I am an African

I am the most superior white, I am an African. After avoiding the claim to be African for years, refusing to accept the concept that I was born in Africa, and therefore, I am African, I needed to go through my apprenticeship, and under stand the African, before I discovered that I do qualify.

My followers would know that I have never feared to talk ‘black & white’, then as I make my discovery, the landscape changes, the participants in the new landscape, are suddenly seen as ‘African, and Non-African’.

I now see Blacks, who are not African.

I am the most superior white, I am an African
I am the most superior white, I am an African

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This manuscript is my graduation thesis, a mindset that will be challenged by the Black who is not African, as defined by a Lifestyle based on Humanity.

I am the most superior white, I am African, we give a sneak preview of the manuscript.

I have not stopped researching and writing, using extracts found on the web, not necessarily giving credit to the author, as my mindset reads the content differently to the author, my 2014 to 2105 mindset, interpreted content through ‘black eyes’, and from 2017, I start to see the same content differently, I now see them through an ‘African eye’.

You will appreciate that I now lay claim to the status of, ‘I am now an African’, and I make no apologies, I also make no effort to try and motivate my claim, other than the following comment; 

For some 14 years, I have integrated into the Township and Rural Village communities, often referred to by locals as the ‘White Zulu’, or, the ‘black in a white skin’.

I however, knew myself well enough, never to refer to myself as an African, none of the “I am African, because I was born here.”

I attended the WWPAC 2016 convention in Orlando East, Soweto, June 14, 2016  I was accepted during the registration process, paid my fee, R750.00, and enjoyed the conversation around our table, as we waited for the day’s proceedings to start.

Then, as the proceedings started, Bheki Gumbi was invited out of the meeting, I anticipated what was coming. Five minutes later, I was invited out of the meeting. Had my registration not taken place, I would not have felt as bad, but as one of the organisers asked me to leave, I hurt, when I was told that I had no concern about Africa, about Black people, and that I had a superior white attitude?

Evicted because I was white.

That afternoon, sitting at home, I asked myself, whether we have wasted the past ten years of our lives, in an attempt to make a change.

I asked myself, how do my white minority rights protect me, this is one contravention of our Constitution, and how can a white complain to the authorities?

Today, I apologise to the WWPAC leaders who evicted me, I still believe that they were wrong, but I was not African enough to defend my eviction, I did my ‘white thing’, I relied on my Constitutional rights, rights I no longer respect, had I understood an African, I would have used the African humanity behaviour, to ensure that I was accepted.

What changes have taken place in my mindset, that has changed my life, and that requires me to revise the manner in which I have, until today, described our people and the countries situation?

Today, I see the world through different eyes, a few months back, I would have described my mindset, as looking at the world through a ‘black leaders’ eye, confirming my white superior attitude, and looking at life from a different eye, but still a white eye.

I can’t identify the exact period when I started to look through a different mindset, when the landscape that I was looking at changed, when I saw the people walking the streets differently, when the streets started to look different. 

Suddenly I was no longer seeing White and Black people, today I see the European White Capitalist Monopoly group, in the suburbs, the “Non-African”, and on the other side, I see the African that I have subjugated, that African that I did not consider civilised, I see and feel the African.

The African in mainly Black, all shades of dark, some light, almost white.

As I look towards the Government Corruption, the Private sectors economic policy, the White Capitalist Monopoly, where executive incomes and bonuses are excessive, where the white property rights and the economy, is considered, before the African’s needs and circumstances, my African mindset sees that our Country has many Black people, with African heritage, who have abandoned their cultivated defined humanity lifestyle, having allowed their Capitalist colleagues, to convince them that the Capitalist economy, allows them as an individual, within our New Democracy and Constitution, to achieve abnormal maximum income and wealth, at the expense of the African majority, still subjugated by the Capitalist, I see Black people, no longer African, as defined by the African ‘humanity’, I see black people, who are Non-African. 

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