Consider the Verdict

Consider the Verdict, the book:

Consider the Verdict the book, originally written to give insight into the life of South Africa, the impact of the 1913 Native Land Act, and how we drifted apart as economic segregation removed the blacks from the white economy.

The book moves from the Land Mine issues, to the focus on just how far apart the mindsets are in our country, in the world, and the need for us, the whites, to adjust our mindsets.

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Consider the Verdict
Consider the Verdict

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Here Cedric is the protagonist, exposing the reader to the two extreme mindsets in South Africa, one that he would like to refer to as the ‘black cage’, representing the still disadvantaged groups, the black poverty group, and the other that represents the ‘white cage’, the capitalist, the western, the middle-class, and those political activists, who celebrate the 1994 Peace Agreement.

Cedric presents a charge of ‘Grand Theft Economy’ on behalf of the black cage victims, and asks the reader to consider the verdict.

Cedric attempts to convince the ‘court’ that the South African black group would be the wealth of our country, if not the world, if we did not economically segregate them from the land and mining industry.

Cedric identifies damage done by the Coloniser to the English, entrenching segregation, long before the Apartheid period.

Consider the Verdict is aimed at understanding just how close we were at some time, and gives the reader the opportunity to attach the status of assures, or accused, to their personal situation.

Cedric would like us to believe that Sandton, the wealth of our country, would be Alexandra extension 15, if we did not  not economically segregate the blacks from the land and mining industry.

Cedric equates the damage done to the Jewish community, as a community, through the WW2 holocaust, with the damage done to our black communities.

Why did the author, only allow Cedric, the opportunity to challenge, the Jewish financial cabal, with a few comments related to the Black Holocaust, when he carries  the principle of equating  the holocaust, with the damage done to our black community, in every corner of his body?

Cedric believes that this is what survival in the capitalist economy does to you, you must be careful of what you say, what you do.

This is the power of the Capitalist world, that ensures that the victims of our Black Holocaust, can’t be heard.

Kaalvoet Cedric



Is the authors first attempt to wake South Africans up to the need to change their mindsets, this drive follows a long road.


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