Divide & Rule A&A Call to Action

Divide & Rule A&A Call to Acton; The Pyramid

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Divide & Rule A&A Call to Action Pyramid, is the call for the Africanist and Afrikaner, that would like to see the present Economic Democracy, make way for a Political Democracy, where the people will manage their lives, their country, and their land.

The manuscript, according to the Kaalvoet Theory;

1:  Places Nelson Mandela in the Charterist camp, where the Freedom Charter protects the white capitalist monopoly as early as 1955.

2:  The split between the Charterists and the Africanist entrenched Apartheid for another 30 years, after the Sharpeville Massacre.

3:  Today, the Africanist and the Afrikaner, (conservative) are further apart than they were in 1994., and this ‘Call to Action’ is for the Africanist and Afrikaner to take the fight into the Economic Democracy arena.


Cedric Kaalvoet de la Harpe

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