Africanist & Afrikaner “Call to Action”

Africanist & Afrikaner “Call to Action”.

The concept of the Africanist & Afrikaner “Call to Action” originates as the manuscript, “Divide&Rule” reaches its fifth revision in a few months.

The radical, shocking, surprising, call to action, aimed at uniting the two extremes, the Africanist on the one side, and the conservative Afrikaner on the other, is the belief that South Africa needs to Divide the ANC Economic Democracy, if we wish to develop a Political Democracy, free from corruption.

The ANC Economic Democracy, controls the country, the purse, and has no concern for the non-ANC elite, mainly those with Africanist heritage, left in poverty, ever deteriorating as the Economic Democracy keeps excluding them for participation.

Radical Economic Transformation, is bandied about by the ANC, both by the President, Jacob Zuma, and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, while neither of them appear to have a clue as to how it should be achieved.

It can only be achieved, through changing the system from the ANC Economic Democracy to one of Political Democracy.

The Economic wealth of the world, the Coloniser, has since 1952, divided our people, and now, as divided people, we are ruled, by the Coloniser while they continue to extract wealth from our land.

The success of the Divide & Rule principle, divided the 1949 ANC and allied black powers, that should have achieved African self-determination during the 1950s, as the winds of change moved through Africa, from the North.

For those of you, who believe Nelson Mandela, failed the African people during the peace negotiations, read Divide & Rule, where our ANC history, gives confirmation that he failed in the period 1950 to 1955, by joining the Economic wealth, and electing Economic Democracy over Political Democracy, protecting the white capitalist wealth.

Kaalvoet asks how it was possible for white rule to survive the Sharpeville Massacre.

Divide & Rule, call to action
Divide & Rule, call to action

On the other extreme, just like the discrediting of the Africanist, so the Divide & Rule principle, has separated the Afrikaner, the Anglicised Afrikaner, supportive of the English Coloniser economy, and the Conservative Afrikaner, considered to be the group responsible for all the Africanist abuse.

Today, the Farmer, the Boer, suffers from this division, while at the same time, suffering from farm attacks and murders, murders where the brutal disfigurement and mutilation of the bodies, will shock every person exposed to the details.

To-date, the Africanist has been unable to express antipathy, towards the damage suffered and the perpetrator’s of the damage, the Boer is expressing antipathy, but the ANC  Economic Democracy, the media, ignore these cries, as an Africanist Culture, these cries must be heard.

Since 1955 the Africanist has been oppressed, suppressed, the Afrikaner conservative, due to the position they found themselves in the white division, were used by the Economy to do their dirty work.

Today, the Africanist Youth can regenerate the power that they brought to the table from 1944 to 1960, the power with which they continued to destabilise the country through 1976, 1984 to 1994, and the Fees Must Fall campaign, should they take up the Call to Action, by driving the campaign to assist the conservative Afrikaner, the Boer in staying alive, saving the farmer, and our agricultural sector.

By driving the campaign to stop the farm attacks and the farm murders, through spreading the message that the Africanist condemns the attacks and murders.

“We will stop farm attacks and farm murders”

The Africanist Youth will be in the position to monitor the success of their campaign, within a few months, the Boer, the Agricultural sector, and the Economy will sit up and take note.

This new relationship, with the above, will place the Africanist Youth, in a favourable position to spit the ANC governments’ abuse of the failed Land Reform systems that still favour corruption by those in control.

This is the first split, that will Divide & Rule the present Economic Democracy, bringing Political Democracy, and Radical Economic Transformation.

Cedric de la Harpe.

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