If you don’t like it here Leave

If you don’t like it here Leave the manuscript in which Cedric predicts (2009 to 2010) the eruption of the ‘volcano’ by 2020, as the poverty rises up again the wealthy.

In this manuscript Cedric touches on the ‘white hate’, many will deny that it exists, and even Cedric will dispute his understanding, but with an understanding that he can explain, but does not in this 2010/11 manuscript.

In Cedric’s latest manuscript, Divide & Rule, he commences a drive to unite the Africanist & Afrikaner, using the power of the Africanist, to take the superior role, by embarking on a campaign, “We will stop farm attacks and murders”.

In ‘If you don’t like it here, Leave’, Cedric embarks on the initing of the Africanist & Afrikaner in 2009, his first stop being AWB Eugene Terre Blanche.

Cedric is of the opinion that his 2009 prediction of the ‘volcano exploding’ in 2020 is very real, but the uniting of the Africanist & Afrikaner, by changing our Economic Democracy to a Political Democracy, will avert this explosion, this implosion.

Purchase your copy, and decide whether you need to leave.

Cedric de la Harpe

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