Cedric de la Harpe

In July 2009, following five years of regular interaction in the Townships, I Cedric de la Harpe, am asked a question that changed my life;

“Cedric de la Harpe, don’t you know that all black youth hate whites?”

I was not as shocked as the young ladies grandfather, how could his granddaughter, say this to his white friend?

I spend six weeks, from Soweto, Alexandra, through the Vaal Triangle, processing this new knowledge.

The liberal South Africans, ridicule my posts, a liberal friend is adamant;

“Cedric de la Harpe, not one black has any hate for a white South African.”

Cedric de la Harpe, six years since our new immersion, is forced to open my mind.

My wife Nettie and I develop an initiative, ‘Directly Empowering Black Townships’, symbolic of our DEBT, due to launch on April 6, 2010.

The date selected is symbolic of the arrival of the whites, and the launching of the PAC.

I meet with Eugene Terre Blanche, discussing the need for the whites to integrate into the black areas, and will never forget the two hour discussion.

My next call was Frederick van Zyl-Slabbert, who was an inspiration, and as this blog progresses, I will discuss the last interaction with Frederick van Zyl-Slabbert.

These two gentlemen, regretfully passed away  within  couple of weeks of each other, resulting in the DEBT initiative losing momentum.

Just at this stage, I decide to write a book, attempting to alert the white South Africans to the pending revolt by the black youth, the born-free.

The book, “If you don’t like it here, Leave“, the title based on one of our Ministers of Safety and Security, Mr. Charle’s Nqakula’s comment, when responding to the middle-class attitude towards crime.

The cover shows an old white woman, severely beaten, hoping to attract attention, but, the call for whites, to understand the need to move towards the ‘black cage’, to achieve integration, and a sustainable future, is again rediculed.

The invitation to ‘Leave’ was firstly, to leave the ‘white cage’, moving towards that ‘black cage’, failing which, the time will come when we will regret not having moved to Australia.

As the first book is ridiculed, I write Jeremiah 5:21, using fiction to tell the same story of the animosities, that are bubbling.

The Characters relate to a 2011 hijacking by a 1987’s rebel activist, turned armed robber,  and a white who he robbed during his struggle.

Once again we try to reflect on the damage done to the 1984 to 1994 youth, and the impact that their heritage has had on their lives today.

The rebel activist, having been treated like a dog by the whites, takes his revenge on the hi-jacked white.


In June 2013, as we commemorate the 1913 Native Land Act, I need to research our history, and as I start to look at our History through the eyes of our black heritage, I, for the first time, understand that we, no, let me not include all the whites, that I, Cedric de la Harpe, my white family, stole everything from the blacks that were on our land.

It takes me another two years to write my reflections on our heritage, the title changing regularly, eventually the Land theft, and the Mineral theft, allows the title “Land Mine” to launch,

Then, as I start to discuss the book with my brothers and sisters, I understand just how far apart our Mindsets are, and the need for a ‘Mindset Scrum’ is born.

During the period I am forced to equate the damage done to our black society, with the holocaust, I ask the question, “Is it equal to, lesser than, or greater than/”

I am trapped into admitting that I have no shame, I am embarrassed, I return to the computer, and Google search, ‘shame South Africa’, and find I am not unique, I am common.

For weeks I push ahead, changing direction often, then, the youth protests encourage me to revisit my past few years of development.

During October 2015, just as the FeesMustFall, campaign started to disrupt at Wits, and UJ, I discussed the 2016 Local Elections with a young BC friend at UJ.

His comment that, the Local Elections would not take place, till after July 2016, based on the fact that the FeesMustFall protests, will continue to roll, addressing different issues as they developed.

FeesMustFall, AfrikaansMustFall, ColonisationMustFall, RugbyMustFall, and FuckTheWhites, hides the bigger problem, the lack of restoration, the lack of rehabilitation, the lack of transformation.

As the Mindset Scrum initiative starts to move, so I arrive at the understanding, that I am still racist, fortunately, a racist in recovery. Just to challenge my white group, I am of the opinion that racism, if developed in a young person, can never healed, like the alcoholic, you only get into the process of recovery, it is easy to fall off the wagon.

The more I talk in the Townships, the more I debate, in my own mind, where I belong. Is it possible for the racist mhlungu, ever to be African?

Where do I fit, in the white capitalist cage, or the black poverty cage?

As I start to debate the structure of the cages, so I start to understand the human is evil versus, divine is wise conflict.

Mindset Scrum the book, now goes into a complete restructure, as I become, ‘Born Again’, a term I hate.

Follow my weekly blog, many blogs posted in the past years, as I analyse the ‘conflict zone’, and allow some honest, ‘black and white intercourse’.

The result is a complete revision of Land Mine, as we take our history into the Court Room, we ask you to ‘Consider the Verdict’, you decide whether you wish to prosecute or defend, whether you wish to be the Judge or the Jury, the executor or the liberator.


Cedric de la Harpe

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