I am the Most Superior White

 I am THE Most Superior White 

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I am an African
I am an African


What have I done to the African, 

the origins of the human race,

when I arrived in Africa, 

the African was nothing, 

we built South Africa, 

we built the African.


I was welcomed by the people, 

embodied in humanity, 

I arrived with the  triad, 

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, 

it did not take me long, 

to remove Liberty and Equality. 


I coerced the African to fight my wars, 

never an objection received,

the Africans were the victors, 

as my war ends, the Africans are united,

their graduation was self-determination, 

but as the Coloniser, I failed.


I remoulded many an African, 

as civilised as me,

I have freed many of them, 

from their cultural practices,

they are now acceptable, 

around my boardroom table.


They are my trusted indunas, 

they are my wealth protector,

they continue to subjugate, 

and to control the uncivilised,

they do not allow the words, 

white capitalist monopoly.


I have never understood, 

how all Africans could love me, 

as I move through their world, 

embodied in humanity,

their African energy 

ignites the fire in me.


I see people of all colours 

scattered around me,

I see you can be Black, 

but not be an African,

you can be Black, 

with an ‘European’ culture. 


I understand that as a white, 

you can be African,

not because, 

you were born in Africa,

just embody yourself, 

in the humanity of Africa.


Today I feel so proud, 

Africa has blessed me, 

with direct access to, 

its world of humanity,

a world of no hate, 

for other human-beings,


Where no individual, 

benefits at the expense of an African,

a world where colour does not define, 

where humanity embodies us all,

Today I am THE Most Superior White, 

I am an African.

Cedric Kaalvoet de la Harpe