boer is expressing antipathy, but the ANC  Economic Democracy, the media, ignore these cries, as an Africanist Culture, these cries must be heard.

Since 1955 the Africanist has been oppressed, suppressed, the Afrikaner conservative, due to the position they found themselves in the white division, were used by the Economy to do their dirty work.

Today, the Africanist Youth can regenerate the power that they brought to the table from 1944 to 1960, the power with which they continued to destabilise the country through 1976, 1984 to 1994, and the Fees Must Fall campaign, should they take up the Call to Action, by driving the campaign to assist the conservative Afrikaner, the Boer in staying alive, saving the farmer, and our agricultural sector.

By driving the campaign to stop the farm attacks and the farm murders, through spreading the message that the Africanist condemns the attacks and murders.

“We will stop farm attacks and farm murders”

The Africanist Youth will be in the position to monitor the success of their campaign, within a few months, the Boer, the Agricultural sector, and the Economy will sit up and take note.

This new relationship, with the above, will place the Africanist Youth, in a favourable position to spit the ANC governments’ abuse of the failed Land Reform systems that still favour corruption by those in control.

This is the first split, that will Divide & Rule the present Economic Democracy, bringing Political Democracy, and Radical Economic Transformation.

Cedric de la Harpe.

This post will remain in the menu under “We will stop farm attacks and farm murders, and your comments and support will be welcome.