From Boy Scout to Freedom Fighter.

From Boy  Scout to Freedom Fighter

Divide & Rule equals Economic Democracy
Divide & Rule equals Economic Democracy

Economic Democracy  equals Divide & Rule equals White over Black

From Boy Scout to Freedom Fighter.

Boy Scout – ‘Bob a Job’ to Freedom Fighter

When I first met John Mahapa, PAC veteran, founder member, his introduction starts back to when he was a Boy Scout in Orlando East.

To my surprise, many young Township boys belonged to Scout Groups in the Townships. Twice a year, during their school holidays, they were required to perform ‘Bob a Job’ doing work in their communities, earning a ‘Bob’, which was added to their Scout Troop coffers.

While still a student at an Orlando East Primary School, one of the community leaders, offered the Boy Scouts an opportunity to earn money for themselves. Friday afternoons, Saturdays, and on occasions Sunday mornings, they worked at the Drum Magazine, rolling and packing Drum magazines for distribution.

By the time they got to the Orlando East Secondary School, all the youth, were bubbling with energy, as they awakened to the Freedom movements in other parts of Africa, from living in a situation where freedom was not thought about, freedom not considered, almost impossible, they were becoming enlightened, they were the youth that ignited the fight for freedom, a fight that has been hidden from our heritage.

The Drum magazine, reading while rolling, while packing, brought them exposure to the African countries fight for freedom, the youth moved towards achieving dignity and freedom.

John Mahapa, arrested with Robert Sobukwe on March 21, 1960, has great contribution towards my Africanist mindset development.




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